I'm the FIRST to go in the 300mph Bugatti Chiron Super Sport *WORLD EXCLUSIVE*
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We’ve been waiting for YEARS to film a Bugatti here at carwow. Now finally, the day has arrived… And what a day it is!
Mat is officially the first journalist IN THE WORLD to get into a Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+! He’ll be packing down in this record-breaking hypercar to feel just how quick it is when you put the pedal to the metal in a car that’s powered by a W16 8-litre turbocharged engine! It produces a ridiculous 1,600hp and can hit 60mph in just 2.3 seconds!
So not only is it the fastest car Mat’s ever been in, it’s also likely to be the most expensive! It’ll be limited to 30 units, and each will cost $3.9 million! So will it live up to the hype? You’ll need to keep watching to find out!
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  • peter-paul kutschlojenga
    peter-paul kutschlojenga

    this car went 0-100 in first fucking gear

  • Alex Azcona Berlanga
    Alex Azcona Berlanga

    That's fast, But..... TWO WORDS= SSC Tuatara :sltoos.info/for/s2NosMiCfqB0lqA/video 532km/h Damn

  • Heinz Miesmann
    Heinz Miesmann

    The driver is german... for sure- just like me. :-) One can hear it .

  • Todd Salmon
    Todd Salmon

    Looks like it has a Flux Capacitor in the back window.

  • Justin Hanley
    Justin Hanley

    Yes yes yes I said go we go and go go yes yes

  • Jugraj Shoker
    Jugraj Shoker

    He went 300kph lol not MPH

  • HellBoyYT


  • Jonathan Swartz
    Jonathan Swartz

    That’s a jet on wheels

  • Christian Emil
    Christian Emil

    Ssc tuatura is The fastest

    • Aryan Kaushik
      Aryan Kaushik

      @Christian Emil lol its fake

    • Christian Emil
      Christian Emil

      @Aryan Kaushik scc tuatura is the fastet is can go 540 or more

    • Aryan Kaushik
      Aryan Kaushik


  • HoseZentaur

    Big clickbait with that misspelled mph while its kph... it would be 482kph to achieve 300mph

  • Sooraj RLR
    Sooraj RLR

    05:23 Bugatti reached 300mph in 5th gear and has 2 gears left That's supercool

  • Minty 1106
    Minty 1106

    shit seatbelts

  • Haseeb Khan
    Haseeb Khan

    Imagine Hennessy and buggati doing a collab woah

  • cruise2kx

    The driver is the king of understatement.

  • Ghulammohammad Sheikh
    Ghulammohammad Sheikh

    Buggati Chiron is very fastest car in the world for all time

  • Bruno Almeida
    Bruno Almeida

    This track and car remember me of that PS2 Gran Turismo 3, oval track, with that Suzuki red rally car (huge wings) with 800+ hp, before we put those big turbos on it, reaching horse power and top speed similar to this Bugatti. Awesome. ( X ) Achievement unlocked

  • Khalid Saleh
    Khalid Saleh

    This is a airplane with its 400km/h. It kept accelerating to 300km like its nothing lol..

  • Car addict
    Car addict

    I feel like the car is cheap and fragile although i know it isnt but it makes me feel like that because the whole weight reduction thing

  • Tobey Maguire
    Tobey Maguire


  • Pete Profits
    Pete Profits

    Someone doesn't know the difference between MPH and KM🤦‍♂️

  • Naidu Sreemaan
    Naidu Sreemaan

    Heyyyyy mat bro.......... have you seen ssc tuatara top speed run onboard????

  • M. Rendy Azha Danish
    M. Rendy Azha Danish

    Ssc Tuatara Hit 331 MPH, new record

    • Aryan Kaushik
      Aryan Kaushik



    police chase would be just for gaggs

  • Chris Green
    Chris Green

    Why didn't they make the wheels out of carbon fibre from Carbon Revolution? Carbon fibre is 30% stronger and 50% lighter than magnesium.

  • Ryan Viele
    Ryan Viele

    can it run doom?

  • JP Velasco
    JP Velasco

    I thought theres flower pots behind

  • Reet Jaiswal
    Reet Jaiswal

    "Everybody should be allowed to experience this once in their life."...Yeeeah no.

  • Zuko Cele
    Zuko Cele

    The equivalent of losing your virginity to Ms Universe.

