£3M Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport track-test review *EXCLUSIVE*
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So where do you go after you test the Chiron SuperSport 300+? You’ve tried the fastest Bugatti, so now it’s time to try the most agile one… Introducing the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport!
Once again Mat's found himself taking part in a Bugatti track test to see just what it's like to be sat inside one of the fastest production cars in the world! With an 8-litre W16 quad-turbo powering it, the Pur Sport puts down an incredible 1,500hp and 1,600Nm of torque, and Mat’s here to tell you exactly what it’s like to be flung around in one while on track!
Just like the SuperSport 300+ it’s got a £3m+ price tag, but will he prefer the agile Pur Sport over the raw power of the 300+? You’ll need to keep watching to find out!
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  • carwow

    So that's two Bugattis Mat's tried - the Chiron Pur Sport, and the Chiron Super Sport 300+! But which do you prefer? VOTE BELOW!

    • Never broke Again
      Never broke Again

      JTM 610 how fast is the standard Chiron

    • Allen Saunders
      Allen Saunders

      Very different cars for completely different purposes. I like the pur sport. This car does the same thing as the divo. Chiron tracks versions

    • Viper Gamer
      Viper Gamer

      Super sport for sure but if it’s any Bugatti the lvn but I don’t think it was ever really even made so centodici sorry for the bad spelling

    • Teo van Barthold
      Teo van Barthold

      Super sport

    • swansea007791

      What is Bugatti's future if the VW Group sell it ?

  • lightningboy80

    What if bugatti made an electric car that is the fastest electric car in the world

  • Esat canpolat
    Esat canpolat

    How many top speed

  • Zuraib Ghori
    Zuraib Ghori


  • Barrett Tabor
    Barrett Tabor

    you need to let your mom drive a bugatti chiron

  • RichardFeynmanRules

    Wallace is always amazing and always comes across as such a great guy. This Pur Sport is a beast…I’d love to see what it could do with a good driver at The Ring.

  • Kinyua wa Murage
    Kinyua wa Murage

    Do Bugatti make right handed car

  • Nick Saunders
    Nick Saunders

    Koenigsegg is much better than Bugatti

  • Magnus Tan
    Magnus Tan

    6:46 Don’t do that to your poor 70-plus year old mother, just for 10million SLtoos views and another 100000 subscribers....

  • kmhuis

    LIAR! Absolute LIAR right off the bat. How the hell is he the fastest man in a production car when Koeinegsegg beat ALL of their records?? The last high speed test of bugatti's was a chiron with a foot longer rear and like half a foot wider. Stripped out and bare. NOT A PRODUCTION CAR. Their are cars in the states that are made for speed that go hundreds of miles faster. But again, none are production. Dont lie to the people just to get a ride with that guy

  • Dark Knight
    Dark Knight

    Me : Puts the car in 4th gear. Mom : 2:59

  • BBarria

    man, id love to see this as a hypercar in lemans

  • Manuqtix Manuqtix
    Manuqtix Manuqtix

    Come on does humanity really need this? How many of schools could've been build with that money? How many people could be fed and sheltered by that amount of money? How many Hospitals can be build and medical aid supplied with that amount of money? This car is impressive yes but totally useless unnecessary and a waste of money and resources.

  • M S Khan
    M S Khan

    The big thing is the man has stability off RESPECT

  • Mark Kevin Apalisok
    Mark Kevin Apalisok

    F-16 fighter jet plane can beat bugatti chiron in a drag race

  • Nick Griniov
    Nick Griniov

    Matt is such a good presenter, so many good questions and remarks on the go unlike almost every other person that "wow"s the whole time.

  • Hassan Yakubu
    Hassan Yakubu

    A trader with so much ambitious goal towards his clients, a man with love and care for others.You're magnificent when it comes to investments,contact this great Manager at instagram @Charles_forex09

  • Yad Hashim
    Yad Hashim

    Stupid COVID-19

  • Hersey Icinde
    Hersey Icinde

    👎 b

  • fireoil

    Can't wait a match vs Tesla plaid

  • Liverpool 2102
    Liverpool 2102

    Bugatti making a track - focused car, no, just no...

  • 992 TURBO S
    992 TURBO S

    Definitely will pass on this .

