Peugeot e-208 review - the BEST electric car for under £30k?
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This is the Peugeot e-208! It’s almost identical to the recently released 208, only unlike the regular small hatchback, it’s all-electric! Hiding within the e-208 you’ll find a 50kWh battery pack and a 126hp electric motor, and you can expect to achieve a range of around 217 miles in it. As for the price? Well, it doesn’t come cheap, starting at around £29,000 - and that’s after UK buyers receive a £3,000 government grant for buying electric! So does this new player have what it takes to beat already established EVs such as the Nissan Leaf or Renault Zoe? Join Mat for this review to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:32 Electric Motor
01:26 0-60mph
02:18 Brakes
02:36 Drivetrain
03:01 Daily Driving
05:17 Exterior Design
06:38 Interior
07:58 Back Seats
08:32 Boot
09:02 Annoying Features
10:21 Good Features
11:11 Trims
12:11 Verdict
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  • carwow

    What do you think - can you name a better car for under £30k?!

    • layne travis
      layne travis

      Btw why the car manufacturers dosnt add gears to electric cars?

    • layne travis
      layne travis

      Honda e

    • Eric Lalouette
      Eric Lalouette

      Electric? same price category? clearly not...

    • Harry Fotopoulos
      Harry Fotopoulos

      In my view have better quality from Tesla

    • Jan Koper
      Jan Koper

      Car brand famous for electrical problems now makes electrical cars what can go wrong

  • The Suited Bird
    The Suited Bird

    Oh this car is very nice the review is very good. I noticed how you couldn't put the "inverter cover" back on correctly :D

  • Richard Blais
    Richard Blais

    So no regen brakes I presume ...

  • sunrise

    Too bad they didn't make an anti-scratch - or anti-"stupid" system as it's called in Romania I would be sorry to buy such a car and to find it scratched by an idiot who bought his driver's license with money and who drives like a boot Obviously this can happen everywhere ... but it seems like it's too much here ... So in Romania either you buy a new car and in a week you don't cry for it because it's hit because you have enough money and you don't care ... or you do like the vast majority of the population you get a used car scratched anyway and you don't care anymore ... because you're too poor to buy a new one ... Some even dream at "civilization"

  • Paul A
    Paul A

    The most attractive electric car I've seen, outside and inside. Still too expensive for me though.

  • Rupert Jung
    Rupert Jung

    Those black bars make the weels look tiny.

  • Peter Haas
    Peter Haas

    why is there so much wheel gap between the tires and the fenders? Even the dash-graphic of the car doesn't have this big gap!

  • Matheos Georgatzis
    Matheos Georgatzis

    What cost the battery ??????? What cost the charger if it is going bad? Can it be repair it ??? I think they miss the point on the electric car questions here. Take for example Peugeot ion. The car after 8-10 years develop charger problem. Charger to change 4300 Euros because you cannot buy separately the parts to reaper it! Who would buy a car when the tire is flat and in the workshop you are told that the gearbox have to be replaced with the tire because they work together ???!!!! Everything is vin coded so you cannot buy used parts and replaced. Battery last about 15 years and cost until yet 10.000 Euros! Even if a small problem occurs with the battery you must change all the battery. So consider to give after 15 years 15.000 Euros for maintains. That’s no Green driving! This car cost more to drive than a normal gasoline car!

  • 1x2x3xdk

    205 gti was 9.2 to 60mph.... Ill get my coat

  • Andy Rads
    Andy Rads

    Had our e208 for just 9 days before it broke down with a traction fault. We had only driven 102 miles. The car is potentially dangerous. My wife was driving home from work when it just suddenly stopped on a 40mph road with no warning. It has been with the dealer a week now. First it was a software glitch now they are going change the motor. My advice to anyone is...DON’T BUY IT. Google it, there a lot of people having problems with this car...

  • Jake Nicholaides
    Jake Nicholaides

    Evs need at least 500 in range otherwise I'd never buy one

  • juan noel fuentes
    juan noel fuentes

    OnePlus gang!

