New BMW 1 Series 2021 review - see why it's better... And worse than before.
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This is the new BMW 1 Series!
Now we know that most of you BMW fan boys will already be reaching for that down vote button given it’s front-wheel drive, but wait! Have you taken the time to really study BMW’s latest small hatchback to see exactly where it’s evolved compared to the old model?
We know a lot of you will miss the RWD, but given there’s so much competition in this market from the likes of the new A-Class, A3 and Golf, is the introduction of front-wheel drive really enough to turn you away from BMW? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:39 Price
01:06 Exterior Design
02:45 Engines
03:22 0 - 60mph
03:50 Interior Design
04:37 Back Seats
05:45 Boot
06:40 Five Annoying Features
07:33 Five Good Features
09:07 Town Driving
10:12 Motorway Driving
11:06 Twisty Road Driving
12:03 Drifting
12:47 Drivetrain
14:20 Infotainment
15:08 Practicality
16:33 Trims
17:45 Verdict
BMW 1 Series 118i M Sport Specifications:
RRP: £26,685
Fuel economy: 46 mpg combined (40 city, 66 highway)
Horsepower: 136hp
Towing capacity: 1,300 kg
Engine: 1.5 L 3-cylinder
Kerb weight: 1,365 kg
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  • carwow

    Answer this question: The best new hatchback available to buy today is... ?


      Audi A3

    • Søren Kristoffersen
      Søren Kristoffersen

      2021 Leon Cupra

    • Wandering Bathtub
      Wandering Bathtub

      Audi A3, I have the new 70 plate and it’s amazing

    • Harrison

      @Gopal Patil nah mate I've been in both and if you're a car guy you'd pick the focus RS. Trust me it's way more fun The a45 is boring NGL :(

    • Igglepiggle336 LightningMcqueen909
      Igglepiggle336 LightningMcqueen909

      Vauxhall Astra

  • Lucian Dobrota
    Lucian Dobrota

    The old 1 series, in M140i trim is used by petrolheads in tours around the best roads in Europe, along with Porsches and Astons. No one will even look at the new FWD M135i. Matt Watson: "I think this new one is better than the old RWD model". In what universe will this ever be true? Or you just didn't want to annoy them so they can keep sending M8 - long term cars :D

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor

    Jesus is coming

  • Mark Krall
    Mark Krall

    Corsa, please!

  • Liam Thomas
    Liam Thomas

    it's mad how i still prefer my 2008 m 118d m sport over these. if i had the money to buy a newer german whip id most likely go with mercedes now.

  • Sændår

    back looks like a mazda 6

  • Nicholas

    Think BMW are scared of the fact some people actually prefer proper dials to a digital display. I don't think it be long before people are paying extra for proper dials, they are easier to read.

  • Imran Mahmud
    Imran Mahmud

    would you really spend 27k on a 1 series, when with the same price you can get a used but perfect quality and still new: Mercedes e class and even S class, BMW 5 series, range rover evoqe and sport, jaguar xj, Porsche macan, you can even get a 2010 Bentley (which are still really nice), you can get an Audi q7 and the possibilities are endless. I can name so many cars which are a billion times better than a 1 series for 27 grand. Yes the cars might be used, but they would still be perfect quality and low mileage. Just check out autotrader.

  • Kaito

    Why oh why it doesn't have 120i version... 4 cylinder 2 litre petrol engine with 180HP. I don't want 3 cylinder and I don't need 300HP+ beast either

  • sesnuev

    I love this car, better than the new audi and less "asian" than the new class A 👌🏼❤️😍

  • Roberto Bianco
    Roberto Bianco

    42 l of tank is just ridiculous!

  • Paulo Mateus Guerra
    Paulo Mateus Guerra

    FWD 1 Series is the biggest mistake I've ever seen. Sooner than later these will all be electric and they surely will make it RWD. Golf GTI/R is now the best hatchback option.

  • ZiGa:S

    14:48 I thought all classes get this fancy screen. The digital imitation of analog thing is just sad. Like you said disgusting :'( If I have to choose, I will always have analog over any digital speed and rev meters.

  • Gaming Norwegian
    Gaming Norwegian

    Honestly, the dude thats taken the lead of the BMW design department (he used to only be in charge of the M-division designs before, a job he seemed to handle SO MUCH BETTER) NEEDS to get demoted again... He got no clue what he is doing, nearly all the BMWs from this generation are hideous. The BMW 8 series looks good, but its literally a copy cat Mustang (die hard BMW fanbois are already getting triggered, i can feel it), the 7 series looks like its eaten its predecessor, the 6 series GT looks horrible (all GT cars BMW are currently making looks HORRIBLE, especially the 3 series GT..). G30 5 series looks good, but the LCI model is a serious downgrade in looks... The headlights are literally copied from the VW golf, no longer angel eyes at all (which is ironic, since the new VW tiguan got angel eyes...). New 4 series looks like a rabbit, it looks like its not only eaten its predecessor, but the predecessors predecessor again as well (the E92). Even tho i gotta admit the new M4 looks better than the base 4 series. 3 series looks good even tho the headlights there as well arent gorgeous by any means (it just seems like the designers had to find a way to differentiate it from the 5 series, so they just added a cutout to the headlight)... The new 2 series looks like it belongs in a dumpster, even 2-series active tourer and Gran tourer looks better. Then we have this thing that they call the "1-series", no lines match up, the headlights are angled so much that the car just looks deformed, the grill is just slapped on there and the rear of it is a straight copy of the Lexus CT200h. There, BMW rant over, get this designer out of here and bring in another that actually knows what the hell he is doing...

