Who makes the LEAST and MOST reliable cars? All the major car firms ranked for reliability!
We all have preconceived ideas of which car brands we think are the most reliable - but have you considered how accurate you actually are? Well, wonder no more!! We’ve pulled together a list of the most reliable car brands out there! But before you watch the video, which manufacturer do you think will clinch the top spot? Let us know in the comments, then stick with Mat to find out!
Thanks to Warrantywise for helping us create this video - www.warrantywise.co.uk/
This survey has been calculated using data taken from the extended car warranty data held by Warrantywise and the repairs they have received. A spokesman for Warranty Wise said: “Warrantywise does not release data for cars unless we have a minimum of 100 vehicles as a sample amount. This data relates to claims between 2010 and 2020 and may not represent the reliability of new vehicles as all of the data in the set is for vehicles over 3 years old.”
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  • madison lok
    madison lok

    Where is Ssangyong

  • Stephen French
    Stephen French

    We do greet each other usually in symphony


    Reliable cars are boring

  • Yantra Tantra
    Yantra Tantra

    everyone: top 2 already know it is honda and toyota plot twist they also include lexus there

  • 80s retro
    80s retro

    German engineering is great, it's designed to fail at exactly 50,000km not one cm more. VAG probably makes more on repairs than sales.

  • kevthedynamo

    In a video you made, which was The 15 Most Reliable Cars, you rated the Chevy Spark as number 15, now you are saying it is unreliable??

  • Austen Richard George
    Austen Richard George

    Good ole Scotty Kilmer isright again - Toyota/Lexus/Honda - everything else is an endless money pit with the exception of "certain" cars like the Mazda Miata which tends to score top 10 in the west every single year as top spot as most reliable. If you mention a German car to Scotty - "rolling pile of crap" - lol. I like when he shows Mercedes and BMW parts and explains why they are terrible designs and terrible parts quality. Lease is fine - they last 4 years. Check the 2 minute mark sltoos.info/for/v4GAnJaniphosH4/video

  • Marcel Handsome
    Marcel Handsome

    Fiat's were always reliable, simple tough mechanicals and the best engines in the world! Fiat Panda was recently ranked alongside Toyota Prius as the most reliable car in Europe!

  • iqbal dinho
    iqbal dinho

    Subaru is not in the list cos its a class of its own. The new eyesight technology and traction contro is friggin awesome. And yes im a bot.

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith

    This clown was dissing the land cruiser ,clueless

  • MrPabsUk

    See, I`ve been driving baby Fiats & big Jaguars (mainly XJ`s) in tandem for the last 25 years & have found them incredibly reliable, which is why I continue to stick with them. I`m not sure what all this tells us really... It could mean people driving certain cars dont look after them properly, or people who drive certain cars moan about minor things more.. Its impossible to say really. Maybe do a breakdown of the faults for each brand?

  • Thomas Wagner
    Thomas Wagner

    I have an honda and a Toyota am i am Happy with them:)

  • Antonio Hakim
    Antonio Hakim

    Chevy has stepped up their game

  • Thiago BR
    Thiago BR

    Ta errada essa lista ai, como q Peugeot e Citroen ta na frente de Volkswagen e Chevrolet?

  • Joshua Law
    Joshua Law

    Can confirm the Lexus ranking, having previously owned a 2004 RX330 (totaled one an accident) and currently owning a 2011 RX350 and a 2016 IS300 F-Sport, I can tel you firsthand that they’re remarkable reliable. Never had an engine problem. The old ‘04 RX330 once had a bad alternator after about 270k miles, but other than that they’ve never broken once. Even the ‘11 RX350 with 250k miles hasn’t had anything go wrong. The ‘16 IS300 F-Sport is barely even broken in at 52k miles, and hasn’t even been to the shop for maintenance yet!

  • LAV you
    LAV you

    Rolls royce is just 0%

  • Mohamed Yassin
    Mohamed Yassin

    Where is dodge

  • grandiora

    You rank major car manufacturers and completely leave out Subaru in the list... Also it’s funny the list is completely different on every continent. The only constant is that Toyota last forever in the top 3.


    Its not reliable. Owners buying certain brands are diffrent. There are in other segments. But yeah. Im impressed by korean cars and Lexus. But i though it will be high.

