BMW M4 vs Audi RS5 vs Alfa Giulia Quadrifoglio: DRAG RACE
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It's time for an all-new carwow drag race! We've got Mat in the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio, and he's going up against Yianni in the RS5 along with a BMW M4!
So, three great cars, but how do the specs compare? Well the Alfa Romeo's powered by a 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6, producing 510hp & 600Nm. As for the Audi, the 2.9-litre twin-turbo V6 under the bonnet puts down 450hp and 600Nm, while the BMW produces 431hp and 550Nm thanks to its 3-litre straight-six twin-turbo!
They're all pretty similar, so can you pick a winner? Will Yianni's lightning-fast reaction times be enough to snatch the win? There's only one way to find out - LET'S RACE!
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  • carwow

    Come on then, which sounds best? VOTE below!

    • Nick Denneman
      Nick Denneman

      The Alfa

    • Jasper


    • Jasper


    • Amogh Hampiholi
      Amogh Hampiholi


    • The Uncle
      The Uncle

      The Alfa Giulia is stunning

  • Oscar Ceruti
    Oscar Ceruti

    Audi the best baby

  • everypc

    Audi on the straight line are super, then remember to pray at the first corner.

  • Beka Bek
    Beka Bek

    BMW m4 driver 💩👎

  • mathibi mankoe
    mathibi mankoe

    RS5 all the way❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Iron Man
    Iron Man

    dude it is nice when you and yiani race ....................................

  • gaming clipz
    gaming clipz

    Alpha sounds the clearly.

  • Jack njones
    Jack njones

    If it was a m4 comp , it probably would of had the alfa on the rolling race

  • Time Machine
    Time Machine

    road runner and coyote

  • David On
    David On

    You know dogs can drive this car

  • David On
    David On

    The BMW looks like the Alfa

  • David On
    David On

    Why are these guys on walkie talkies???

  • Francesco Lazzaro
    Francesco Lazzaro

    I want to see the new m4 competition

  • lucas blezard
    lucas blezard


  • lucas blezard
    lucas blezard

    yannis had a spliff

  • tolomeiu

  • Noufeer Kallai
    Noufeer Kallai

    audi 😍

  • Bartek Cegielski
    Bartek Cegielski

    7:15 who driving Audi?

  • Siddhartha Singh
    Siddhartha Singh

    Alfa sounded the best

  • Vince Gray
    Vince Gray

    The colors on the Bimmer and Audi are beautiful!!!!!🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Einstein's Ghost Of jelly toast
    Einstein's Ghost Of jelly toast

    Notice English people dont produce shit anymore

  • Veronica Jaure
    Veronica Jaure


  • Buda Peşte
    Buda Peşte

    Audi quattro

  • Nick

    That Audi is by far the best car but i would have the Alfa without any hesitation

  • GammΩ

    the driver in the BMW cant drive

  • Alex

    Audis launch is one of the best ones but the nm are not as good

  • NexisFilms

    Can't beat Audi's looks though ...

  • Acenter Ha
    Acenter Ha

    What’s happen with the lady on m4?

  • Mr Flamingo
    Mr Flamingo

    Bmw is always the best

  • Raptile07

    All current Audis urgently need a performance version. The performance is really embarrassing compared to the other car brands.

  • Paolo Gaviglio
    Paolo Gaviglio

    Giulia the best!!!

  • alexandru tomita
    alexandru tomita


  • DavidV

    A Prius would beat the rear wheel drive cars and I love BMW (currently own an M550i) - all wheel drive is everything

  • Einfach nur Knacks
    Einfach nur Knacks


  • Sara

    The m4 is a disappointment

  • Foued cardelli
    Foued cardelli

    Alfa Romeo Giulia best car 😮😮😍

  • Alistair Martin
    Alistair Martin

    I think plane

  • LUIS Morera
    LUIS Morera

    FAKEAF!!!! nice.,

  • Roger Gomes
    Roger Gomes

    The Alfa Romeo Giulia is still the boss!

  • ya gi
    ya gi

    pilot alfa very bad

  • ощути вибрацию
    ощути вибрацию

    Самый галимый канал

  • Kamil Wyrzykowski
    Kamil Wyrzykowski

    Alfa did 11.9s quarter mile in one of the previous races so it'd even beat The Audi.

  • Mthunzi Dube
    Mthunzi Dube

    damn that M4 is really beautiful

  • Michu 247
    Michu 247

    Audi rs5 doesn’t have soft limiter

  • turnech

    yianni cheats on every test

  • wtwyw9

    Alfa has the best sound

  • adrian hazzard
    adrian hazzard

    Should have at least bought the comp pack to the party. M4 did well considering its older tech.

