New vs Old Land Rover Defender: Up-Hill DRAG RACE & Off-Road Battle!
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Are you in the market for an all-British off-roader? Then let’s face it, you’re going to choose a Land Rover Defender, aren’t you?
It’s fair to say the all-new Defender has come in for a bit of criticism since it was unveiled. So we want to know whether all the negative comments are justified, or if the all-new edition is a worthy replacement to its predecessor. And what better way to find out then with a series of off-road challenges!
When it comes to power, the new Defender has a clear advantage, with its 2-litre turbocharged Diesel engine pumping out 240hp. That's far more than the old generation can muster from its 2.2-litre turbocharged diesel, which only produces 122hp. Not only that but as we saw earlier in the year, the new Defender is packed full of all-new tech and electronics to help find the perfect settings for these off-road obstacles.
So what do you think - can the old Defender hang in there throughout this off-road battle?! There’s only one way to find out… Stick with Mat to see what happens!
Thanks to Nene Overland for lending us the Defender -
Thanks to Protrax for hosting the use of their off-road course -
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  • Mat Watson Cars
    Mat Watson Cars

    Hey Mat here. Would you like me to put the new Defender against some other off-roaders in a similar challenge? If so comment which cars you think would make a good battle. Also if you click on my face you can check out my personal channel Matwatsoncars. Please subscribe to me there too. Thanks in advance!

    • Bernardo Trapola
      Bernardo Trapola

      against a Nissan Patrol Gr

    • Cuki Yud.
      Cuki Yud.

      Watch out for this kid guys!

    • Palitha Megasooriya
      Palitha Megasooriya

      @abubakar kaila '

    • Chris T.
      Chris T.

      Well i think the test is not 100 just. Don’t take and old stock Landy - have it modified a little bit as the new one plays a ll games ... and put it as well against and old G Wagon .... this would be funny to see

    • Ham Tiger
      Ham Tiger

      Garbage cars.

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    Should have used a traction control equipped old defender as a fairer comparison.

  • Nick W
    Nick W

    Manufactured so the new car won


    Automatic against a manual? Really? Call this a fair test? What's next? Race horse against a 3 legged Donkey?

  • 10beerman

    What tosh. How did you "find" a 2014 Puma without traction control..? Unlike the new Pretender, the real Defender is easily and cheaply upgraded with a rear locker purchased from many suppliers and fitted using a hamer, adjustable wrench and tube of smeg...

  • SeaJayB

    I recently listened to a seasoned South African overlanding expert who has owned his fair share of older Defenders. He admits the new ones are better at off roading right out of the box. However, in the real world, you simply don't want to take a tech box into the bush. Old Defenders do the job and are generally repairable on site. Also, the tech takes away from the experience. You really earn it with an old Defender.

  • ADRIAN gxe
    ADRIAN gxe

    I have to admit this new defender is not bad I mean its modernized but it still has that boxy look and if I was the one to design this new defender I'd probably design a power outlet on wheels

  • Александр Гюль-Ахмедов
    Александр Гюль-Ахмедов

    Banal advertising for a new product. Test in the Amazon forests or the swamps of Siberia, and your old Land Rover will haul out a new one on a rope when all electronics fail and the air suspension stops working.

  • sgpsimonb

    @15:00 left-foot braking just enough to retard the spinning wheel. The diff will then send power to the wheel with traction...

  • Chiran Kulasena
    Chiran Kulasena

    I watched 3 more commercials while watching this 17 min commercial! Should have seen it coming. At least those 3 let me skip after 5 seconds. Smh

  • ReaperTalon 1
    ReaperTalon 1

    New Defender: look at me! *does off-road shit* Old Defender: That's my boy!

  • ArthurDentZaphodBeeb

    The editing is so damn annoying with so many camera angles.

  • Mason Paine
    Mason Paine

    We buy the new one

  • Edroes E
    Edroes E

    la nueva defender es para flojos

  • Daniel Rodriguez
    Daniel Rodriguez

    The old defender just looks incredible ! Sorry the new one just looks like any other suv on the road

  • Marcos Hernandez
    Marcos Hernandez

    I’d still have the old defender it just looks incredible

  • DM620 Ie
    DM620 Ie

    Old wins

  • VanDerZ 101
    VanDerZ 101

    Nice vid I'm dying to see how the Defender does against the Grenadier when it comes out and Alps if you guys ever get hold of a Bronco I hope that happens too 😂

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover

    One vehicle has a in unfair advantage guess what one ?