  • Anildeep Singh
    Anildeep Singh

    Scotty Kilmer is laughing away

  • Anildeep Singh
    Anildeep Singh

    Fiat is more reliable than Mazda hmmmm

  • Adam Smith
    Adam Smith

    5 star: Toyota/Lexus Mazda Hyundai/Kia 4 star: Honda/Acura Ford 3 star: GM Volvo Normal VW 2 star: FCA Daimler/Mercedes PSA 1 Star: BMW/Mini Land Rover/Jaguar Nissan/Mitsubishi/Renault Luxury VW

  • olivia tan
    olivia tan

    Beemer is the worst!all my beemer have oil leaks problem,I have 3 beemer and the resell is terrible

  • Jack Mari
    Jack Mari

    What about Ferrari ?

  • Miguel Patino
    Miguel Patino

    So does that mean that Dodge is in 30th place?

  • D MOTORS TM South Africa
    D MOTORS TM South Africa

    I give Hyundai a reliability rating of 100 out of 100 because I know people who own them 0 problems

  • D MOTORS TM South Africa
    D MOTORS TM South Africa

    Citigo looks cute


    Very helpful I am indian I also like your video

  • Steve Martin
    Steve Martin

    So; never buy a Land Rover. German cars are all rather dodgy too. Buy a Fiat? Thats odd. Honda , Lexus and Toyota were all rather predictably at the top.


    Stick with the first 12 ESP the First 5 My cars two Hondas CRXS over 30 years old , 1 FJf0 Toyota 40 Years old, 1 Toyota Supra 30 years old, 1 Acura TSX, And 1 Nissan Titan. All pretty dang good All over 15 years old.

  • Diego Petitto
    Diego Petitto

    Wow Fiat better thai germans Car! 👏👏👏👏👏

  • Yasantha Maligaspe
    Yasantha Maligaspe

    Toyota is the world's most reliable car manufacturer and that's why they are the largest car manufacturer in the world for the last consecutive years.

  • Denis Cullis
    Denis Cullis

    Got one xden

  • Bink van der Wal
    Bink van der Wal

    Out of experience i know that are kia's are way lees reliable then mercedes, the only unreliable part of merc's is the airmatic system

  • Ivan Ds
    Ivan Ds

    Love my 13 yr old Honda civic with 140,000 miles on it, nothing mayor has broken... Just the battery and starter Regular maintenance done and that's all...

  • Ivan Ds
    Ivan Ds

    All Fiat crap (jeep dodge ram alfa) are unreliable af 😹 well except for some older wranglers or cherokees

  • iso 9001
    iso 9001

    Spoiler alert: this is just a misinformation video

  • Миљан Дамјановић
    Миљан Дамјановић

    FIAT sixth place on the list! So proud ! Punto Mk2 driver.

  • Lenard Zipko
    Lenard Zipko

    Here's the list from Arun Kamalanathan, but with the percentages Most Reliable Cars 29: Land Rover 1:07 38% 28: Porsche 1:30 40% 27: Jaguar 2:00 51% 26: Chevrolet 2:21 53% 25: Alfa Romeo 2:46 53% 24: Audi 3:19 53% 23: BMW 3:42 53% 22: Mercedes 4:30. 56% 21: Mitsubishi 4:54 56% 20: Mini 5:30 60% 19: Seat 5:57 62% 18: Volkswagen 6:16 62% 17: Citroen 6:39 62% 16: Vauxhall 7:00 62% 15: Volvo 7:25 62% 14: Skoda 8:10. 64% 13: Peugeot 8:30 64% 12: Nissan 8:58 64% 11: Mazda 9:30 67% 10: Renault 9:56 67% 9: Ford 10:19. 67% 8: Kia 11:02 69% 7: Suzuki 11:22 71% 6: Fiat 11:48 71% 5: Hyundai 12:12. 71% 4: Smart 12:36 73% 3: Toyota 13:02 80% 2: Lexus 13:22 87% 1: Honda 14:14 87%

  • Cody Schleiger
    Cody Schleiger

    Jeeps definitely are not reliable lol HA! there data was so bad they did not want to participate in the study lol

  • arkie blak
    arkie blak

    Honda? That's the worst car u can buy in Nigeria, the steering is really bad and 90% of Honda users complain about it... Source : trust me av seen it with my own eyes n have experienced it too

  • Sean Henderson
    Sean Henderson


  • Zahid Sediqi
    Zahid Sediqi

    Toyota and Honda has to be number 1. I am guessing before watching the video lol 💯👌

  • Naradipa Poniman
    Naradipa Poniman

    Yeay! My Honda Maestro from 92 still comfortable as fuck.