  • 2good2be4gotten

    This or bmw i3?

  • Doublethink

    Looks like motoring will return to being a rich man’s thing in future. This thing costs £33k, a fast charging point another £900, and a house with a drive an extra £10k compared to one on a road. Yes, there are government grants that reduce the first two of these at the moment, but if there’s no longer any fossil fuel taxes being collected the government will start collecting those missing taxes from EV drivers. So your little hatchback will prob cost £40k. Maybe that’s the plan, as there’s only enough lithium reserves in the world to make a fraction of the total number of cars presently on the road, which reserves are running out as v.little is recycled and batteries lose their ability to hold enough charge after 10yrs.

  • Gil Fernandes
    Gil Fernandes


  • ThatSnowTrooper

    Bill Gates reviews the Peugeot E-208

  • Harmeet Gill
    Harmeet Gill

    Matt in two years, if you want me to open the drivers door click on the banner right here, if you want me to start the car click on this banner right here

  • jaro essa
    jaro essa

    There's nothing "best" about a car that COSTS DOUBLE compared to a 'regular' 208, and gets HALF the range. 'Pay get less'??? Consumers aren't that gullible...or stupid. You won't see tons of these, e208's, on the roads or highways. NOPE!

    • Seb C
      Seb C

      Sure, more expensive to buy. But longterm its much cheaper.

  • Stephen Yarde
    Stephen Yarde

    Why is the 0-60 time so important in car reviews? Youre never gonna floor it at the lights are you.

    • jaro essa
      jaro essa

      Why important? It's not, but EV's offer almost no advantages over ICE vehicles. So EV fanboys and YT'ers think they can sway you into thinking they are great if they mention the instantaneous torque and speed. I'm confident in saying that the 0-60 thing is probably at the bottom of the list, as a feature, for 90% of car buyers.

  • Yohan Lokesh
    Yohan Lokesh

    This car looks and sounds so much better than the Zoe... And for similar prices... Why even bother about the Zoe?

  • John Ritchie
    John Ritchie

    Peugeot and electric! Something tells me it won’t be the most reliable car on the road.

  • Reinulf

    Somehow all the French cars have the most annoying sounds. Just the turn signal is atrocious on most.. And then the different alarms. Low Fuel, door open,.... Why do they make it so one hates their own car

  • misterPAINMAKER

    In Greece the government ,subsidize the electric cars, so the price here is -7000, so ~22000 euros. A very good deal.

  • Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness
    Yanuchi Uchiha: Anime, Games and Ramdomness

    honest opinion, those "fangs" are ruining what is otherwise, a wonderful design

  • Jon Reed
    Jon Reed

    Gonna be interesting seeing used market for these cars and how they do or don’t hold value, and IF anyone would splash cash on used electric motors.

  • Alan Howe Music Rhythm Guitar Player
    Alan Howe Music Rhythm Guitar Player

    Sorry electric cars are just not ready for the mass market. Battery charging systems are so slow and antiquated. We need a full charge within 5 min and a true real world figure of 400 plus miles on a full charge which includes using the lights on the car and air conditioning, basically the usual things we use in cars. The usual full charge range figures given by manufacturers are given with air condition and driving lights switched off and no radio or phone charging. Dose the car manufacturers of this world really think the general public are idiots?

    • jaro essa
      jaro essa

      Hear hear!! Same thing I tell my audience at the regional seminars I give on EV's. Until you see price parity, recharge parity and range parity when compared to ICE vehicles, EV's won't see any mass adoption anytime soon.

  • craig brooke
    craig brooke

    Hmmmm.....government mean extra 3k car makers can take from the government!! Isnt to benefit the buyer!!!

  • Harry Fotopoulos
    Harry Fotopoulos

    Value for money with such quality I doubt you can find another car to compare

  • Harry Fotopoulos
    Harry Fotopoulos

    French engineering made a small miracle!