  • Paul Maryon
    Paul Maryon

    Put that new defender in Africa for 40years and see what it looks like then, AND do all those challenges again with a short wheelbase 300tdi see what happens

  • Siaosi Butler
    Siaosi Butler

    Ad for the new Defender, old Defender all day

  • Nishanth R
    Nishanth R

    I say the old defender looks like a proper off road vehicle.... Than the new one! And this guy doesn't know how to drive a manuel

  • Cars lives Matter
    Cars lives Matter

    Stop hating on older cars you fancy boy

  • Kostas Evia
    Kostas Evia

    only one real British defender on video and one Chech electronic suv and is like a Vitara from behind same of land rover...

  • Nelson Club
    Nelson Club

    Probably more appropriate to do this on the Brompton Road in Knightsbridge!

  • Deixel 07
    Deixel 07

    This should be marked as advertisement/ commercial. Carwow helps your *Brand name* to push sales. Calling this a test is absolute bollocks

  • Peter Bollox
    Peter Bollox

    Stop yacking get on with it

  • Hameed Ur Rahman
    Hameed Ur Rahman

    old is gold.the old one has amazing design.

  • Adam Davies
    Adam Davies

    I can’t even watch this video this guy is so irritating his voice and face make me wanna punch him and he literally doesn’t have a frigging clue about off roading.. yeah let’s see who can go round in the circle the fastest and I’ll put the diff on.. why the hell would you need the diff lock on around there? Jeeze this man will be the end of me.. Please take some advice don’t listen to this guy he knows nothing only knows how to put his foot flat at the floor😴

  • MahadAli

    The G wagon should go round this course against something

  • jappie2

    Unsub, I prefer to be notified of when I'm watching an ad. Next time pop a banner at the start of the video.

  • aabugatti

    Fun test, but stupid AD in every 4 min! Can't watch this shit anymore

  • two hander
    two hander

    Lets face it the new Defender won't be seeing many muddle puddles in its short life on tarmac.

  • Michael Burke
    Michael Burke

    the old defender is a utility vehicle not a new version of the discovery with the word defender on it this old defender will last longer than the new so called defender ( discovery ) I drove the old defender from 66 to 73 came with 2 paint versions green or camouflage old is a DRIVERS vehicle new is for those how CAN'T DRIVE Chelsea mums

  • Stevies Second Life
    Stevies Second Life

    Which one breaks down more? #lovehaterelationship

  • Minge_miester 420
    Minge_miester 420

    I’d still much rather have the old one

  • steve drake
    steve drake

    The new defender takes all the fun out of off roading The whole point of off roading is to have fun and hone your skills

  • John Brannen
    John Brannen

    A controlled test isn’t really a true test whereas a true test of any vehicle is to put it into the hands of an every day driver is the only way to truly get an idea of how it works or doesn’t work and in the case of the new donkey Land Rover this seems to be the case

  • Christopher Bell
    Christopher Bell

    The only people who don't like the new one are the people who haven't driven it. Bold statement.

  • Gene Schoenhofen
    Gene Schoenhofen

    Great cars but how are they on reliability?

  • Solar Bud UK
    Solar Bud UK

    You didn’t do the test of how many holes you can drill in it and how much stuff you can bolt on.

  • Gazzer Smith
    Gazzer Smith

    You are trash at driving matt let someone right drive the old one

  • eda forst
    eda forst

    Pěkné a jěště to srovnejte kolik budou stát opravy .... co člověk potřebuje aby to spravil ..

  • Chris T.
    Chris T.

    I do not doubt that capability of the vehicle and as long you are cruising somewhere in Central Europe you are safe even if goes on lopping mode home. My preoccupation is that it is an assortment of IT machines on four wheels .... and the moment you may quit safe central Europe and the traditional paths you risk some stage either to abandon your vehicle you to let it rescue by IT does not always work as it should .....

  • Urban Explorer
    Urban Explorer

    Such a fake video, was this sponsored by Land Rover?

  • Ants Raivet
    Ants Raivet

    The show must move on.

  • Ricardo Jose Castellanos Torres
    Ricardo Jose Castellanos Torres

    If the new defender uses electronics to help it and the old one does not, it means that the old one is an absolute beast doesn’t need them.

