New vs Old Land Rover Defender - TUG OF WAR
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We know you tug of war fans have been looking forward to this one... We've got the all-new Defender with us, and it's going head-to-head against the previous generation!
When it was first unveiled, a number of Defender fanboys came out saying they weren't happy with the latest generation. But does it really deserve all the hate?! People have claimed it wouldn't be able to compete with the power of the older model, so we thought this would be the perfect way to put it to the test!
But who's your money on? Does the older model have what it takes to claim the win? Or will the tech that's packed into the latest release be enough to pull it to victory? There's only one way to find out - LET'S GO!
Thanks to Nene Overland for lending us the old Defender -
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  • carwow

    New vs Old... Which are you choosing?

    • Santiago Rodríguez AZ
      Santiago Rodríguez AZ

      Old all the way

    • Ege Efes
      Ege Efes

      @Rishith Vanaliya Well not me 😍

    • Nigel Stainforth
      Nigel Stainforth


    • Gucci Potter
      Gucci Potter


    • Peter van Raaij
      Peter van Raaij

      Depends on where you want to be. In the workshop or in the field...

  • Drone guy 2020
    Drone guy 2020

    Put the damn diff lock in and you might stand a chance

  • Gaya Dom
    Gaya Dom

    Does he knows now to drive a manual? Not a fair fight....

  • Welcome world
    Welcome world


  • Fit_PharmD

    Where are car wows filmed? In the USA or oversees in Britain?

  • Jacob Curtis
    Jacob Curtis

    It would of been more fair if the rope was tied level to both defenders. The new defenders rope is higher so when the strain has been taken the new defender is slightly lifting the old defender = less traction for old defender.

  • lord lucan
    lord lucan

    I’d still rather have the new Suzuki Gimny

  • Eddie Moore
    Eddie Moore

    Funny thing about this is the electronic issues the new one is having.... Might have done well. But not on a long term test

  • Mark Vari
    Mark Vari

    I'm waiting for the carrying firewood and chainsaws test. The repairs and maintenance in the field test would be interesting too.

  • Pill Sharks
    Pill Sharks

    It looked like the centre diff wasn’t engaged!

  • Russ Whalin
    Russ Whalin

    More weight equils more traction plus the driver in old landrover is a twat

  • Paul What
    Paul What

    It's just weight and tires.

  • bedstuy rover
    bedstuy rover

    yeah .. but which one will be on the road in 15 years? Someone is bound to say none.

  • david julian
    david julian

    Tugs of war (tug of wars?) are pointless, the heavier one will win every time unless its a complete POS.

  • President Grant
    President Grant

    Guys pause at 0:01

  • Elias Alghamdi
    Elias Alghamdi

    Who thought the old rugged defender would *win* !

  • dashford06

    Just press the “tug of war” button and press the accelerator pedal...

  • Dana Harris
    Dana Harris

    I love how they realised for the 2nd tug “ crap we need to move the cone” 😅

  • DaBroo

    do it on land

  • Dumazel Vincent
    Dumazel Vincent

    Put the difflock on mate....useless video... the old one is only a 1wd without the central difflock on!!

  • Santiago Rodríguez AZ
    Santiago Rodríguez AZ

    Matt... you should drive slowly like the one in the new defender that gives you much more traction so obviously the new one will win, if you accelerate that much... plus you should use diff lock

  • Matthew Ferley
    Matthew Ferley

    Wheres the old one? Couldnt see it in this video

  • Syam Lal
    Syam Lal


  • Long live India
    Long live India

    awesome tug of war

  • The Otter Family !!! Otter
    The Otter Family !!! Otter

    Listen your using the old defender wich may i ad is a 2014 so not that old and has got the ford transit van puma engine in wich a skoda would out performe your not not been fair to the old defender try TD5 defender thats the real old one. Your using the 2014 plate because they had such a bad name for been gutless. I use these things day in day out defender TD5 puma discover 3 all for pulling heavy loads let me tell you defenders was built properly 15years ago. You know if you put a TD5 up against that new thing it will pull it to pieces

  • Menushka Marapana
    Menushka Marapana

    Join us

  • Myti Vlogs
    Myti Vlogs

    NSX Vs Yani's lambo

  • mark pritchard
    mark pritchard

    Push the high low range little lever away from you and engage the diff lock.

  • Georgi Kovachev
    Georgi Kovachev

    Sorry my friend, but your reviews are very inadequate. This one and the other parts with the offroad, Maneuverability etc. You are bending the reality, Just to insinuate your personal opinion on others. You are not objective!

  • Sasasa Shange
    Sasasa Shange

    Do a race

  • MR Smith
    MR Smith

    I know the one I would have Old over new and I know the one that will be worth more in ten years time

  • Phil Addison
    Phil Addison

    what a dick test. lets see the new one in 10 years in the middle of the desert get fixed with a hammer.

  • Gajen Konwar
    Gajen Konwar

    Plz make tug of war video between Range rover and Ford endeavour.