  • Harry Fotopoulos
    Harry Fotopoulos

    For me the e208much better from Tesla!This car sells like hotcake in South Europe

  • CalgarGTX

    Those black wheel arches look hideous

  • Daniel 2020
    Daniel 2020

    You don't like the car, or the French Car now

  • Mar W
    Mar W

    Regarding 'I wonder if a manufacturer would put fake exhausts on an electric car'.... actually, I believe the e-Golf has two look-alike vents, similar to ICE Golfs.

  • No Name
    No Name

    Why grill on EV????? Whats the point????

  • CoLoNeLC4

    "This particular car has a rattle in the doo...."no sir, that's an included feature in the French cars !

  • SpunkyBalls

    Thirty grand for an electric car, no thanks.

    • jaro essa
      jaro essa

      Exactly! Not when you can buy the SAME EXACT LOOKING version in a 'regular' 208 at HALF the price and DOUBLE the range. You won't see many of these on the highways.

  • Soheil Malekqashqai
    Soheil Malekqashqai

    Why must buy this France bullshit?!

  • B D
    B D

    Could you please make a video about its Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop & Go Function on the motorway? Thanks again..

  • GraveUypo

    one too much "click there" dislike.

  • Pippo Palla
    Pippo Palla

    The problem is: it's a French car

  • dominic tripper
    dominic tripper

    steel wheels.... great none of that curbing crap.... more steel wheels please

  • Jack

    I think I have only ever seen him say "go right ahead and buy it" about Peugeots! They have very clearly upped thier game.

  • AM

    Surprised you still haven’t done a head-to-head review of the MG ZS EV vs Mazda MX-30...

  • Jack Hone
    Jack Hone

    Can you review a Zoe Z.E.50

  • Mattia Paolino
    Mattia Paolino

    Hi Matt will u do Renault Zoe review or idk why not e-208 vs this one???

  • Didier Gras
    Didier Gras

    Hi. Great channel ! Would appreciate it if you talked this year about the available commercial solutions (if any...) and the price for replacing the electric batteries in all these EV or phev cars. Just did a Tesla Model 3 test drive in Europe and as of now, battery replacement is 20 000 EUR. Doesn't this simply rule out these cars beyond their warranty deadline or as pre-owned cars for the greatest majority of people ? As of today what guarantee is there to have a compatible commercially available and affordable solution to replace the EV / PHEV battery beyond 160 000 kms or 8 years let's say ? Best.

  • Desirable Jodie
    Desirable Jodie

    This already looks yesteryears. Model 3, the ID3 and the Honda e all look more likeable. What's with that stupid Dracula teeth on the headlights anyway.


    9:11 Peugeot: *Cheering that Matt is fucking gone* Peugeot: Fuck off Numberjacks in a nutshell

  • Mr Stick3rs
    Mr Stick3rs

    Did anyone noticed that when Matt is in the car,he exactly looks like Bill Gates due to his hair style and glasses?

  • Georgi D
    Georgi D

    Great one Matt, great one...

  • Lukas

    Which do you think is better, the Leaf or this 208, and why?

  • Paul Porter
    Paul Porter

    These videos are becoming unwatchable with all the bloody adverts

  • roody lou
    roody lou

    I'm not willing to spend my life charging electric cars

    • Detritiv0re

      Err you don't? You set it to charge and then you can go away and do something else.

  • Herr Mittmann
    Herr Mittmann

    Could you make a comparison between e-208 and e-2008? :D

  • Christopher O'Grady
    Christopher O'Grady

    Should be RWD and sit lower. Shame

  • League359

    1:04 I think you meant kilo watt instead of kilo watt hour

    • brb


  • Matteo Tortello
    Matteo Tortello


  • eddie pan
    eddie pan

    Just buy cheapest model3

  • Are Dub
    Are Dub


  • Ruaridh Maclean
    Ruaridh Maclean

    I think you should try to be less critical of charging times... You complained about it having a 22 hour charge on a 3-pin plug but that isn't even included with the car... The overwhelming majority of EV owners will opt to use a 7Kw wall charger at home or work etc. (Which the government also give you a grant towards)

  • Gonads1259

    Bit OTT presentation, Mat.