  • Ben Cridge
    Ben Cridge

    Looks exactly like the a class

  • Pesar25

    This car looks like an Hyundai i30

  • Anthony Parker
    Anthony Parker

    The 1 series was always a dog, new front end is just awful. Just plain ugly and brash

  • Ahmed G
    Ahmed G

    Worse looking bmw in a long time

  • Erik H
    Erik H

    bmw has been doing a terrible job lately. all the new models look horrendous

  • craig orford
    craig orford

    As this car evolves the grill gets worse,In fact it looks hideous the looks bland,And for £24,500 I could buy a better car that looks nicer

  • SBA

    Saying that most previous 1-series drivers did not even know that their car had rear wheel drive or they did not know what RWD meant, is a rather cheap argument, kind of a blame for most european BMW fans. Better would be for BMW to admit that producing a front wheel driven 1-series at the same selling price of the previous RWD-version simply is more profitable.

  • Privo di Senso
    Privo di Senso

    Really bad job from the designers. Looks like a Lancia Delta from the front.

  • Keir barber
    Keir barber

    The previous version was a superb design! And future classic. This one is very boring:(

  • Majid Baghdadi
    Majid Baghdadi

    Disappointing for BMW brand So ugly 🤢

  • iiAbxshiru

    Us Americans will probably get the sedan version rather than the hatchback if we do get the 1 series

  • Pagiel Ibrahim
    Pagiel Ibrahim

    my 2011 kia optima has more hp than the this d 118 it has 178 hp

  • Confederate Nationalist
    Confederate Nationalist

    I seem to remember that's what BMC said when it replaced A40, Cambridge, Westminster with Mini and 1100 and Allegro and Maxi then went running back to make the Marina quick. Triumph with the 1300 and the Acclaim and Rover with 800.Ford with Mondeo and Opel with the Vectra.That all ended well. Meanwhile has anyone seen the residual values of Monaros and VXR8's and Omegas.Or to be precise the appreciation rates. My guess is the bean counters lied.Buyers do know the difference no point in having the badge without the car to go with it.

  • mlnd18

    good review as always but So many ads!!! Really annoying

  • 25500X

    looks like an abortion compared to the previous version

  • Gregory UK
    Gregory UK

    People who purchased not knowing it's front wheel drive should be embarrassed. I'll be embarrassed for them cos they won't know how.

  • Bhuiyan Khalid
    Bhuiyan Khalid

    Mat, you just read my mind when you said the back looks like a 3-series touring! Are you a mind-reader?!

  • Rob White
    Rob White

    16:11 Matt casually hitting his head and carrying on😂

  • przemkecovers

    7:08 I have completely no idea what you're saying

  • BeingGood

    Why is this not in the US D:

  • tash

    looks like a hyundai

  • emilie leto
    emilie leto

    Why does no one notices that the back of the new BMW looks exactly like the old BMW X1 :) ?!?

  • Rings Circles
    Rings Circles

    please stop with this new level of nonsense

  • Manuel Casado Oliver
    Manuel Casado Oliver

    I do not like its looks at all.

  • saad khan
    saad khan

    BMW with FWD wow great..!!

  • Carl Lawrence
    Carl Lawrence

    Debating between the comfort pack or innovation pack! Hmmmmmm

  • Ilias Minegta
    Ilias Minegta

    I like this Car 😍

  • Sam J
    Sam J

    Looks like Mickey Mouse club rather than Mighty Mouse 🐭 - Front end design fail, lol

  • Minimal User
    Minimal User


  • Mr Poco
    Mr Poco

    Looks like a mouse old one was alot better 😂

  • Miles Davis
    Miles Davis

    I pass.

  • Steve Cook
    Steve Cook

    I have the 116d M sport and its a great car

  • Slick Mike
    Slick Mike

    Why do Europeans buy these low quality grocery getters that are classy in badge only? I see no purpose in buying this when I can get a golf or polo, or for that matter, an actual ultimate driving machine

  • Carl Lawrence
    Carl Lawrence

    Love it!!

  • biboKralle

    Ugly car, nice review.

  • YolophantHD

    God is this ugly

    • YolophantHD

      @Agent ULP that is exactly what I meant

    • Agent ULP
      Agent ULP

      Do you mean that god is as ugly as the car?

