BMW M8 Gran Coupé review - you won't believe its 1/4 mile time!
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This is the BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupé!
This colossal car is the widest car BMW produces (yes, wider than an X7!), and it’s powered by an equally large engine, with a 4.4-litre V8 packed under the bonnet to produce 625hp!
So when it comes to look, there’s no denying that it’s absolutely breathtaking. But when you consider that the M8 Gran Coupe starts from £120,000, do you really need to pay so much just for the additional doors and back seat space? Especially when you can pick up an M850i for just over £82,000! Stick with Mat for his latest in-depth review to find out!
00:00 Intro
01:13 Exterior Design
02:33 Back Seats
04:43 Interior Design
05:35 Infotainment
07:43 Practicality
08:30 Boot
09:27 Five Annoying Features
10:46 Five Good Features
12:26 Engines
12:50 0 - 60mph
13:25 Drifting
14:20 Town Driving
17:38 Twisty Road Driving
18:42 Motorway Driving
19:54 Verdict
BMW M8 Competition Gran Coupé Specifications:
Engine - 4.4L Petrol
Power - 625hp
Acceleration (0-60mph) - 3.2s
Fuel economy - 25mpg
Emissions - 255 CO2
First year road tax - £1,850
RRP - £120,970
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  • carwow

    It's the widest BMW ever produced... But is it the best?! Share your #1 BMW below!

    • SirSpaceFace

      F82 M4

    • Dennis Wainaina
      Dennis Wainaina

      BMW M5 Competition

    • W. Smith
      W. Smith

      looking online the Width of the X7 is around 79 inches and the M8 is 76.5. Am I Missing something?

    • Himesh Ranasinghe
      Himesh Ranasinghe

      Aplode to BMW for their efforts 💯 best luxury sedan I think

    • Lukáš Unknown
      Lukáš Unknown

      bmw E60 M5 is TOP V10 ..

  • John Sluder
    John Sluder


  • soundseeker63

    Best looking current BMW M car. I just saw the new M3/M4 and literally laughed out loud I though it was some kind of prank but sadly not. :-/ It's just a pity you now have to spend close to £100k to get an elegant, tasteful looking BMW performance car. :-/ I think BMW need to ease off a bit with the M badges everywhere though, there are so many on this car it just smacks of desperation.

  • HarryC26

    I’ve never seen anyone hold people up trying to park like Matt did. Such cunty behaviour.

  • Elfa Seccioria
    Elfa Seccioria

    This should be the M7

  • Conexus X18
    Conexus X18

    The Audi RS7 is still better in all categories.

  • Jack njones
    Jack njones

    5:12 hahahaha 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Alex Cale

    This BMW M8 is so SEXY and exciting 🍾💪🏼

  • Teodor Todorov
    Teodor Todorov

    1:59 Well, the rear end is nice. This is what you usually see ;)

  • Mohamed Ahmed
    Mohamed Ahmed

    Yeah, he definitely hates apple more than me.

  • Idok Watcher
    Idok Watcher

    Useless 2 ton grand SEDAN. Just get the 7 series.

  • baysidelad1

    Do you want to squeeze some more ads in :(

  • Adrian Rohan
    Adrian Rohan

    americans are literally 6+ feet falf of

  • AdamW - Karmantrepreneur
    AdamW - Karmantrepreneur

    Actually an orange 840d is set as my reward if I close the current deal I'm working in... However red and black interior.

  • Av87

    Would take an f90 m5 over this any day of the week

  • Zacky Mohmand
    Zacky Mohmand

    Hey Matt, what do the red M buttons on the steering wheel do?

  • Zacky Mohmand
    Zacky Mohmand

    By the end of the video the price dropped 4 grand lol

  • Ninja Pro
    Ninja Pro

    It's quite cheap there in britan because it will cost around 70lakhs in britain and here it cost 1crore 40lakhs I own a BMW m4 the drift of m4 is just mind boggling .But this car is just awesome and I hope so I will buy this beauty and why 🇮🇳indians have always to pay more to britain. But let me thanks britain for creating BMW. I just love BMW.

  • 230 subs before November
    230 subs before November


  • 230 subs before November
    230 subs before November

    Designers: How many M logo do u want? BMW: Yes

  • Veroniciany Veronica
    Veroniciany Veronica

    Matt you’re the best car reviewer!

  • Hassan Yakubu
    Hassan Yakubu

    A trader with so much ambitious goal towards his clients, a man with love and care for others.You're magnificent when it comes to investments,contact this great Manager at instagram @Charles_forex09

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    bharat puri

    Why you always try to make accents and you do alot Overacting also


    Can’t believe I watch the whole 5min commercial on HP

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    Rizvan Malcagov

    Such a beast car

  • Victor Starasinich
    Victor Starasinich

    for a sec i really thot that she was the vegan teacher from tik tok.

  • James Harrison
    James Harrison

    Notice how on BMW’s, Merc’s and whatever Matt deems as the more “luxurious” car manufacturers, he NEVER scratches the hard plastics like he does on more affordable cars 🙄

    • Bernard K
      Bernard K

      He scratched the plastic at the back of gear selector when he reviewed m850i

  • Michael Leung
    Michael Leung

    @15:13 is that a golf 8 R

  • Balaji

    This is probably the last great BMW car before the GRILL takes over. The new M3 is 🤮

  • Vishvesh Bargal
    Vishvesh Bargal

    Hey Mat!! Big fan! Is your review for the 5 series 2021 coming out anytime soon?