  • Alan Jenkinson
    Alan Jenkinson

    You’re not buying into the EV thing, are you Matt?

  • Ben Carson
    Ben Carson

    Never driven a Peugeot before. Test drove this earlier in the month and absolutely loved it. Like getting in a go-kart. Put an order in that day.

  • MrMarty77

    I think it's a tad too expensive

  • sancho jadon
    sancho jadon

    R5 + 205 + 308 + 3008 + 508 = 208

  • Carpe diem
    Carpe diem

    Lots of money went into the design. Not alot of money was left for quality.

  • Terry Lestrange
    Terry Lestrange

    What would happen if that alarm were going off at the airport and someone would scream its a bomb!!!!!! ???

  • Djeseret

    If it's a better car you're asking for, then Corsa, the differences that exist make it a better car. 208 is not trying to be good, it's trying to trick you into thinking it's a luxury car, that's all it's trying to do. Being good... is the last... thing it tries to be.

  • Sheldon

    Can you review the new Corsa? I know its not an exciting car but would be interested to see it.

    • Djeseret

      Corsa has 12 km longer range according to tests in Norway. Being good is actually quite exciting because it means you can perform while those who are just surface and big words fail in reality - and failing is NOT exciting...

  • Richard H
    Richard H

    Arches and alloys are vile 🤮

  • Doublethink

    The ‘best electrical car’ is like saying best form of VD.

  • Yurry Aditya Pratama
    Yurry Aditya Pratama

    The rims looks like plastic-wrapped ☹️

  • Douthinkesawus TV
    Douthinkesawus TV

    Rediculous price. Why are we being ripped off with ev prices!!!!

    • Eric Kwok
      Eric Kwok

      ohh please, same with new phone

  • Simon Thomas
    Simon Thomas

    Totally agree Mat. Peugeot have nailed this perfectly.

  • R H
    R H

    I’ve bought one of these. It costs less than the 300bhp petrol Audi that I had . Off the line to about 30mph it’s pretty much just as fast. Nobody follows me home now to see where I park so they can steal it. My fuel bill is now zero instead of over £120 per month because I live near a free charger. I’ve got Apple CarPlay which I didn’t have before and there’s no more having to pay Audi for map updates. Waze gives me instant traffic information. My insurance is less. It’s a different kind of fun, go test drive one. I drove the E Tron and the Tesla M3P but chose the e208 because it does what I want, looks good and costs way less than those. I like that it looks almost the same as the ICE versions, I didn’t want to drive a fashion experiment. And the best bit is the cool yellow paint is the no cost option. Well played Peugeot.

  • Saurabh Odeyar
    Saurabh Odeyar

    they should bring cars to India Love this brand

  • Carlos Rojas
    Carlos Rojas

    I do not see how someone would buy it at that price XD

  • Sasquatch 2001
    Sasquatch 2001

    If you read off charge times lists, you might want to preface it with "from completely empty to completely full" since nobody ever charges like that in an ev so those times are useless.......

  • Waqar Younas
    Waqar Younas

    Hi Matt you really need to review the Honda e. Really look forward to your video on it!

  • TheSushiraw

    *In 1998 PEUGEOT was already making ELECTRIC CARS "108"*

    • Soussmeboules

      It was the 106 in 1995. But there were a few 205 electric too a bit earlier, and Peugeot VLV sold from 1941 to 1943 (377 exemplars sold). First Peugeot electric prototype dates from 1902, but never entered into production.

  • Phillip Temple
    Phillip Temple

    Looks bland, is very slow, poor battery range, long charge time, and sticks the battery under the seat instead of spread along the base so suspension problems. It'll sell to die hard fans but won't catch on. Next attempt please... Phillip.

  • Eurovision Battles
    Eurovision Battles

    I dont see the problem with fake exhausts. I think it makes the car look better even on an electric.

