Porsche 911 Turbo S vs McLaren 720S: DRAG RACE
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This is the one you've all been waiting for! Porsche 911 Turbo S v McLaren 720S! It's time for these two incredible machines to go head-to-head to find out which is the ultimate supercar of 2020! Combined, they put down an awesome 1,370hp and 1,570Nm of torque! But you know all that power doesn't come cheap, with a combined value of £364,000!
The 720S has left all recent competitors in its wake, so can it take down the all-new Turbo S? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
Thanks to Andy for bringing his 720S! instagram.com/thecarfilmingsafetyguy
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  • carwow

    Which of these EPIC supercars would you want to get your hands on? VOTE in the comments!

    • Wesley Andries
      Wesley Andries


    • Tony Valdez
      Tony Valdez

      918 Spyder...wait a second.

    • Rpg beast gamer
      Rpg beast gamer

      i wouldnt want any of them i would like a suzuki swift sport

    • M Hafid C
      M Hafid C

      McLaren 765 LT

    • Oh yeah Interessting!!
      Oh yeah Interessting!!

      @Judy Hopps Studios 720s

  • prema sudha
    prema sudha

    No doubt porsches wins

  • Some_dude_lol Idk
    Some_dude_lol Idk

    Mabey the Porsche doesn’t look as aggressive and is older etc. But in my opinion it is one of the most beautiful cars in the entire world. And not to forget the super high acceleration speed.

  • Kristian Poulsen
    Kristian Poulsen

    Please GT2 RS vs Turbo S soon

  • Junior Pooe
    Junior Pooe

    Drag race a hellcat

  • Dima Uvarov
    Dima Uvarov

    Всем Русскоязычным кто хочет знать сразу кто победил - слушайте 2:24

  • Robert Cottrell
    Robert Cottrell

    The Porsche definitely wins the bang for the buck award but it looks like every other dentist, doctor and lawyer Porsche driving around my city. You know its not considered a supercar when you see Porsches routinely parked at Costco.

  • Matome Makwala
    Matome Makwala

    The McLaren guy cant drive embarrassing McLaren

  • Max Minjet
    Max Minjet

    Turbo S is Donald Trump of supercars !!!! Biden 2020

  • Yolanda Song
    Yolanda Song

    The brake test: really??? the heavier one wins???

  • Dani Biro
    Dani Biro

    So what hapened? 911 hapened

  • Brett Grove
    Brett Grove

    Honestly without driving them there's just no way I can make decision on which one I'd rather have. Reliability though would be a major factor. How pissed off I'd be to have one that was in the shop all the time.

  • ph4tboy

    I didn't realise how good Matt is at launching cars effortlessly every time until I watched this video vs other videos of muppets repeatedly trying to launch the 992 Turbo S and doing the qtr mile a second slower. Wouldn't have thought it would be hard in a 911 AWD with launch control but there you go.

  • Jano Avalos
    Jano Avalos

    Stop making dragraces with the Turbo S! We alrady know how it's going to end...

  • ph4tboy

    2:12 drag race start

  • Lee McMullan
    Lee McMullan

    I want the McLaren with the Porsche engine and four wheel drive.

  • Zwelimkhandile & Gurere
    Zwelimkhandile & Gurere

    "0:21" Try and set the amount you want as you like *I got the amount I really wanted **pyptolmon.xyz* අනුගාමිකයන් ඇති කර ගැනීමට හොඳ ක්‍රමයක

  • Anton

    Porsche FTW! 👍

  • E J
    E J

    that porsche is lit⚡🔥

  • RandallSlick

    Another drag race. Can we go old school and try a track? Think Fifth Gear and Anglesey. Imagine your insurance won't allow it. So we get this.

  • Mpho Sechai
    Mpho Sechai

    Porsche is just amazing

  • thedude abides
    thedude abides

    Basically the Turbo S makes every other supercar it’s bitch.

  • Joeldinho 19
    Joeldinho 19

    Porsche has better launch but the McLaren is just way too quick

  • George Williams
    George Williams

    Don’t waste your time with these duschebags. They know nothing about cars or trucks. They can’t even tell the difference between a car and a truck. They literally call what a 2 year old knows is a truck, these bafoon s call what is obviously a car a truck. Oh and let’s not forget, How far it takes a vehicle to stop is more important than who wins a race. Bottom line, let us handle the dream racing over here and you guys keep fondeling your 3 million dollars trailor queens

  • Mark Roberts
    Mark Roberts

    More car, less face

  • Lesego Tladi
    Lesego Tladi

    Mclaren won rolling race Dat's all I care bout

  • William van Gils
    William van Gils

    You can see the superior advantage from 4 wheel drive and a fancy launch control system however from a roll race, it's game over for the Porsche 911.

