Volkswagen's 'Tesla Model Y' - the new 320-mile range ID.4! FULL DETAILS!
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Introducing Volkswagen’s first entry into the electric SUV market - the ID.4!
VW clearly has the Tesla Model Y in its sights with this new family-friend EV SUV. One thing’s for sure, there’s no denying it looks good, thanks to the curvy exterior design, full-length rear brake light and headlights clearly ‘borrowed’ from the ID.3.
However, one thing we’re not so sure about is the specs! On the one hand, it’s great to see a 77kWh battery included (the same as you’ll find in the range-topping ID.3), and the 320-mile range is well above what you’ll find in your average electric car. But the one electric motor only produces 204hp and 310Nm, which leaves a lot to be desired. Not only that, but it’ll only hit 60mph in 8.5 seconds - slower than a diesel Tiguan!
So can the ID.4 compete with the Model Y? You’ll need to stick with Mat and find out!
00:00 Intro
00:22 Design
01:18 Interior
02:06 Range
02:52 Electric Motor
03:22 Infotainment
04:18 Aerodynamics
04:53 Performance
06:10 Practicality
06:47 Safety
07:35 Price
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  • carwow

    So, could the ID.4 topple the Tesla Model Y? LIKE if you think so, or COMMENT if you'd choose the Model Y!

    • William Arrington
      William Arrington

      It has nothing to do with topple... can they eat into tesla's numbers so they cant grow as fast. The market is huge.. its about market share.

    • Amyn Ali
      Amyn Ali

      VW anytime

    • Torment1971

      Model Y, from Germany

    • Mark P
      Mark P

      @Stefan D. Better technology?I may have to agree on the better built.

    • frammis

      Model Y all the way. ID4 is way too slow.

  • Ayo Deveneaux
    Ayo Deveneaux

    320 miles WLTP? The ID could not even achieve the 300 miles range. I saw that the software was wonky and hope that it will be resolved. I’m just glad that VW is trying to atone for their sins of the past. More competition is better but certainly not a model Y competitor.

  • William Arrington
    William Arrington

    Before the new BMW design one could have argued that the kidney shaped grill was part of their design and had been forever.. but now... what were you doing BMW. What is with the minimalist interiors.. The tesla interior sucks.. Give me S class level comfort. Germany should do german interiors and AUDI's are hard to beat in that department. Ive also said it before... if VW group decides to go after tesla.. they will catch them. They spend 14 billion dollars a year on R&D after all. Thats alot of engineer salaries. They could also pretty easily head hunt telsa engineers they want.. or would you be willing to say no to a 3x payraise to move companies... i wouldnt

  • ethelthecat1

    Looks like the NIO ES8 & ES6? In fact, is it made at the JAIC factory or using same moulds & tooling?

  • Don Schiffer
    Don Schiffer

    Having sat in the Y I found it much smaller than I expected. It's fine I guess, but it feels like a slightly taller 3. It is more akin to a Subaru Crosstrek than a true SUV.

  • Rob The Bank
    Rob The Bank

    Any idea what its towing capacity will be....

  • Zippy Gundoo
    Zippy Gundoo

    So very few views

  • Steve Bourbon
    Steve Bourbon

    every 10 thousand electric cars made we need more resources for our nuclear reactors

  • alextheromanian

    so ....people love VW in europe and here in the Us...everyone runs away from them. I had an 06 passat brother has a 15 GTI...both of us and everyone else I know who has a VW says they are incredibly unreliable...because they are. Regardless of year, model or powertrain.

  • Simon Reeves
    Simon Reeves

    The exterior of the ID.4 looks great, not so convinced by the interior, like the ID.3, I think it looks a bit cheap and toy like, compared to a BMW i3, also I really don't like the current fashion for gloss black, which is not practical for a car interior. The drive train is not as advanced as the Tesla, but that's the same for any non-Tesla, their battery and drive tech is 5 to 10 years ahead of pretty much everyone else. Overall though, well done VW for embracing the future and not just hoping it will go away if you ignore it (Yes Ford, I'm talking to you!).