  • mark arnold
    mark arnold

    Not 300 mph... It's Kph

  • Elna Dorlus
    Elna Dorlus

    it's a huper car

  • Fizz Pop
    Fizz Pop

    Title is misleading he goes 300kph NOT mph. Not a worlds first by any means. 300 kph is like 185mph. Not even 200mph. The title needs changing. Shame on you! The speedo says 500kph on it..I looked that up and it's 310mph. So that is a good idea of what the production car will do. Bit of a shame this run was limited. I thought I was gonna see a road car do 300mph. I'm not unimpressed, just disappointed. I've seen the original Veyron go faster than this.

  • Ryžas Pacas
    Ryžas Pacas

    i have expirienced it but not with buggati

  • Julian Alderson
    Julian Alderson

    amazing power

  • Julian Alderson
    Julian Alderson

    sorry when it goes up in down n a hurry

  • Julian Alderson
    Julian Alderson

    i like it only thing for me is round corners very heavy,and spoiler looks silly bit yer

  • Zoran Veličkovski
    Zoran Veličkovski

    what's with the title? "I'm the FIRST to go in the 300mph Bugatti Chiron Super Sport *WORLD EXCLUSIVE*" You did 300 km/h, not mp/h :)

  • Tony Loaded
    Tony Loaded

    What a beta male. Going 300mph. Not wearing a helmet. But still wearing a mask. pathetic.

  • Tiger Shadow
    Tiger Shadow

    Brits always be in fast cars!

  • Lucky Ndlovu
    Lucky Ndlovu


  • camirocz

    Matt go have a go in a Konigsegg Regara this Chiron will feel slow in comparison.Acceleration wise.

  • Alexander Drysdale
    Alexander Drysdale

    Mat looks so funny

  • Jordan Shemesh
    Jordan Shemesh


  • AM

    Little does he know, the driver is an AI robot.

  • Mistric

    They are going 300 just like i go 50

  • Chris Murphy
    Chris Murphy

    The speedometer says kph? 300 km/h is less than 200 mph..

  • Glenn Clark
    Glenn Clark

    So where is the film of you going 300 mph? This was 300 kph.

  • Trevor Cleary
    Trevor Cleary

    Awesome 👏

  • Ares Zelf
    Ares Zelf

    8:21 when he said “woah” and it went to outside shot, I thought they crashed ngl

  • Lawrence Eich
    Lawrence Eich

    What do not telling us it's only a 186 miles an hour Zo6 Corvette can do that

  • Mark James
    Mark James

    I wanna ride!

  • Natural Sounds of Gaia
    Natural Sounds of Gaia

    I wish to have that experience in my lifetime

  • dreamer


  • umesh kumar
    umesh kumar

    you said it went till 300mph but in the speedometer its showing 300km it should be 510mph if its miles per hour

  • Yux W
    Yux W

    Next trend 0-300 km/s in xx seconds

  • LuisTheWizard

    bunch of lies

  • Tobbe

    This looks so good

  • 이름

    내가 평생 보지도 타지도 가지지도 못할 차

  • Hunter88playzx Pro
    Hunter88playzx Pro

    Bugatti: we have the 300 mph Bugatti Hennessy: mark my words Hennessy car: goes 310 mph Bugatti: :(

  • Giancarlo jose Salvatierra
    Giancarlo jose Salvatierra

    The driver is so chill everytime he probably rides an airplane he would be snoring.

  • Goten Victoria
    Goten Victoria

    *so fast*

  • Leslie Stroobant
    Leslie Stroobant

    0:47 "normal Chiron"

  • X x
    X x

    Watching the speedo go up that fast, and keep going up like that... It was like on a video game. Your a lucky guy, man. And your excitement - it shows. Great video. PS. I wonder what that engineer drives. lol.

  • Beta's Trash YouTube Channel - Roblox
    Beta's Trash YouTube Channel - Roblox

    Tesla and the roadster: *t i m e t o g o f a s t e r*

  • PGTMR2

    The plants on the parcel shelf look like they need watering. Nice touch though :-D

  • Scythe-CS

    this is very very impressive dont get me wrong. But Daniel Ricciardo set a 4.2 sek 0-200 time with his Renault this year. Just shows how incredibly fast the Sport is getting...

  • Chad Mynatt
    Chad Mynatt

    Couldn’t imagine having that cackling laugh while concentrating on a high speed run

  • Pirlea Gavriil
    Pirlea Gavriil

    hey mate,did you do a drag race with a bugatti....i didn't see one on carwow...it would be awesome 👌

  • Claude Le Guellec
    Claude Le Guellec

    I cant take my eyes off you.