  • Afolabi Idowu
    Afolabi Idowu

    Hi.. Can you make a video on mistusbishi outlander second generation... Show us how reliable the car is... Thanks 👍

  • Sociium

    When he said the Mercedes-Benz old e klasse was part of it, i started thinking cuz I have had an old e klasse for about 11 years now and it had never broke down once

  • klau88873

    It’s different in the states. Oil dilution oil dilution oil dilution.... earth dreams “NIGHTMARE”.

  • Tirath Singh
    Tirath Singh

    Where's Subaru and I don't believe where Fiat and Ford is placed.

  • Rob Paxton
    Rob Paxton

    Why was Subaru not included in this list? It is one of the more reliable brands on the planet...

  • john reid
    john reid

    Where was Subaru on this list?

  • Ariane Bacani
    Ariane Bacani

    My cousin drove a toyota camry 1998 for over a year and realised it does not have engine oil. It was driving perfectly.

  • Chad Broski
    Chad Broski

    yeah but if you drive your car, don't be surprised that it costs a bit to repair, children aren't cheap either


    I love Honda I expect that😆

  • Jurda

    GeRmAn CaRs BeSt cArS iN ThE UniVeRsE oNLy gOoD cArS aRe GerMaN iTs THe HiGhEsTeSt QuALitY!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan Yu
    Ryan Yu

    I'm surprised by this list. Where is subaru in the carts? are they more unreliable in the UK than Land Rovers?

  • Gaming Music
    Gaming Music

    Yeah no, most reliable brands are honda, land rover, audi and volkswagen (in my opinion)


    sltoos.info/for/35ljytOBpIuGynY/video Yeah... Whatever...

  • Louie Vee
    Louie Vee

    i feel like fiat and dodge should be higher on the list... according to Scotty. i bought my first lexus because of him and im telling u you he was absolutely right

  • Hertzair

    “German Engineering “ means advanced leading edge Engineering, not reliability. German machines of all kinds tend to be over-Engineered for any given purpose....over-Engineering means more likely to have something “Gone Wrong”....

  • adeeb's playing and gaming channel
    adeeb's playing and gaming channel

    Mercedes score : 56 BMW score : 53 BMW fanboys: what BMW is low than Mercedes ? 😠 Mercedes fanboys : ya ooo cool!

  • Westley Sharpe
    Westley Sharpe

    What about Dodge and Pickup trucks?


    I have just traded in my 20 year old Land Rover discovery on a beautiful Chinese machine lol. That Land Rover has cost me more in repairs than it’s worth. I loved it but hated it too. There was a saying, if a Land Rover is not leaking than there is something wrong with it.

  • Wouter Bruins
    Wouter Bruins

    great video

  • scorpions white dove
    scorpions white dove

    I've a Mercedes a BMW n a suziki. My suziki 7yrs old 205k km never break down. Only servicing n tyre changed

  • Akram Hentati
    Akram Hentati

    WHEN U OWN A FIAT AND U thniking bout getting a german Car :)

  • Shun Colvard
    Shun Colvard

    Thank you!!! Lexus RX is what I’ve been looking at!

  • The Batman
    The Batman

    Hey carwow, you should divide the average repair cost by the average purchase price for each car to get a more accurate score. This is because more expensive cars to buy will be more expensive to repair. According to you if a Jag breaks down once a year and it costs $500 it is less reliable than a cheaper car that breaks down 5 times a year and costs $1000 to repair ( 1000/5=200 average cost of repair)

  • abdullah asim
    abdullah asim

    who else knew it was honda

  • Jean-Luc Commeau
    Jean-Luc Commeau

    A suggestion, would be more interesting if you listed the main defect for each models.

  • Jean-Luc Commeau
    Jean-Luc Commeau

    Do not agreed to your listing especially regarding Porsche. Had more troubles with my Mini than any of my Porsche and had plenty. Fiat, Alpha Romeo, Renault, Peugeot and the like, more reliable than Porsche ? You're jocking off-course or is it a driver's factor that you haven't included, or yoou mean without proper maintenance ? This listing is a bit gloomy.