  • Donald Espeut
    Donald Espeut

    This guy should try fishing instead.

  • Mr00Chief00

    Ugh, another electric SUV. Yeah, we really needed more of those. Not as ugly as the Tesla model Y though, at least that's an upside.

  • senor hedvoycez
    senor hedvoycez

    too bad the vw is ugly.

  • intruder313

    I've not seen any good reviews of the on board controls, voice or otherwise. Even German reviewers said it's unintuitive and generally rubbish. It's put me right off.

  • magellanmax

    Add more range with the Evs and more charging stations and people will gradually drift away from gas & diesel engines.

  • Biology Science Dipen
    Biology Science Dipen

    Tesla the best ❤️👍👍👍👍

  • jajadeinemudda

    four ad breaks in eight minutes?

  • Be Bossa
    Be Bossa

    When I heard the speed it can go I don’t have to watch anymore because for me as a German it isn’t interesting anymore.

  • Jackson Nutt
    Jackson Nutt

    So I watched this to see how it compared to the Model Y and I got a comparison to a Tiguan

  • Aksel Hanssen
    Aksel Hanssen

    is it really a competitor to a Tesla Y? Is a Golf TDI competing with a BMW M3 ?

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    Bring back proper buttons...please!

  • Battleship Nagato
    Battleship Nagato

    Looooooooove that land spaceship look especially in white like the ID.3 Finally we get to drive futuristic cars.

  • Daniel Winter
    Daniel Winter

    Id 4 is boring

  • DaThinker

    I prefer the Enyaq

  • Henry Rodier
    Henry Rodier

    Still annoys me that the ID 3 isn’t coming to the US market if I wanted an SUV I would already have one!

  • Mat Dunsby
    Mat Dunsby

    Expect a year for Matt to review the Enyaq as he did with the Skoda Scala as I don't think he quite likes Skoda's from his reveiws on them , exception to the Kodiaq Vrs he reviewed tho he still advised us all in small words to buy diffrent and waste your money on something else to keep your naughbours content as it seems badge snobbery for VW owners still excists 😉😉🙈 I bet Matt has a fleet of Skoda's he owns at his home that he parks each one outside his mum's house just so he doesn't get stick from his naughbours or friends Lol 🤣🙈 Oh Matt ' you are so funny lad ! 😁🤟

  • Vlados Johnson
    Vlados Johnson

    Looks like a Kia Sportage

  • David Baker
    David Baker

    If that is aerodymic and yet good-looking, why is the Prius so hideous?

  • Fernweh

    "At first it will only be purchasable with all the optional extras".The cheap one starts at £45000(starts?)

  • Dany Chang
    Dany Chang

    It is interesting the European always say Tesla is ugly but I say their car looked old and stupid

    • Djprojectus

      What cars specifically look old and ugly?

  • rockin russkiy
    rockin russkiy

    the car looks ugly

  • Giggle McDimples FTW And Dark Bowser FTL
    Giggle McDimples FTW And Dark Bowser FTL

    Renault, Dacia, Samsung, Lada, Alpine, Nissan, Infiniti, Datsun, Mitsubishi, Peugeot, Citroen, DS, Opel, Audi, SEAT, Cupra, Skoda, Porsche, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Bentley, TATA Motors, Jaguar, Land Rover, Geely, Volvo, Lotus, Proton, BMW, Mini, Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, Suzuki, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Daihatsu, Lexus, Subaru, Scion, Mazda, JAC, MG, Rolls Royce, Lancia, Ssangyong And Tesla

  • Z Z
    Z Z

    As a former owner of a 2010 Golf TDI ... I doubt I'll buy another VW product in my life time .. TSLA is when my $ will go ...

    • Djprojectus

      Why? It was too good for you?

  • chipsen7

    Travel Assist is best Autopilot 👌🏾Volkswagen

  • Sasza60

    Everybody on the continent would certainly appreciate using km for range (what about putting it in text )

  • AkaAndyKnuckles

    I prefer the Model Y, but would probably not dare to buy one.