  • Airs1


  • Dariune

    2014??? I would have sworn its 1984

  • Terry Cooper
    Terry Cooper

    Oh gosh

  • Danam 1
    Danam 1

    Who else was paying for the old defender 🙏🏼

  • Not-So-Handy Car Guy
    Not-So-Handy Car Guy

    The Borat clip... 😂👌

  • Hard Knuckle
    Hard Knuckle

    I thought for the last few years of production the old Defender had traction control. The commentator thinks he is a bit of a comedian - he is not.

  • andyandyandy360

    you can't fix the new one, but you can fix the old one.

  • Nedyah 28
    Nedyah 28


  • Roger Cantwell
    Roger Cantwell

    Does the new one come with off-road tyres?

  • Business Guide
    Business Guide

    Amazing! Never thought I'd be finish watching this video!

  • mustafa turkoglu
    mustafa turkoglu

    C'est pas vrai tout sa pour détruire le vrai defender

  • darkestfugue

    the new one will have reliability issues and cost a fortune to fix, the old one, not so much

  • Charles M
    Charles M

    Matt forgot to use a clutch a while ago

  • Drago Milavich
    Drago Milavich

    No le acelero al defender clasico

  • Rover Wolf Adventures
    Rover Wolf Adventures

    WOW. I was not expecting that..

  • MrScrimbo1

    When I saw the chunky tyres on the old land rover I thought, not fair.. the old one will win.. can’t argue with that.. fair play to weird new defender

  • Nuno José Santos Martins Gonçalves
    Nuno José Santos Martins Gonçalves

    Diff lock off in land rover defender 110... You let new defender win...😡😡😡

  • Naughtius Maximaus
    Naughtius Maximaus

    You're as bad as D. Trump. Trying to change the terms until you win. 😅

  • Sibonelelo Masuku
    Sibonelelo Masuku

    Make review on 2021 range rover

  • Alan Reynolds
    Alan Reynolds

    No fair as diff locks on old one need pushing buttons.

  • davemoores moores
    davemoores moores

    The new ones will never see a field though, aimed at Chelsea school run market not farmers

  • Жумаканов Амир
    Жумаканов Амир

    Wow 👍

  • Crimes Across The Globe •
    Crimes Across The Globe •

    Go mr Watson! Tug on....

  • PC1 Limited
    PC1 Limited

    Diff lock on the old one wasn't engaged. Traction control is available on the old one. And anti stall is only on first gear low. On grass its always down to tyres and weight. I wish these things were done properly.

    • PC1 Limited
      PC1 Limited

      Also note the rope is higher on the new defender. This will have the affect of lifting the weight off the old one and driving the new one down into the ground. I'm not convinced that a 110 with difflock and traction control with those tyres would loose to a new defender when it had road biased. For the record I have a 110 XS Utility. It has traction control and centre difflock.

  • C. D.S
    C. D.S

    Petition for a Tug of War...with the same cars and Matt in the middle...ooops (Sorry, I watch too many peplum movies during this confinement) 🤪😝

  • STO Nakasi
    STO Nakasi


  • Spot & shoot
    Spot & shoot

    Biggest meat head test

  • Matkapp

    you can say whatever you want about the new defender, the old is just a legend !!

  • mattyolo

    Do they have the same tyres and tyre pressure? Also old defender needs diff locked if it’s up against the new traction control 👍

  • T.voron Voronov
    T.voron Voronov


  • Helder Diogo Diogo
    Helder Diogo Diogo

    I get the feeling that the video is biased, the old defender is very fierce. I believe that the new one would not have defeated him this way

  • Nick Angelo
    Nick Angelo

    Try a Toyota

  • Q A
    Q A

    To much information there at the end

  • David Jiron
    David Jiron

    Dear host, with all due respect, do you know that the V8 Diesels have close to 600 ft-lbs of torque? if you want to make a fair comparison, you should compete the best defenders vs the new defender... I would think you know this, so that is why I say your demo is totally useless

  • NoVoid


  • Mark Sandford
    Mark Sandford

    Honestly. What a farce. Tug of war... Power doesn't matter, no velocity. Traction at the wheels matters. This is dictated by tyre and wheel interface (friction) and the vertical loading (weight). So if it has the same grip and more weight it will win. Sigh.... Slip control may help a bit but, get some extra mass in the old defender, lock all the diffs and watch........ Gimme a steam traction engine... I'm struggling to believe that these guys get income from this 'test'.....

  • José Eduardo R Azevedo
    José Eduardo R Azevedo

    Never doubted the new is a very capable vehicle. I just con't see it as an utilitarian for the long term owner. And a rich one, of course. I'd like to the same test, with a beaten "new" one in, say, 15 years. I'll wait for the test of time and use

  • Nicolae Fărîmă
    Nicolae Fărîmă

    With those tires on the old one, I would have gone full throttle, some wheelspin is actually useful when pulling out of mud or snow, especially with a locking diff. I daily drive a RWD, and the only way to get out of heavy snow is by disabling the ESP and drifting myself out of it

  • Arnold Clarke
    Arnold Clarke

    Matt been to Argos?