  • Lol Nah
    Lol Nah

    better i save my 3m dis 4 sure

  • Tyrone

    Mat got scored more than he scared his mom in an Audi😂

  • sx


  • lucien granger
    lucien granger

    2:58.... Matt saw the afterlife... lmfaoo

  • Boss Hog Playa
    Boss Hog Playa

    Mum would be proud

  • Yunus Tekin
    Yunus Tekin

    Why was mat si scared

  • sandile wonderboy
    sandile wonderboy

    You were scared

  • Jonathan Grundy
    Jonathan Grundy

    Do one of these with your mum

  • Dawin Alexander
    Dawin Alexander

    Mat I would love to see your mom drive a Chiron 😄👍🏾👏🏾

  • Dawin Alexander
    Dawin Alexander


  • Dawin Alexander
    Dawin Alexander

    Mat looks so scared 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ff

    2:58 Wow!! 😂😂🤣

  • Jo Thatchy
    Jo Thatchy

    I wonder if the bugatti divo has better handling

  • D Momcilovic
    D Momcilovic

    One of those drivers wearing face masks inside the car lol, you forgot your visor and gloves.

  • D Momcilovic
    D Momcilovic

    Two seconds into the video I lost interest. Why do you need to show us the stupid face nappy / muzzle?? It is depressing and not needed on the thumbnail either.

  • C H
    C H

    I'd like to see your mum drive the Chiron!

  • Zack Casto
    Zack Casto

    Bugatti would be better off I.M.O making actually different cars. All these different packages on the same car is already old.

  • meky michael
    meky michael

    Hey Mat would you like to have this car versus Yanni in a drag race 🏁 😀

  • 77and

    What a dream that would be. A fair ground ride on your driveway every day to enjoy. Totally awesome.

  • hanlille13

    I love that the antispin is flashing all the time😂

  • Tyler Anthony Greene
    Tyler Anthony Greene

    REALLLLYYYYY... MAT!! REALLY!!! why are you soooo scared? You have a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in one of those things and you look like you're shi****g yourself!! what kind of car journalist are you! Very disappointing!!

  • Hugo Tavares
    Hugo Tavares

    Heck yes we wanna see mum drive a Gatti, MAKE IT HAPPEN SOMEHOWWWWW

  • David Milenković
    David Milenković

    Your mom should definitely try the Chiron, she likes racing, it runs in the familly, obviously. By the way, that car is mental.


    Always a good vid Matt! Wots with the shame muzzles? Stop any technicolor yawning hurting the upholstery?

  • Himanshu Sharma
    Himanshu Sharma

    Matt ki to fatti hie thi pure time. .!!😂😂😂 Matt was so much terrified . .!!😂😂😂

  • Firass Jayche
    Firass Jayche

    First time i see you really scared i loved this video

  • alex turnqest
    alex turnqest

    I dare them to test this at the green hell.😂

  • That flipping chicken
    That flipping chicken

    I don't know if it's true but I've heard that there's supposed to be an electric Bugatti track only car based on the vision le man's concept coming in October, I'm also guessing because Rimac are buying Bugatti, it'll probably have a Rimac battery pack and motors and stuff like that. Exiting stuff.

  • Nue Bibaj
    Nue Bibaj


  • Sam Don Carlos
    Sam Don Carlos

    Adverts are a joke on your channel.

  • BITS2

    Funny how Matt's face looks like Slipknot performance and Andy's like he listens to Postman Pat's song :DD

  • S Diggle
    S Diggle

    Andy Wallace. Legend.

  • GraveUypo

    ok that weight thing at the end was pretty sad to hear. there's a good reason cars with a third of the power are faster than this around some (most) tracks.

  • George Isaak
    George Isaak

    who cares about the car ...LOL did you see his face ? i honestly think he peed himself when the car made that leap ...i know i would probably do the same ...LOL ! That Bugatti is still heavy but yeah , if think it would be dangerous if it was lighter than this !

  • kanggaro

    are there any actual millionares that are watching to buy it?

  • Yash Raj Tripathi
    Yash Raj Tripathi

    mat please somehow manage to get a chiron or a veyron super sport for your mom for a drag race...we would love it like anything..

  • sparky191

    See the traction control constantly coming on... : )

  • Anestis Tziamtzis
    Anestis Tziamtzis

    So you pay 3 million plus euros to have a car that all the cabling in the engine are more visible than an old zastava?

  • skegzy

    Those chrome strips on the steering wheel make it look like those cheap nasty steering wheel covers from halfraufs 😂

  • Yissi Biiyte
    Yissi Biiyte

    So if this is supposed to be the best handling Bugatti, can someone please explain to me the existence of the Divo?