  • BorisWree

    It doesn’t have a 320 mile range. Why is everybody lying on these video previews? It has 250 for the RWD and most likely will have even less for the AWD. It was supposed to have 300+ but VW dropped the ball on that.

    • Djprojectus

      250 EPA 320 WLTP

  • Christophe Muller
    Christophe Muller

    Vw is gonna be the leader in EV watch out Tesla ... German cars are still king IMO

  • meomarte

    The front grill in an EV is a pet peeve of mine. Only Tesla has made pretty cars thus far. Nice to see The Dieselgater stepping up in this department. Looks fine. Hate the silver accents though.

  • Lukáško SK 루카스 코 SK Roblox Lukasko4567
    Lukáško SK 루카스 코 SK Roblox Lukasko4567

    Nice car ID.4 I Like

  • dirk rypens
    dirk rypens

  • Tom Welfringer
    Tom Welfringer

    Looking forward to the ID.4 vs Enyaq videos

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson

    Tesla Model Y? Guy picked up his brand new Model Y, driving down the road and his panoramic roof came off! The Tesla service manager said either the glue was faulty or somebody forgot to glue it on!? 😂

  • Dimitare Nedeltchev
    Dimitare Nedeltchev

    Looks the car industry is trying to push everyone to buy a new car, electric. Until the second hand market is developed for electric vehicles, there won't be the adoption of electric vehicles. Electric or not, this is buying a new car...

  • Jamie P
    Jamie P

    Defo better than a model why? Or any Tesla really

  • MartineZ

    I am huge VW fan and I am not gonna lie I DONT LIKE IT AT ALL :(((((

  • Eddie Moy
    Eddie Moy

    The range is wrong. It is only 250 miles not 320.

    • Djprojectus

      320 miles WLTP

  • Perpetual Student
    Perpetual Student

    Can't wait till this comes to the states!!!!

  • A Googler
    A Googler

    The Volkswagen is a much better looking vehicle 🤓

  • Hassan Yakubu
    Hassan Yakubu

    A trader with so much ambitious goal towards his clients, a man with love and care for others.You're magnificent when it comes to investments,contact this great Manager at instagram @Charles_forex09

  • Stefan Kuip
    Stefan Kuip

    i would go for the skoda...p.s i would never upset u on purpose

  • Mike Spark
    Mike Spark

    If it werent for dieselgate I might have bought the ID4. But as it is VW was total $hit in that whole debacle. They dont deserve to sell anymore cars period.

    • Djprojectus

      How were you affected?

  • bjeli vtc
    bjeli vtc

    there are no needs for long range electric vehicle, when there are diesel engines, electric vehicles should be for city ''home-work-home''.. everyone got diesel long range SUV, and small city car for work-who one do not even heat up till you get to work or back to home.. electric 100km range small vehicles are perfect city cars, low cost and affordable to everyone to clean city from smog.. what was before beetle or golf today, and future is ID3

  • SHAFIEE channel
    SHAFIEE channel

    Pless try Malaysia car proton

  • Adithya Chennamadhavuni
    Adithya Chennamadhavuni

    320 miles? Where! How?

  • Kaiō

    Title says 320 mi range but the site says 250 mi range... That's disappointing.

    • Djprojectus

      What site? In US?

  • M L Barker
    M L Barker

    ID3 is cute, ID4 is ugly

  • Chris James
    Chris James

    The interior is very Peugeot inspired

  • g00dfeeling

    electric VWs are really nice designed. Much better than old technology lineup.

  • Logan Vijayaratnam
    Logan Vijayaratnam

    Good looking car compared to the Tesla Model 3 or any Tesla for the matter. In my opinion Elon Musk is going to make them prettier and charge more for the next generation, which is not going to work because there is going to be competition from the Germans!

