New Audi S8 review: is it really worth £100K?
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This is the Audi S8, and it just might be the perfect car someone looking to travel in limousine luxury coupled with supercar performance! Under the bonnet you’ll find a 4-litre twin-turbo V8 that delivers 571hp and 800Nm, so it’s definitely not a case of style over substance!
Of course, as you can imagine, it doesn’t come in cheap, starting from £100,000! But when you consider that realistic competitors such as the AMG S63 & M760Li are so out of date (and when they were new, cost close to £150,000!), is the S8 the new luxury limo king? You’ll have to stick with Mat to find out!
00:00 Intro
01:03 0 - 60mph
02:10 Brakes
02:36 Exterior Design
03:47 Interior Design
04:28 Back Seats
04:45 Boot
05:10 Five Annoying Features
06:33 Five Good Features
07:55 Everyday Driving
09:08 Twisty Road Driving
10:29 Verdict
Audi S8 Specifications:
RRP: From £97,140
Horsepower: 571hp
Fuel Economy: 24 mpg combined
Engine: 4-litre twin-turbo V8
Torque: 800Nm
Dimensions: 5,179 mm L x 1,945 mm W x 1,474 mm H
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    Audi S8 vs Mercedes-AMG S63 vs BMW M760Li - which are you picking? VOTE with a LIKE in the comments below!

    • Rodney Koerber
      Rodney Koerber

      Audi S8

    • ASD 79
      ASD 79

      carwow AMG S63

    • Mosa Sakö
      Mosa Sakö

      Liam Mcleish s8 = rs8

    • Liam Mcleish
      Liam Mcleish

      S8 but Audi should make a RS8

    • rscosworthfan

      @TaqCOOL amg engines are superb its the electronics on mercedes that are the letdown

  • Frank Klement
    Frank Klement

    Looks very avarage.

  • Jessel Renny
    Jessel Renny

    Mat and rory are the best in the business

  • a o
    a o



    Will it be a8 with w12 like on the video of protecting driver?

  • jurassicaquatics

    didn't hear you ask about is bmw m worth it .very bias

  • Rajvosa97

    Man it looks boring like a grandpa’s car

  • Unknown /
    Unknown /

    In India it’s more than £200k .Every imported car is doubled or tripled the price,That’s why people with a c class are also called very rich in India.

  • Just Bane
    Just Bane

    It's ready for new Transporter movie

  • Lee Ketteringham
    Lee Ketteringham

    Seriously How many Adverts do you need, total greed on your behalf !!!!

  • L Boseman
    L Boseman

    Matt i never here you say is a bmw or mercedes is worth it.thats a problem for me

  • Adi Kuru
    Adi Kuru

    7:16 huh w12? I thought they were offering only v8

  • Gurbetçi Adam
    Gurbetçi Adam

    Mijn droom auto

    • Gurbetçi Adam
      Gurbetçi Adam

      My dream car Hayalimdeki Araba

    • Gurbetçi Adam
      Gurbetçi Adam


  • TaqCOOL

    It's wonderful car and very beautiful, but don't like those quad tail pipes. It looks aftermarket made by a 18 years old teenager. This is supposed to be luxurious from every single angle

  • Mid evil
    Mid evil

    Ah 140k in usa but 600lbs of torque

  • D Traveller LK
    D Traveller LK

    BMW M760Li ,Audi S8 , Mercedes-AMG S63

  • Blue Planet
    Blue Planet

    What Audi model was used in Transporter 4

  • ForraiU96

    :=]] Dobogókő, Hungary, Drift! :=]]

  • Anan Badaan
    Anan Badaan

    This car needs a sport Steering wheel and more aggressive hood and always leather on top of the doors standard Alcantara in the doors should be leather too not enough luxury

  • BascarooMuffins

    In Mexico, the S8 costs 130K USD. BMW M760Li costs 186K USD and MB S63 costs 210K USD. There is no way to justify a 56K difference to the BMW and 80K to the benz, Audi wins hands down

  • Bran22p

    They made it soo ugly with the new design. It's ridiculous...who really is paying that much for this ugly car?

  • Lambyqoo


  • B. O
    B. O

    100k is a freaking joke for this car

  • Planet Tv
    Planet Tv

    👑 Audi S8

  • Super Ivanchu
    Super Ivanchu

    Plis traducción this video in spain un I interésting audi s8 review pero soy español y no esntiendo este video

  • Kraug _
    Kraug _

    I don’t like the overly big grill

  • Trix_Zentyfi

    I'm excited about the S8 plus

  • Michael Stevens
    Michael Stevens

    Do you get your own motorway lane included in the price?

  • Seth Rose
    Seth Rose

    the limiter ruins it

  • Roland Ong
    Roland Ong

    did you know that at 7.36, audi a8 have w12 engine??!!

  • Y J
    Y J

    It doesnt look like a 100k car at all. Front design is so dull :

  • DJI Drone Travel
    DJI Drone Travel

    Amazing sport car O_O

  • Ahmed Mohiuddin
    Ahmed Mohiuddin

    7:36 That was A8, not S8.