  • #buzzofftoxic Blog
    #buzzofftoxic Blog

    Agree but will add. Great to see efficient electric cars final coming😀👌 they are great for motorway driving just need a change net work!!!! I was first adoption of electric car and we now drive a BMW i3 33kw but need place's to charge up!!!!! . Renewable energy 😉 We don't have time to piss about if we value a future for our children nmmmm TOXIC BIG OIL FOSSIL FUEL GOING KNOW Where BAN IT ASP STOP MAKING ICE 🤔🔥🤔Would add petrol is highly TOXIC ☠️⛽☠️😭please STOP promoting toxic we all face more mass extinction 😱. #buzzofftoxic #tiedamew #StopBurningStuff

  • ZeHoSmusician

    6:52 You scratched it? You buy it... :)

  • Thomas -
    Thomas -

    Can you test the Opel E-Corsa? It is a similar car like the peugeut E-208, but a bit cheaper

    • Djeseret

      @IHeartMyLada Well the better part is only interior, body and crash safety, the drive system is 100% Peugeot.

    • IHeartMyLada

      @Djeseret It actually died in the middle of the highway during a Hungarian road test not so long ago.

    • Djeseret

      And a bit better...

  • MrFishbone111

    Love the segmenting of the video. Cant warm up to peugeot though. This one looks good but just the door rattle you mentioned... the build quality is just not quite there and I'd rather pay 5k more for a german car that doesnt make odd noises(vauxhall/opel not included,national embarassment) . its a small thing but I just dont want structural concerns in a product the life of me and my family depends on on the autobahn.

  • Francis Galiegue
    Francis Galiegue

    Still troubled by the difference between kW and kWh I see (it's a 7.5 kW home charger, not 7.5 kWh). Quick crash course: * The watt (W) is the SI unit of power; 1 watt is the power applied in order to provide 1 joule (energy) over 1 second (time): power is energy divided by time. Additionally, a horsepower (hp) is also a unit of power, and 100 kW is equal to 136 hp. * The kilowatt-hour (kWh) is the amount of energy provided by a power of 1 kW, therefore 1000 W (k is the SI prefix for 10^3) over 1 hour (3600 seconds). Which means that 1 kWh is equal to 3.6 MJ (megajoules; M is the SI prefix for 10^6). Additionally, in a ballpark; 1 liter of fossil fuel has an energy equivalent, if fully burnt (100% efficiency... Your typical ICE car won't even achieve 20% at the wheel), of 10 kWh.

  • Joe Berrant
    Joe Berrant

    Hi Matt, fyi the charging rate is measured in kW not kWh. kWh is for the battery capacity.

  • CactusLife

    6:32 jaguar do it

  • CactusLife

    mg zs ev ....

  • Rob Chalmers
    Rob Chalmers

    How the HELL did that bloody stupid instrument panel not make it into '5 annoying things' ??

  • Giovanni Fuchs
    Giovanni Fuchs

    What is it whit this bullshit, from empty to 80%?!!!

  • Tim Howard
    Tim Howard

    We've got a 5008 and that alarm noise is on it too.

  • Lee Sullivan
    Lee Sullivan

    That warning chime..... Self destruct mode Activated. 😅


    Electric cars are way too expensive.

  • migryg

    Waiting impatiently for 3008 hybrid review 👀

    • Leonard Korn
      Leonard Korn

      Me too. I'm waiting for a 3008 Hybrid4 review and a DS7 Crossback E-Tense 4x4 review too

  • CosmicMicron

    Thanks, i went right out and bought one.

  • Home Tech
    Home Tech

    Pop out banners don't work on mobile phone? Where majority will watch this.

  • TheLastCrankers

    I can you imagine how good 208 e-gti with about 150-170kW motor and gti styling would be?

  • Viper TheLegend
    Viper TheLegend

    I once said the normal 208 looks like my mum when she sees me playing Minecraft. This also looks like my mum when she sees me playing Minecraft, only she is now a member of Extinction Rebellion.

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