  • Bas Wijkstra
    Bas Wijkstra

    Looks like a corsa on steroids tbh... I like the older ones much better


    Looks like a B Class Merc. Too high

  • mortl

    I don´t get why there is no normal petrol option. the 3 zylinder is for the garbage bin and then you only have the m135i......why not a 4zylinder with ~200hp....

  • Dario Ye
    Dario Ye

    my advice to BMW: stop making 4 wheel vehicles and start focusing on 2 wheels coz ur cars are ugly as hell

  • Evan Moore
    Evan Moore

    Yo why mat Watson swole though?!

  • utubeballbag

    Whats happened to all the German car designer lads ? - theyre pumpin out some right munters lately . heres looking at you bmw 1 series , mercedes s class and volkswagon golf.

  • Burldisco

    Sponsored by KFC!

  • shikar babulall
    shikar babulall

    Crappiest thing about a modern BMW is run flat tyres ......totally pointless other manufacturers don't do run flats

  • The car guy
    The car guy

    Ugly, expensive and full of plastic. No.

  • Johnathan Oldham
    Johnathan Oldham

    Honestly looks like a shitter design of the i30n

  • Polat TANOGLU
    Polat TANOGLU

    In Turkey a new Mercedes GLA200, with 1.3 litre engine, on the road costs £60000 (yes, sixty thousand). The tax is probably the highest in the world.

  • ihsaan husain
    ihsaan husain

    That bonnet is not flat and longer , not good looking

  • Tolga Güneş
    Tolga Güneş

    Hello Korean BMW ! What is this ?? BMW? NO !

  • Will Murray
    Will Murray

    Loads of these on the road already. The M135i looks a beast on the road but the base model looks really poor.

  • Throbbin Hood
    Throbbin Hood

    It looks a kia and i wouldn't swap, bmw have completely missed the mark, I'll stay with my f21

  • Morgan

    Why does only one exhaust have an open-close pipe

  • Fewyouknewme be for
    Fewyouknewme be for

    ugliest bmw of the century

  • J S
    J S

    What’s the point of this car? It’s been useless & it’ll forever be useless. Get a golf!

  • MatthewBennett 89
    MatthewBennett 89

    The front🤮

  • Doc

    That price 😂 them looks 🤢 and front wheel drive 🤣

  • machidaman

    This did not start well. I am a vegan and that KFC vegan burger is not good...😖 That said, this does look cracking from the rear and even the sides and rear quarters...the front on the other hand...

  • cristiandemirel1918

    This is what happens when a car manufacturer listens to stupid customer feedback, a complete failure!

  • hondatrix

    Good review of a crap car..

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    Great review!

  • IamTx Physicx
    IamTx Physicx

    How can people say the old model looks beter? That thing has the biggest snose ever, the side profile is absolutely disgusting.

  • Kev R
    Kev R

    2021 car but 69 reg?! 🤔

  • AutoRev


  • IZzelYy

    Owned every 120i since the launch. Tried the new 118i for a month. Kept my old one. Driving dynamics differences are night and day. Just drive the old cars again Matt... ;)

    • Gaming Norwegian
      Gaming Norwegian

      He has to be positive about the cars lol, or else BMW wouldnt lend them any more cars lol...

  • AlphaTricks

    Do I like that car so much

  • Will


  • Acarsguy

    1. You buy a bmw because it’s rear wheel drive. 2. Side on it looks like an A class. 3. That grille is hideous

  • Warden Jack
    Warden Jack

    The front looks like a Lancia.

  • William Hindle
    William Hindle

    ‘Wow’, it’s really ugly

  • Axis Wait
    Axis Wait

    looks like mercedes + kia

  • Gelson Mwale
    Gelson Mwale

    Looks like a Japanese brand from the side

  • tsuki

    Man when you compare this to the previous gen it’s literally sad. Looks absolutely horrendous. Yuck.


    Just when BMW and German car manufacturers couldn't produce anymore ugly cars.This is proper fugly

  • Joe Domican
    Joe Domican

    If it was all about space we would all drive MPV's -what a boring car shame -end of an era

  • B. R.
    B. R.

    Stopped the video half way through as the commentator is a total cock!! Is he actually getting paid for this????

  • Kolibri

    You should do a comparison video between the BMW 1 Series & the Ford Focus.

  • D.W.

    Ugliest BM... umm car ever?!

  • Connor Thompson
    Connor Thompson

    Fun fact - All new BMW vehicles have had the indicator removed as it was extra weight which wasn’t needed

  • BrawnyFanta

    Looks like a Kia 🤔

  • Lord Legend
    Lord Legend

    i think your head looks like that burger lol

  • Ionel Patrunjel
    Ionel Patrunjel

    It is ugly

  • Strictly Youtube
    Strictly Youtube

    7:44 sounds like a tractor

  • memalos1

    ugly AF

  • raulio81

    In few years, new BMW series 1, 0.9 engine, 220 bhp. Oh yeah, and 2 cyl :)))