  • Otakar Libal
    Otakar Libal

    So the most reliable major european brand is Fiat :D didn't see that coming

  • Alex K
    Alex K

    currently driving a 05 honda pilot with 263,000 miles, i approve of this list

  • Vishavejeet Singh
    Vishavejeet Singh

    Wait wait!! Where is Mahindra and TATA ???

  • Hi

    People: Why do people still use Range Rover tho they know its so unreliable with expensive repair costs?? Me: Cuz those owners have too much money waiting to be spent

  • Danilo Oliveira
    Danilo Oliveira

    Awesome tks


    I have a Honda and it’s the most unreliable car I’ve ever driven

  • Rambling Millennial
    Rambling Millennial

    The way he pronounced Hyundai D:

  • Matt L
    Matt L

    1:40 I'd like to see the mileage versus repair breakdown on luxury brands as Porsche may break down less often due to them generally not being daily drivers

  • Lava Yuki
    Lava Yuki

    I always assumed Toyota is the best, followed by the other Japanese brands and then everyone else afterwards and German ones being near the bottom. I drive a Toyota, but I expected Honda and Toyota to be the tops

  • Auto Social UK
    Auto Social UK

    I bet the cost to repair the Nissan auto gearbox brought up that ‘overall cost to fix’ considerably

  • Honey Saggu
    Honey Saggu

    honda cars is best

  • Eric Jensen
    Eric Jensen

    I stopped watching when Fiat was ranked 5th. 😂😂

    • Khattat

      Only you’re laughing wally

  • Andrew Goodman
    Andrew Goodman

    PAY ATTENTION PEOPLE! This ‘study’ is a list provided by a warranty provider. People take out warranties on big expensive cars because they cost a lot to fix when they go wrong, as evidenced by this ‘study’. Ok, so tell me something I don’t know? Subaru drivers don’t bother with warranties at all? Makers of small light uninspiring shitboxes are higher ranked than BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and Audi. Yeah, of course they are as a shitbox cost nothing to fix. I’d still rather drive any of these Euro cars than an uninspiring japwagon. The Japanese are very conservative in their use of tech, and the Europeans are much more leading edge. The former is boring but more reliable - proven, the latter is exciting and more leading edge but prone to more problems. Take your choice people. Look at the design of click the Japanese have in their cars. It’s not changed since the 1980s. Old 🎩

  • Jean Alex
    Jean Alex

    Damn, I was expecting Maserati to be no. 1..

  • Ash King
    Ash King

    I find it very hard to believe that Peugeots are more reliable than Volvos.

  • Pasan Manodya
    Pasan Manodya

    Great video

  • Azraf Shahriar Sami
    Azraf Shahriar Sami

    honda forever, power of dreams!

  • Hayden Smith
    Hayden Smith

    No Subaru?

  • Logan MacCormack
    Logan MacCormack

    Soooo more expensive does not mean more better

  • Logan MacCormack
    Logan MacCormack

    We have a 2010 Nissan Armada with 350+ thousand Kms with no major issues

  • Tharuka Lakshan
    Tharuka Lakshan

    i dont think honda is the 1st

  • Tharuka Lakshan
    Tharuka Lakshan

    my mitsubishi outlander is fine 156000 km its doesent break

  • Jimmy Oreilly
    Jimmy Oreilly

    What about the old Astra

  • dehva blaxx
    dehva blaxx

    Now honda is merging with gm 😔 rest in peace honda reliability

  • Rob V
    Rob V

    Hats off to Japan and South Korea then?

  • Rob V
    Rob V

    I looked that list up myself, it only takes a bit of digging to find the truth..... explode some myths!

  • Luckysquirrel1256

    Crazy how many of these European brands I have never even heard of, yet have a big enough sample size to include.

  • Big Man
    Big Man

    Well we all know this list is incorrect if Fiat is this high up on the list. Don’t know a single Fiat owner that hasn’t had their car in the shop super frequently

  • Eugene Video
    Eugene Video

    The more reliable the car is, the more boring it is

    • Eugene Video
      Eugene Video

      Coming from and Audi owner

  • Ahmed Al-Boraie
    Ahmed Al-Boraie

    Fiat is 6th???!!!!!! How come????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!