  • Tbiddz1

    Looks like a Peugeot

  • Christopher Maloney
    Christopher Maloney

    The coolest car is model y and c4 cactus

  • Christopher Maloney
    Christopher Maloney

    The ID.4 is like a c4 cactus 2018 I have 2009 C4 Picasso

  • Karl

    It's roughly the same size and shape as the Tesla Model Y, and the base model will be cheaper than the cheaper Model Y, but with slower charging, slower acceleration and slower top speed, I think when both cars are freely available, I think more people will end up buying a Tesla -- especially after VW runs out of Federal Income Tax Credits in the US. Also, if Tesla pushes down the cost of its batteries, they will be able to lower the price of the Model Y, making the value proposition for the VW harder to convince buyers of. My guess is the people who choose the VW are Germans and people who have a love affair with VW around the world.

  • John-Murray Hofmeyr
    John-Murray Hofmeyr

    A car with a speed limiter on it?....go nanny someone thx

  • Morten Lund
    Morten Lund

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu einem gut aussehenden Auto! Ich hätte wirklich gerne eine in Metallic-Grau mit Allradantrieb, großer Batterie und einer Anhängerkupplung. Aber ... Wie können die Ingenieure einen CW-Wert von 0,28 akzeptieren? Tesla Y macht 0,23! Dies beeinflusst die Reichweite und die Höchstgeschwindigkeit. Es kostet absolut nichts, den Stahl aerodynamischer zu biegen. Leistung für ein Auto für sein ganzes Leben - kostenlos !! Ich verstehe es wirklich nicht? Und das ist nicht nur Deutschland.

  • Ron Jeremy
    Ron Jeremy

    0-60 in 8 seconds? 100mph top speed? I’m out.

  • Alex Jensen
    Alex Jensen

    🤓😎😎😎😎😎 amazing job you do don’t you just stay home make a shout out in your next video.

  • Matt R
    Matt R

    Beginning of video opinion: I'd take the iD.4 over Y b/c range is good, price is reasonable, support other automakers trying to break into the EV market. We'll see if anything changes over the course of 8 minutes and 54 seconds After video: not a fan of the gear shift. That's it (when referring to "reasonable price" I meant the more normal spec ones that aren't available yet, just to be clear).

  • charles sterling
    charles sterling

    Charge at a public charging point ha 🤣 😅 😂 have fun finding one that works, Tesla for me, any , and every day.

  • tom rea
    tom rea

    Great looking car and a proper SUV but Sorry VW No supercharger network 🤷‍♂️ dealbreaker for me and that’s why I own a Tesla.

  • 79blustone

    Because of over population we all now have to consider zero emission vehicle. We can't all emit pollution anymore like the good old days when there wasn't so many people doing the same. I guess it really comes down to stop breeding- so we can all drive Hummers or keep overpopulating so we have to drive zero emission, we are simply at that tipping point, we can't keep breathing in other people's fumes.

  • Kabelo Tau
    Kabelo Tau

    This is the best out of the three. Not too much and not too little, just enough.

  • Travis Williams
    Travis Williams

    HUGE TITLE FIX needed, it only has a max of 250 miles range. Big difference.

    • Djprojectus

      @Travis Williams Incorrect. Wltp is designed for Europe and is very achievable like many customers and youtubers like Bjorn Nyland have report it. EPA is designed for USA with bigger distances on the highway and thats why a bigger comsumption is is needed. Bjorn Nyland drove the Taycan 4s and achieved 360 miles on a charge when Taycan has an EPA estimate of 201 miles and it was not hypermiling just normal driving in Norway. So WLTP is perfect for Europe but not good for USA. Different conditions,different results.

    • Travis Williams
      Travis Williams

      @Djprojectus Ah, that WLTP standard. We can't even get our EPA standard typically, especially not the WLTP standard - completely worthless unless your flat/downhill, perfect temp, no rain/cold weather, etc. ;-)

    • Djprojectus

      In Europe has 320 miles WLTP.

  • Brian Woods
    Brian Woods

    Skoda looks the best. Something I never thought I'd say 🤣

  • Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan
    Car Reviews by Mohammed Aryan

    Nissan GTR-R35 Review

  • timko r
    timko r

    amazing car!!