  • David Song
    David Song

    How did they get this so right n the 4 so wrong

  • PcarFan16

    Saw one on the road, and it’s a GORGEOUS car!

  • Muneer Khan
    Muneer Khan

    If u want a nice interior get an Audi. You get great quality & a great look

  • muhammad ali
    muhammad ali

    How many bloody ads ? More ads then extras on the M8

  • RainbowSix_DE Justin
    RainbowSix_DE Justin

    5:11 - 5:14 Ja das ist gut ja Well he speak German

  • Red's Report
    Red's Report

    So biased on toyota headroom, on camry u just roast that headroom, but on bmw like wth

  • K-Man Sports
    K-Man Sports

    5:12 Your German sounded actually pretty German... makes me wondering why you can't say "Por(throaty "r")-sch(like "sh")-a (like the pronoun "a" house)". Now just say it all together!


    9:40 You made me sad

  • Ayush Rishi
    Ayush Rishi

    how tall is mat?

  • HappyEmigrant

    13:58 the way it says its so majestic "Like a bit of a hooligan" yes sir🙏🏻

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    Zak R

    Remove those rear doors

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    Sairaj Panchal

    Are you shooting in harsh sun ? Its too much contrast

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    Gerrard 114

    Mat is an Android person I love him

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    Alex Spadge

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    Crazy H

    9:26 five annoying things about this beauty😉😉

  • NubletPie278

    I'm getting 23mpg average out of my 335i E93N so those fuel figures are incredible, double the power and bigger engine.

  • joao rodrigues
    joao rodrigues

    I dont think people in cheaper cars care less about them, at least not all of them. People who buy M cars couldnt care less about curb rash, the money they are loosing on depreciacion alone would drive them mad🤣.

  • RSLewis

    Drive that car like a hooligan and it will surely break. BMW is only good for bringing to the shop so you can use your warranty.

  • Manny C Weiss
    Manny C Weiss


  • Stephen Thompson
    Stephen Thompson

    Private pilots requied

  • Radek Willow
    Radek Willow


  • Alex Cho
    Alex Cho

    I’ve driven m8 coupe and it was extremely fast lol but m4 cs was much fun to drive in the track m8 was comfy fast (Really fast) gt car

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    Jon Becker

    I love it when Das Deutsche Mät comes out to talk @ 5:13

  • CukieZ

    This is the best 4 door-seater car I'm telling all of you!

  • Palati Watt
    Palati Watt

    Merc interior design better than Bmw.

  • TheVladooo

    So BMW now has.... 25486115 different models? And we're still supposed to care?

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    12:27 engine ranks

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    Yo, checkout the new BMW M5

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    Emanuel Niculae

    Ai cam inceput sa te caci pe tine cu stropi, ba una ba alta, nici tu nu stii prea bine ce ...

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    Kartik Aidasani

    Whats the app name to open the car from my android phone

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    Shagbaor Achir

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  • Guillermo Meza
    Guillermo Meza

    The gran coupe is all, the coupe, is so ridiculous.

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    matthew shorter

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    ferdows ohid

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    Lovro Pirkl

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    Alireza Salimi

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    Just buy a toyota celica and call it a day and night. Scott has left the chat but will check later for comments

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    Robert Walton-Sharp

    M car suspension too firm for UK potholes and road humps. Why many people choose Alpinas.

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    12:00 every BMW on the Autobahn

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    The Novice Gamer

    7:22 Never thought I would hear Matt say that the Mercedes system is better than the BMW i-drive!

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    Leo Iyamu

    I got BMW, but I think more need to be done with BMW interior especially around Navi area. Audi and Mercedes is leading with interior.

  • chrisdvasquezzl1

    BTW, this is an Awesome 10 second car, Dominic Toretto would approve!

  • chrisdvasquezzl1

    You're a funny Britt ese ! "Frameless windows " scene killed it.

  • Kyle K
    Kyle K

    It’s the real exhaust tips for me

  • Alex Scoff
    Alex Scoff

    I’m just concerned about all of the data China is stealing from mats phone through tiktok

  • I don't know
    I don't know

    Your freckles seem to be multiplying mate.

  • Ulaş Ülkü
    Ulaş Ülkü

    Why matt hates merc that much

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    Jamie Law

    Only 600hp hahaha hahaha, amg bringing back the 73 with 800hp, its the difference between a one inch wonder and a 10ft tosser 😆

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    Idris Kazi

    U definitely are biased when it comes to BM vs Merc MATE, BM being ur favourite

  • Marc King
    Marc King

    Kannst du deutsch?😂

  • Bopane Ramahlare
    Bopane Ramahlare

    Mat Watson is a Mercedes-Benz fan boy he is always criticizing BMW's

  • 13ccasto

    So it's basically a 2 series that's worse to drive, more annoying in town, & twice the price

  • Jay Adam
    Jay Adam

    It's a perfect sedan/coupe/gt or whatever it is but since i'm rich in 3 years ahead, i probably not gonna buy this soon.

  • Jean Portal
    Jean Portal

    would be curious to see the sales figures on this hideous BMW ....

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    \m/Metal Forever\m/

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    Kam Car Crusher

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