  • Jaksilik Nurmahanbet
    Jaksilik Nurmahanbet

    привет из казахстана

  • Marshall Bell
    Marshall Bell


  • Stefano DaN
    Stefano DaN

    G I U L I A!!! ❤

  • Reed Kinnaird
    Reed Kinnaird

    That Alfa is a beaut

  • Tuukka Markkula
    Tuukka Markkula

    Bmw m4 pops if he just throttle's hard

  • Rudino Bock
    Rudino Bock


  • Burak Bolukbasi
    Burak Bolukbasi

    You had been shared this video before why again ? Because this is a old video

  • Anomaly 5463
    Anomaly 5463

    Audi have the fastest torque but the speed kinda decent

  • Alberto Volpato
    Alberto Volpato

    the rs4 won because it is 4wd so it is faster at the start but if the track had been longer the giulia would have all torn up

  • Velelo Tokota
    Velelo Tokota

    RS was alone there

  • Dali Ben ali
    Dali Ben ali

    BMW M4💪💪👊

  • Jakub Daniel
    Jakub Daniel

    sorry you are not good driver... Alfa is for drivers

  • tyraela115

    What is this an American channel? A drag race - straight line only? C`mon carwow: do a proper race. Not just lap times but the feel of the car in corners, suspension etc. Something like this: Enjoy

  • Nico Matiti
    Nico Matiti

    4 rings sounds good

  • mondialdriver1

    you don't know how to drive an alfa, it's the best of the 3

  • Keanu Aspers
    Keanu Aspers

    my dream car is an alfa romeo gulia

  • Rahul Karmakar Chowdhury.
    Rahul Karmakar Chowdhury.

    😍😍😍😍audi 💪💪💪💪💪

  • Beverley Hagen
    Beverley Hagen

    The alfa

  • GuanZe Liew
    GuanZe Liew

    Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio!!!❤

  • Luciano Nogueira
    Luciano Nogueira

    Alfa Romeo que carro

  • Wawi LMJ
    Wawi LMJ

    I can't imagine how the M4 CS can destroy these cars

  • David Razo
    David Razo

    stupid drivers

  • soundseeker63

    I wonder why these drag race videos are SOOOOOO popular..? They literally get twice as many views as the regular Carwow reviews! Anyone remember that, when Carwow used to post regular road tests? lol Might as well jack that in now seems like people only want to watch 1/4 mile drag races :-s

  • Dyan Williams
    Dyan Williams

    Alfa #1

  • Edo Poljarević
    Edo Poljarević

    Conclusion of test: only Yanni knows how to drive&brake! 😁😂

  • Nataniel Meirov
    Nataniel Meirov

    I sound the best

  • DBoy0113

    I can’t see bmw losing to Alfa you guys are more than bias what type of funding is Audi giving u

  • zfkdc0217

    Why always slow Bmw M series? I thlnk start late Bmw M.

  • Rafael Saco
    Rafael Saco

    Audi, el mejor. Me encanta Audi.

  • CM Riders
    CM Riders

    Audi horrible gearbox

  • Dave C
    Dave C

    Yanni jumps the start more often than not!

  • Mahafizul Molland and
    Mahafizul Molland and


  • Mahafizul Molland and
    Mahafizul Molland and

    Alfa romeo

  • sweatyrule stw
    sweatyrule stw


  • Mahi

    Dude is using automatic on race mode. Alfa Romeo even says don’t be a pussy and use Paddle Shifters

  • I Y
    I Y

    Mask inside a car? Who's that sissy boy?

  • Phil Auguste
    Phil Auguste

    Is it the driver!?! I heard the Quadrifoglio beats everything... so what happened here!?

  • Vedant Varotaria
    Vedant Varotaria

    Audis sound is better than alfa

  • blek fire
    blek fire


  • Christian


  • Oliver KO
    Oliver KO

    maybe try holding it in launch control for bit longer instead of revving it during the countdown

  • Timo Roggensack
    Timo Roggensack

    Bmw ... fährt mit Handbremse! sorry audifanboys😂

  • saffant

    Pause at 6:56 to see the idiot in the Audi protecting themself from themselves....

  • omercik1977

    Audi is poop accept that mat

  • Kenny Delgado
    Kenny Delgado

    Remind me again why the BMW won 2 points? Lol. It won the brake test. That’s it. C’mon fellas. Time to get off das nutz

  • Hyper Drive
    Hyper Drive

    who the f**k was driving the bmw at the beginning....

  • watershedmetal2

    That Alfa smokes the other 2 cars if not driven by a cretin

    • watershedmetal2

      @tharunnn ds No drugs just eyes.. he can't get the power down. Alfa is quickest on a track.

    • tharunnn ds
      tharunnn ds

      What drugs are u on

  • The Ironman
    The Ironman

    My M4 CP was the worse car for getting the traction down. Horrendous.

  • Daniel Burdusa
    Daniel Burdusa

    Alfa Romeo sia

  • M.M

    Audi The Best 💯

  • AqualityArtz


  • Kevin

    That is a M4 Comp, rims and black badge, so it’s 450Hp

  • Yurii Pan'kiv
    Yurii Pan'kiv