  • fredofoto

    Matt you sounding and looking like a little girl. Have you never experienced insane acceleration and crazy lateral G forces?? Come on... Man UP... at least pretend.

  • Jjones24680

    YES Get mom to drive one of these beasts

  • Jjones24680


  • random dude
    random dude

    thats the first time i saw a Chiron with a wing

  • I_Choose_Us

    Matt skirmish in the passenger seat like my Wife when I have to accelerate to merge into the motorway. 😂



  • Dola Bhowmik
    Dola Bhowmik

    The Divo turn corners as good as mr Chiron pur sport

  • Charlie Guy
    Charlie Guy

    200 engineers, hundreds million $ to develope the car, and it never hit the track once after deliver to the owner

  • Abhishek Giri
    Abhishek Giri

    I am sure he Shit his Pants😂😂😂

  • Allan Reardon
    Allan Reardon

    Matt is not a good passenger....butno doubt at those speeds most of uswould be struggling.😄

  • Rayeon the II
    Rayeon the II

    Yea the Chiron is fast but you’ll still have Myvis tailgating and giving you the high beam.

  • Ai Know-how
    Ai Know-how

    This is my dream car.Good job Matt congratulations 👍

  • MiguelYason7

    Pls drag race that bugatti

  • RCR Brewster
    RCR Brewster


  • Tom Ferreira
    Tom Ferreira


  • lbmautos

    Can u imagine the g force that mat was dealing with not being used to this car.

  • Lost In Space Cars&Life
    Lost In Space Cars&Life

    Is it me or does this x6 m competition look just like this sltoos.info/for/13Wfl8p9jHhk2YY/video

  • Ahmed

    VW need to give Bugatti a slogan. "Near death physics" would describe it well.

  • Ahmed

    Batman needs this.

  • Natan Galin
    Natan Galin

    ESP Left the chat.

  • Erik Britz
    Erik Britz

    did anybody realize how quick this thing did 186mph??

  • Jack The Lad
    Jack The Lad

    Should challenge Yanni against his lambo 😁

  • Sean Archer
    Sean Archer

    The straight line drag guy shit his pants 6 times in 9 minutes. Back to the air strip.

  • Evgeni Aleksiev
    Evgeni Aleksiev

    i'm not gonna watch it because of the stupid masks...Also thumb down for this video....F@kin sheep

  • Musa Mashaba
    Musa Mashaba

    Can we please get a 1/4 mile drag race between a Bugatti and the new Porsche 911 turbo S, Please? For motoring science...

  • Tiago Zadra
    Tiago Zadra

    I hope Andy could afford more than just an e-Golf. How can you work at bugatti and only afford an e-Golf?

  • Omar Monelle
    Omar Monelle

    Hell yes....let mum get a handle of this beast

  • Omar Monelle
    Omar Monelle

    Matts reaction added excessive value to this video. Yanni had this on repeat....lol

  • Mohamad Yusli Jamani
    Mohamad Yusli Jamani

    hi Mat, indeed! let your mum try the Chiron huhu!

  • Rin Uchiha
    Rin Uchiha

    Please Matt bring this Bugatti to beat yianni

  • WarsOfate

    Matt, your reaction is what your mom feeling when you are driving.

  • Xolani Vanda
    Xolani Vanda

    I was waiting for the end of the video, just to check if Mat's pants are still dry.

  • Ante Šimić
    Ante Šimić

    Bugatti-Rimac-Porsche 👍

  • Bernard Fender
    Bernard Fender

    Can't wait for rimac to rip that dinosaur out of the back and make it FAST

  • Yawar riaz
    Yawar riaz

    So should we : Avoid it? Consider it? Shortlist it? Buy it?? Matt: iiiii think you should get lucky enough to sit in it.

    • El mokhtar Mouhib
      El mokhtar Mouhib

      Dream about it .

    • Mohannad Kutaish
      Mohannad Kutaish

      Just run from it ... Hahahaha

  • kenzo

    this should be the next batmobile

  • Jaybee89

    What Mat was really saying ...... 'So the brakes work good enough to stop us from crashing?' 'So the suspension is stiff is enough to stop us from crashing?' 'So the downforce level is high enough to stop us from crashing?' 'So the car is lighter to stop us from crashing?' 'Because you can't steer or brake when your airborne can you !!!?'

  • Pistol wip Danger
    Pistol wip Danger

    Another idiot in a mask