  • Jason

    I would sign that petition matt

  • Victor Le
    Victor Le

    A proud 911 owner.

  • Norwicks

    Anyone here after the 911 Turbo’s time got beaten?

    • ph4tboy

      beaten by what?

  • Jordan Taylor
    Jordan Taylor

    You just can't beat Porsche.

  • Noah Plitt
    Noah Plitt

    Funny how the videos are half the time without Yanni lmao

  • ധർമേന്ദ്ര


  • Fit B.
    Fit B.

    I mean having a streetlight battle against the porsche is clearly not a good idea, but the mclaren eats them all when its already going.

  • Sauce Dynamite
    Sauce Dynamite

    4:37 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 mbd i had to

  • 04 Ahmad Marsal Putra Winata 31
    04 Ahmad Marsal Putra Winata 31

    that beetle is nice tho


    Rolling race matters more so mclaren 720s still the king

  • Simon Kaldor
    Simon Kaldor

    The mclaren is my favorite car but damn that all wheel drive on the porche is nasty

  • Pratikesh _390
    Pratikesh _390

    McLaren vs Huracan please

  • Anthony MG
    Anthony MG

    I love your drag races Matt but I've got to be honest, it does feel a little bit biased especially when the driver you're racing against isn't recognized/rated. I am starting to find races between you and Yianni to be more authentic. Otherwise, looooove what you're doing with the cars!!!

  • Jiany Mass
    Jiany Mass


  • Yes I agree ,
    Yes I agree ,

    911s are fucking crazy tho tbh ridiculous

  • Yes I agree ,
    Yes I agree ,

    I’m in love with the liberty walk

  • bigbaby1571

    That 911 S is a straight beast! A silent assassin. A Mercedes E -class and S6 has been my favorite car but this bad boy right here has stole the show.

  • Maurício Gobervilds
    Maurício Gobervilds


  • Yahya Bin-Shahed
    Yahya Bin-Shahed

    The McLaren needs sometime too go up to its fast speed

  • Joris Baranauskas
    Joris Baranauskas

    That Porche... OMG... I don't have anything to add... omg...

  • Wiz Kid
    Wiz Kid

    I like that counting girl's voice

  • Claude Sac
    Claude Sac

    ZE GERMANS RULE........

  • Bmo Baby
    Bmo Baby

    Oooohhhh nice!

  • Salim Shanfari
    Salim Shanfari

    Why dont you try to race this porche against a porche GT2 rs

  • Sean Em
    Sean Em

    Does the this Porsche have the overboost button?

  • Chris Kop
    Chris Kop

    As a German, I like the result of the drag race and the "Porsch"

  • HipHop TV
    HipHop TV

    Get to the race white boy

  • Robot Mossy
    Robot Mossy

    אפשר את שתיכם ביחד? לאהוב?

  • Malte Spielt
    Malte Spielt

    porsche sounds like a hoover

  • Reuben KHAEMBA
    Reuben KHAEMBA

    mclaren is the faster car, the porsche is the quicker car

  • pxlmvr7

    ... that VW is a beast! ...

  • mokwaifleur

    Porsche, hands down

  • waddup

    Not gonna beat 911 with that british potato carrier

  • Fernando Aguila Gonzalez
    Fernando Aguila Gonzalez

    The result would have been hard to believe 2 years ago, the newest Porsche is brutal.

  • Abdullah abid
    Abdullah abid

    Porsche is the only car that can make mat watson win like if you agree

  • okcguy 427
    okcguy 427

    From a roll the 720 is king.