  • Rildi Toci
    Rildi Toci

    I like the ID.4 but 310NM is too low, my tiguan mk2 tdi have 170hp and 370NM. The torque in diesel engine is pretty similar to electric motor, yes electric motor have torque in 0rpm but it's there. But if vw can make some updates he can take this model a beast!

  • Philipp Amthor MdB
    Philipp Amthor MdB

    Volkswagen, could you please ask Porsche for their Taycan technology and use that to make a passat-like car? Please in the looks of the the ID5? I would buy it right away!

    • Foersom

      No VW, but there will come an Audi E-Tron GT with the battery, motors and platform of Taycan.

  • David Sharp
    David Sharp

    vastly superior to the tesla in every mentionable way, who really cares about 0-60 on day to day driving stuck in traffic and pootling around down and the local supermarket.

    • nevergone

      Apparently there is no heat pump for the US and no augmented hud overlay. Thanks a alot Volkswagen

  • Airfloat

    Volkswagen will pay $6.4m in compensation to former workers at a Brazilian factory for collaborating with the country's military during the 1964-1985 dictatorship. VW gave employees' names to Brazilian police hunting for people described as "subversives". They were then detained and tortured. "We regret the violations that occurred in the past." VW executive Hiltrud Werner said in a statement. 1938-Present: Slave Labor! Diesel Fraud! Torture Collaborators! UNREDEEMABLE EVIL? 👹 Please promote socially responsible automobile companies not those that have a history of admitted crimes against humanity. Thank you.

    • Djprojectus

      And Tesla is collaborating with China . And chinese government is torturing uigurs. Does Tesla cares about that? Nope.

  • NafnLaus Andlit
    NafnLaus Andlit

    VW marketing scheme keeps going,burn all the cash but still VW need to prove that the ID cars are reliable ang VW did not cheap out on electronic s

  • HappyRider 2020
    HappyRider 2020


  • C L
    C L

    You said it goes on sale in 2020, did you mean 2021?

    • Djprojectus

      2020 in Europe.

  • C L
    C L

    Looks more French than German

  • Jamie 2785
    Jamie 2785

    Prefer the look of the Skoda

  • Just_Filo

    Cool but really? 45 to 55k pounds? That’s excessive

  • Filippo Brunelleschi
    Filippo Brunelleschi

    boring and obsolete since day 1

  • Solid Snake
    Solid Snake

    We need more SUV's in the UK, im really glad VW are making more.. 🙄

  • ben079329

    Everything Looks better than a Tesla Model y

  • Pubg Mafia 2020
    Pubg Mafia 2020

    SLtoos getting really comfortable with these double unskippable ads

  • rofsjan

    My favorites rated by design: 1. Skoda 2. ID4 3. Audi e-Tron ... 10. Tesla

  • Drejc Samborac 46
    Drejc Samborac 46

    Can u pleeeeaaase stop puting Tesla into every next electic can? Every next is supposed to be Tesla killer? Come on

  • abysss91

    Still can't see a reason to pick this rather than a Model Y....

  • wheillebhertt-jan montalbeu
    wheillebhertt-jan montalbeu

    hopefully they do self charge as well

  • Minhaz Hussain
    Minhaz Hussain

    ID 4 looks awesome 😍😍

    • Minhaz Hussain
      Minhaz Hussain

      This looks better than a tesla 😍

  • TheHoth1

    Awesome! Finally a VW doesn’t have carbon builtup on intake valves!

  • Nishanth Dela
    Nishanth Dela

    Count the number of times he says " banner in the top right corner" xD

  • italiav100

    Ugly just like the leaf, you can’t compare this with Tesla. That’s like comparing bananas and oranges

  • Disprot

    it's not "skoda" it is "škoda" and you pronounce it like shkoda, or like germans pronounce "sch" greetings from balkan.

    • Graham, King of the Britons!
      Graham, King of the Britons!

      We know, but it's spelt 'sko-da' in English.