  • Lee Laters
    Lee Laters

    So in keeping with tradition Land rover carried the unreliability over to the new defender from the old one.

  • Akiz Biri
    Akiz Biri

    only 240 hp!!!the range rover got 510 hp that means its half of that!!how dose it tow 18 wheeler with that little power?

  • vincenzo sorvillo
    vincenzo sorvillo

    fate ridere con queste prove

  • TeslaRik

    The new Defender is heat another Range Rover variation. They have lost the classic tigger.

  • Bloon

    another paid for promotion by Landrover UK!

  • Mico Grenzer
    Mico Grenzer

    Thumbnail had me thinking of cartoons 😂Great video though 👌💯

  • LewiH

    That's impressive... I was expecting the old defender to walk it on those tyres!

  • Yusuf Petersen
    Yusuf Petersen

    For the old defender being so beat on the numbers.. it put up a good fight. 👊

  • Flor María Delgado Jiménez
    Flor María Delgado Jiménez

    Mae por favor no sea mamador es land Rober viejo tiene diferenciales bloqueados, el nuevo son electro asistidos, jamás va a tener más agarre el nuevo, aperte que según usd el viejo con reductora y todo no siquiera patina en en pasto, sea más realista en sus videos o es que la hempresa te paga para promocionar el nuevo.

  • jerson enrique ramírez ramírez
    jerson enrique ramírez ramírez

    Jeje. Pongan al Nuevo defender contra el nuevo GMC Hummer EV de 1000 caballos o contra el Hummer H1, o contra un Humvee Slantback

  • matt peters
    matt peters

    haha funny how many people are making video of their new land rover breaking down 😅😅

  • Richard Cooke
    Richard Cooke

    Completely unfair test - if you're going to do a tug of war you've got to have the tow rope level on both vehicles. On the old defender the tow rope is at axle height but on the new one it's at the top of the wheel level so when you pull you are actually forcing the back of the new defender down into the ground and giving it far more traction.

  • Якуб Гиловски
    Якуб Гиловски

    No piękny ten film, ale szkoda że w realu jest zupełnie inaczej 🤣🤣🤣

  • martingump

    Wait 10 years and do this again. My money is on the old one towing the new one to the start 😄

  • Mariusz Kocyla
    Mariusz Kocyla

    How come old defender weight 2 t only and much smaller rs6 is over a 2 t

  • Diana Wambui
    Diana Wambui

    mat he is best driver ever

  • Land Cruiser
    Land Cruiser

    The Puma isn't even in diff lock... What kind of a car channel is this?

  • Jeff P
    Jeff P

    Go for 2nd?? You complete and utter buffoon. Next time invite someone that can actually drive the old defender properly. I recon the proper defender will pull the soccer mums defender across the field.

  • 744 748
    744 748

    The new LR is a barbie car for snowflake millennials.

  • Nathan Cole
    Nathan Cole

    All the gullible people thinking that the new one is a lot better than the older Land Rover, this guy didn’t even engage the centre locking or the front or rear diffs, basically meaning that it was only giving power on 1 axle, the small gearstick next to the big one is to engage the locking diffs, he didn’t even touch it and I can tell you from experience of owning a Land Rover 90 that it would’ve done a lot better than that if the diffs were engaged. You even said it had manual locking diffs but didn’t even touch the fucking lever to engage them. Stop trying to make the older ones look worse than they actually are Rant over

  • Richard Williams
    Richard Williams

    Matt Watson couldn't drive sheep

  • Catherine Wairimu
    Catherine Wairimu

    Please review The new Cadillac Escalade

  • Matt Crick
    Matt Crick

    On my SLtoos feed the video length image partially hides the R in the title, leaving TUG OF WAP. This, is where I’d like Carwow to go next!

  • Stefan Stoilov
    Stefan Stoilov

    New Land Rover Defender vs Old Land Rover Defender .... Nah, I prefer the Land Cruiser!

  • Reeve Mason
    Reeve Mason

    Try the tug of war against a steam engine that will beat anything

  • Freak Nighter
    Freak Nighter

    Hi I would like to see landrover defender vs jeep wrangler

  • John Graham
    John Graham

    Another nonsense of a test by Carwow. Firstly look at the towbar height difference (which is adjustable on the old defender). The new model height was so high the back of the old model is literally being lifted off the ground). Secondly, was diff lock even engaged on the old model- didn't look like it given both wheels weren't spinning. Thirdly, what on earth tyre pressures were you running on the off-road profile tyres on the old model - no squish at all = no grip. Another sponsored sham of a test I suppose.

  • ArcadE AmateuR
    ArcadE AmateuR

    you guys should really buy a track the drag races are amazing but I would love track tests Like so they can see