  • Gaby Boss
    Gaby Boss

    Fine The new one was better than the old one. BUT the new Defender is Ugly as hell and a real man doesn’t has to use those assistants for offroading🤷‍♂️

  • Julien Terrano
    Julien Terrano


  • stephen Thomson
    stephen Thomson

    your a knob mate

  • stephen Thomson
    stephen Thomson

    new one is shite

  • Joao Mendonca
    Joao Mendonca

    You are a terrible driver!

  • John McLoughlin
    John McLoughlin

    in my defender I would have kept it in 4H, no reason for low range, just run it hard ip in HL

  • Elbowz

    Hi Matt in the middle of the bush/basically nowhere, who do you call to fix your air supension that just broke ? or a faulty module? or a electronic glitch? right.. so no sir, the old one will keep you safe by allowing to be fixed in case it brakes unlike the new car needs a hacker to sort it out (maybe)

  • Fizz

    He should do old discovery v new discovery

  • Elliot

    All of the tests are desined for the new one like speed

  • Theo GT
    Theo GT

    Counting on the electronics of a Land Rover during a steep descent ... bad idea.

  • rayner1704

    Ones iconic and will run until the end of time the other will be forgotten about in 10 years

  • Vitalii Fedoryshyn
    Vitalii Fedoryshyn

    And what about reliability? Just want to share a video how new Defender can kill you under some conditions. Looks like on a huge field electronic just release breaks and car quickly go down. Believe it bad surprise for every driver and under some conditions it can very dramatic. At this video all finished without injury and they mentioned that they provide all information to official department of Land Rover at Ukraine, but I didn't saw any warning from Land Rover or car recall...

  • Mohith Gowda
    Mohith Gowda



    Land cruiser

  • Daniel David Balisnomo
    Daniel David Balisnomo

    If cars were people... Me: Sun's up, perfect day for a hike! Land Rover: (Snob-looking English guy sipping tea, wearing fine clothing) Oh dear, not today. No, not ever. I might chip a nail or hurt my ankles... Land Cruiser: (Huge Sumo guy grinning from ear to ear). Hai! Where to Senpai?

  • de no
    de no

    I don't think a car full with electronics could be a reliable off road vehicle

  • diskrrible

    What??? No three locking differentials on the old defender????

  • Doctor Morbid
    Doctor Morbid

    A test race with a course designed by Land Rover and then directed to make the old one fail. The new one wins on turning radius and barely on the drag race, but off roading is not about drag racing, it's about maintaining control and making it over obstacles. Outside of that, Matt's videos look like they are increasingly being shot using 480p cameras from 2010, but now the sound is nuts. Sometimes obnoxiously loud, sometimes too low from second to second with the fake hyena laughing thrown in there.

  • Alex Xsander
    Alex Xsander

    The old Land Rover is better because it’s goes into water, the new Land Rover can’t.

  • William Waldron
    William Waldron

    Don't say Google in a video! 😆 My phone went nuts.

  • Barry Pratt
    Barry Pratt

    Great to see this Comparison and the Quantum leap in engineering , yet the Golden Oldie has a rugged character all to it own which gives a real life dynamic to off roading. Long live the old Defender/County Wagon.

  • Mr Andersson
    Mr Andersson

    Should be interesting to see how these two compare in terms of endurance and reliability. Which would you choose to cross 1000km of desert on your own, knowing your life would depend on it not breaking down?

  • Imbeth Ondion
    Imbeth Ondion

    So what we've learned here is that the new Defender is better off road than the old, for about 3 weeks until all those fancy electronics shit themselves.

  • doonthepan

    next time find some who knows how to drive off road and some one who can handle off road 4x4, FIND A DRIVER TO DEMO VEHICLES NOT A CLOWN.

  • iain corner
    iain corner

    I know which one I can literally fix anything on ( and it’s not £56k - - ffs it’s not £33k either - they weren’t that new) Both will break. Landrover have lost the plot as have the people buying old defenders, when my disco 2 goes to the grave( hopefully not soon) will be replaced with a pick up with locking rear - excellent value and unstoppable (if you can drive off road).

  • spoozilla

    Lets be honest here... this was never going to be good for the old 110. I can't imagine JLR would have been too happy if the tests were any way geared towards the advantages of the old Defender. Instead we got a ridiculous set up advert for a poor replacement of a working icon.