  • Ali

    Matt really wants it at 300mph😂😂😂

  • A7mD

    This car has a cool feature that you cannot buy it

  • M2J

    Bugatti's Dashboard looks ugly

  • ShaolinDreams

    Damn that's only 186mph.. 300 must be nuts!

  • ET-_ghost 2007
    ET-_ghost 2007

    Well it's just BUGGATI and he's screaming like that,can you go in kongeggseg agera?? But with death this time thanks Good luck

  • Just Saying
    Just Saying

    It’s actually 300 kms

  • iiredeye iiredeye
    iiredeye iiredeye

    Look in the rear view mirror...there's definitely a diesel Audi rep mobile up your arse.

  • Zamran khan
    Zamran khan

    This is KM/H not MPH. Correct it 😒

  • Think ItOver
    Think ItOver

    The exhaust is like that to work the diffuser harder equaling more downforce from the Venturi tunnel underneath the vehicle

  • Just Bane
    Just Bane

    He didn't sit in Bobas Golf 2 it's runing like 60psi 1100+ HP and is 1200kg and it's all wheel drive.

  • Tor the tame badger
    Tor the tame badger

    There are sooo many limitations, to much banking, special tyres etc etc. Koenigsegg uses off the shelf tyres and does speed runs on normal roads (closed for traffic) Bugatti did not even do the proper 300mph record, because they would not risk a tyre blowout going the other way on their test track.

  • Antonio Allen
    Antonio Allen

    The Bugatti Chiron super sport 300+ is not only fast, its, beautiful, aerodynamic and luxurious.

  • AmHow Aye
    AmHow Aye

    I thought we are going for 300mph. I am sad.

  • En Usko
    En Usko

    That was nowhere near 300mph?

  • Frankie Redmond
    Frankie Redmond

    The fact the Bugatti Chiron renders matt to a child like state, shows the absolute performance of the beast!

  • Jacob Harrison
    Jacob Harrison

    Koenisegg is beast

  • Matthew Heitzman
    Matthew Heitzman

    I mean you only did 186mph and I’ve done that between red lights on my motorcycle 😅😅😅

  • Oldysrv

    That 1 guy who is actually gonna buy this is like : "yea im gonna buy this ugly fast thing for 3 mill and drive my botox around"

  • lauriL90

    It was 300km/h so 180mph only. Wrong title

  • Aston Msr
    Aston Msr

    big up a l'accent français du chauffeur !

  • TheBbbabis


  • Spudanky!

    Someone needs to water those plants in the back 🤷‍♂️

  • Julio Ramirez
    Julio Ramirez

    Clickbait: The title says 300 mph but you go in the video 300 kmh is not the same.

  • Malcom Manson
    Malcom Manson

    I experienced 900 ..... in an airplane ✈️

  • Zaappp !!!
    Zaappp !!!

    Should've asked for a Bugatti face mask. That would add quite a bit to the story to tell one day.

  • Max

    This is what going fast is all about. Pushing the limits, innovating, breaking records. I’m sad that this is Bugatti’s last “fastest car in the world” build.

  • Christophe Garab
    Christophe Garab

    Fun fact : At 1 point Matt says that they used 614 BHP during a pull. However , He didn't notice at that moment that the screen said 1614 BHP 😆😆😆

  • Xo Simm
    Xo Simm


  • Nutella Thebest
    Nutella Thebest

    Rs6 klasen is better to 0-300

  • Leroy Mentor
    Leroy Mentor

    Did you seriously not change the video title. You only went 300 kph

  • George Maina
    George Maina

    Matt: this is the fastest car in the world😁 Koenigsegg: 🤣 that's what y'all think for now

    • Ghost rider ༒
      Ghost rider ༒

      George Maina ahh ok my bad

    • George Maina
      George Maina

      @Ghost rider ༒ he's the one that started arguing about which one is better

    • Ghost rider ༒
      Ghost rider ༒

      Mavrick 09 u guys are arguing over cars do childish

    • Ghost rider ༒
      Ghost rider ༒

      George Maina u guys arguing over cars so childish

    • George Maina
      George Maina

      @Mavrick 09 we ain't stupid for knowing bugatti are going to be smashed accept it dude u can't handle the fact that they r going to be beat😂

  • Amazing TV
    Amazing TV

    Matt you said 300MPH in your video description and the car is actually doing 300 KPH in the speedometer which is officially 186MPH . And the way you are pretending inside the car only to convince audience that car actually doing 300MPH . I don’t know why you guys do that .

247 tis.