  • Yurii Pan'kiv
    Yurii Pan'kiv

    hyper-base.do.am hyper-base.do.am hyper-base.do.am hyper-base.do.am hyper-base.do.am

  • Yurii Pan'kiv
    Yurii Pan'kiv

    hyper-base.do.am hyper-base.do.am hyper-base.do.am hyper-base.do.am hyper-base.do.am

  • Mclaren F1
    Mclaren F1

    3:48 and the King is back

  • Tim L Heskins
    Tim L Heskins

    Would like to see a 700-800hp R32,R34 and r35 gtr,Evo 10,8 and Impreza sti Vs that porsche 911

  • Missouri Re sole
    Missouri Re sole

    I asked for a 911 Turbo s , not a vacuum cleaner

  • Tom Edward
    Tom Edward

    The Kind is dead, long live the King.

  • Bootney Lee
    Bootney Lee

    How? How does Porsche dominate the acceleration game with a flat 6? HOW? Someone please crack this? Engineering Explained?

    • REV3LATI0N

      Rear engine puts the weight on the back wheels immediately and helps it get off the line as long as it grips

  • Junder R
    Junder R

    Driving experience counts for more than any of these clinical tests. I wish car engineering would go back in that direction. Lotus is basically all we got left.

  • Richard Pattie
    Richard Pattie

    Hey Matt I want you to race the McLaren senna and see what happen then. But I want you to get faster car sub ten seconds car that's what I want to see

  • F. Mazz.
    F. Mazz.

    The 911has no chance against the 720S. Not sure why I didn't win off the line

    • Lambullshitini

      Cause the mcnuggets 720s has no traction, porsche is king

  • The Q Army
    The Q Army

    If the 720 was awd it would be way faster

  • Jose Emidio
    Jose Emidio

    911 turbo s

  • Mr M
    Mr M

    Mat...... we have a bug to take you on in a drag race..... Porsche 911 turbo s vs a VW Beetle.... #carwow #electricclassiccars

  • Gabe Shaw
    Gabe Shaw

    Drag race a Dodge Demon

  • Woke AF
    Woke AF

    You can make the argument that Porsche is the best car company out there. Full stop. They make arguably the best sports cars, and manual transmission sports cars, in the world They make very capable crossovers. And now they make EVs as good as Tesla Porsche can do it all. And all with outstanding quality and resale value.

  • Woke AF
    Woke AF

    Porsche Accept No Substitute

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams

    The 911 beat the McClaren like a family car

  • Oldysrv

    Porche the ultimate overpriced VW Beetle

  • Jason Wong
    Jason Wong

    I think it will be a better comparison if they exchange the driver for the 2nd round. It is so that we know its not the driver's problem

  • Import R GTBOY
    Import R GTBOY

    Long live the king turbo S.

  • Neftali Salinas Castro
    Neftali Salinas Castro

    Inglés If I had money I would buy both, but use the McLaren more ... They are almost the same but the second one looks great 😎 and I think it has more top speeds. 👌👍

  • Fahad Saleem
    Fahad Saleem

    Idkwhat people see in lambo or ferraris. Porsche is the real road king👑

  • Mr CJ
    Mr CJ

    Chiron VS 911 Turbo S

  • Mr. Meeseeks
    Mr. Meeseeks

    A nice garage would be g63 and this car

  • Giovanni

    They need to put the 911 in neutral to rev higher not parked

  • Moshe Terenyo
    Moshe Terenyo

    It’s all about the driver

  • Furqan Hafeez
    Furqan Hafeez

    After watchig this video ... i get to know that if i would have money ... than its porsche for sure

  • Diego diaz Covarrubias
    Diego diaz Covarrubias

    Mmmmm.... the 720s wasn’t the king, if you check the video of the 911 turbo vs huracan performante, the Turbo S make 10.3 seconds, and the best time of the McLaren was 10.4 seconds, that means that Porsche’s always been the drag race king

  • J Pranav
    J Pranav

    HEY Matt 911 Turbo S vs LaFerrari please

  • IK HE
    IK HE

    that porscheis nuts

  • Billel Allami
    Billel Allami

    That Porshe euuuh

  • Champemba Chileshe
    Champemba Chileshe

    😪😭 I still love the 720s

  • jay holmes
    jay holmes

    Why doesnt this dude ever use the paddle shifters?

  • True Reviews
    True Reviews

    i wish i was rich

  • The Average Pilot
    The Average Pilot

    The Porsche Sounds a bit like my dyson v11 vacuum so every time i use it, i think there is a 911 turbo s in my house

  • Mike

    I love how all these people talking shit about the 720S but none of them can afford neither one of these cars.

  • Sabastian Taylor
    Sabastian Taylor

    GT2 anyone???