  • logan holmberg
    logan holmberg

    What would really be cool is to see the Defender against your new Jimney. Your never going to convince the old school Defender boys. Put a "cheap" new defender with coils instead of airride against the Jimney. You might chg some opinions with that.

  • John Latsch
    John Latsch

    Can we have a fair challenge???

  • logan holmberg
    logan holmberg

    😅 if you check out TFLnow and TFLoffroad their new Defender has spent more time in the shop than offroad. 😂 Good old Landrover reliability there. 🤣🤣🤣

  • John Latsch
    John Latsch

    New defender no points for the down hill. "Not allowed to use your brakes. Hill descent uses brakes. Third challenge is basically about the turning radius of the new 90 being better than the old 110. Not an old 90. Challenge is bs

  • Sina Mobasher Moghaddam
    Sina Mobasher Moghaddam

    Another new Defender ad

  • Classic Devon
    Classic Devon

    That new defender would struggle in deep mud

  • Richard W
    Richard W

    How do the load capacities compare? The new Defender looks like it is less boxy and has a lot of plastic in the load space. How do the prices compare for basic models from new. I don't remember the old Defender being the same price as a small northern village!

  • eggy1962

    Just you wait till all those badly made electricals start failing....and they will, they have one on tfl channel got engine management light at 150 miles and still isnt fixed

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith

    £54000 for a Defender😂

  • Yas Ba
    Yas Ba

    The worst review

  • Yas Ba
    Yas Ba


  • hezekiah charles
    hezekiah charles

    Just look at both vehicles.... Your eyes will naturally gravitate towards the old defender.....

  • carlo pijnenburg
    carlo pijnenburg

    I think the old one is way beutafuller

  • Pete W
    Pete W

    Most new Defenders will never set a wheel off road so what's the point ?there will be a lot of champagne socialists just driving them around our pathetic capital city.

  • sebastian811

    old body design with all new technology and is perfect car.

  • Alfredo Dorado
    Alfredo Dorado

    New with road tires... Old with mix tires

  • Timothy Dooley
    Timothy Dooley

    I wouldn’t call this a fair test. Obviously it’s mostly about traction. If the the new one has traction control standard all the old one needs is real lockers put in it. That center lock is basically nothing. It’s an open diff setup. You can’t even come close to saying the new one is better overall. That’s all based on electronics. Everyone knows in the real world when that stuff breaks it’s all over. You can fix almost anything mechanical on the trail in the old one. Why don’t you take them out in the real world for a month long excursion and let’s see what happens. Let’s see how much pounding that unibody chassis can handle without bending. I’m not saying the new is bad. It just doesn’t seem like it’ll last long. It allows the soccer mommy’s and daddy’s to go off-roading with very little driving experience. But, that stuff will break if used very often. I’ll take my chances with the old one any day. Oh BTW you didn’t even talk about the cool factor. 10 points alone for old one.... For the win!!!!

  • Mango Tango
    Mango Tango

    I mean you can’t argue with that the old defender looks way cooler!

  • Christian Chelu
    Christian Chelu

    There is no comparison between these two cars. The new Defender looks like any other "SUV". I don't expect to see this car in the wild. Rather made to show off in the city center.

  • Dima U
    Dima U

    unfair race, what's the point...?

  • Mac Kent
    Mac Kent

    Im gonna say this, i had a freelander, it was good, the tech in the new defender aint new but deffo improved, however if the guy in the old defender gave it some beans on the last challenge, he would of made it, its not always about the cars capability, sometimes its about the drivers capabilities and knowlage/experience, Great vid tho, however its not always the tools, sometimes its the user

  • Piero OCCHooa
    Piero OCCHooa

    Not an off road battle. Try go from Cape to Cairo through some rivers and over some real obstacles

  • Rory Freeman
    Rory Freeman

    Too much yap yap and no action

  • Badgertronix

    The old one has far more character

  • Freddy Aguero
    Freddy Aguero

    The best is the Mercedes Benz class g! Much more reliable.

  • 986C

    Why people drive these Indian designed and owned POS is beyond me

  • ezio malavolta
    ezio malavolta

    The old Defender is the unique DEFENDER... New Land Rover is a stupid electronic SUV without history... Old DEFENDER is the legend of jungle!

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