  • Pepegahaus

    Fuck that car is so beautiful.

  • Артём Неделя
    Артём Неделя

    Hahahaha, there is again Matt's favorite equipment for car reviews - the stick!

  • Артём Неделя
    Артём Неделя

    Hio Matt! Do you have any Volvo reviews?

  • K.T. Nowak
    K.T. Nowak

    Yes , but this is not car for kids who wants to play with cars like You ..this car is for Your boss.

  • Viver

    Кто с русского карвау

  • Matty Mckinstry
    Matty Mckinstry

    Pretty sure if he turns off the traction control he can rev these cars til his hearts content

  • Гриша Чебоксаровский
    Гриша Чебоксаровский

    0:24 stock moving case study

  • Thanh Tú Hồ
    Thanh Tú Hồ

    In Vietnam, you dont need to ask this question. Because we have to pay over 300.000 pounds to buy this car. 100.000 is very cheap.🤤🤤

  • Mwethera James Shaque
    Mwethera James Shaque

    I can't wait when Audi drops HORCH to compete with Maybach and Rolls Royce

  • Golo1949

    I know its lighter but the Lexus GS300 only takes 40.8m in 2.8 sec. See JC on stopping distances.

  • SpeedDemon

    Imagine an RS8!

  • Asad k
    Asad k

    I donw know what car to buy cz when I choose 1 another good 1 comes out in 1 day

  • Gantira Fahreiza
    Gantira Fahreiza

    Why Audi? Why you make this car faster than an RS7.. but with less power figure. I’m confused...

  • Алмаз Хамзин
    Алмаз Хамзин


  • Dumi Patsika
    Dumi Patsika


  • Laszlo Mavilia
    Laszlo Mavilia

    Am I the only one finding this car's design absolutely bland?


    Difference between S8 and A8L?

  • ww U
    ww U


  • Ben Sutton
    Ben Sutton

    Man i love mat Watson. Seriously if you fire him i am literally going to kill you all and make it hurt

  • Sangam Limbu
    Sangam Limbu

    matt you cannot disrespect the "carwow stick of truth" just like that

  • Davor Vrki
    Davor Vrki

    The best car ever... Fantastic car💪💪💪

  • Richard van Tricht
    Richard van Tricht

    Car looks so boring

  • வெங்கடேஷ் ntk
    வெங்கடேஷ் ntk


  • Tucker

    No car is worth that. Jumped up materialistic simps.

  • James Harrison
    James Harrison

    Lovely if you buy new with bumper to bumper warranty. After 3 years - Hahaha. Audi will be inheriting your house. Google Audi turbo filter as a small taster.

  • ygg drasil
    ygg drasil

    My god if I had that money to spend on a car I'd be getting a Tesla.

  • Hansie Abraham
    Hansie Abraham

    Pretty impressive ini?! Loved that reaction 😎

  • Mandakh Ganbaatar
    Mandakh Ganbaatar

    It is a shame that you are not based in German Autobahn.

  • T-Bag

    Can you use 1 stick for all cars, not just a random one every time? Perhaps get 1 painted with the carwow logo etc.

  • Savage MadaFaka
    Savage MadaFaka

    I will buy it in 10 years when the price drops

  • Zsolt Juhász
    Zsolt Juhász

    'It drives awful wheels.' K (yeah, I know I'm deaf af)

  • whatever04

    It costs exactly double that in india.. ~£200K base model

  • Vijayvijay17april Omm
    Vijayvijay17april Omm

    Thank you mat for doing Audi S8❤️🙏

  • Aleem Siddique
    Aleem Siddique

    0:12 "𝙉𝙊𝙍𝙈𝘼𝙇" limousine luxury.

  • Seven seven seven Klub
    Seven seven seven Klub

    Citroen C4 Grand Picaso👍 2010 y,is better and and more comfortable for longer trips, more economical and definitely lasts is'n like before...👎 and for everybody who not believe me 🖕🖕🖕fuck audi it's chinese car

  • Daniel Jordan
    Daniel Jordan

    7:15 that a8 has a w12 engine? since when

  • idris yavuz
    idris yavuz

    Mısss s8

  • idris yavuz
    idris yavuz

    Super s8

  • Adam De Gioia
    Adam De Gioia

    Your mix of metric and imperial is enough to envoke WWIII. Love your videos though!

  • John Mitchell
    John Mitchell

    CarWow are so minted, I reckon they could've got Jason Statham to review this car (think of the views) _Is The New S8 The Ultimate Transporter?_ Disclaimer: Matt is still awesome!

  • 11plus preparation
    11plus preparation

    Do a drag race between a BMW M760Li vs Audi S8 vs Mercedes S63

  • Marko Stanojevic
    Marko Stanojevic

    It would not need an ad if it were worth the price. AMIN

  • Marko Stanojevic
    Marko Stanojevic

    No it is not worth any other car on the planet does not worth the price it is sold for.

  • Jiraiya Boy
    Jiraiya Boy

    100K ? 250K here in Cambodia

  • Kyle Fpv
    Kyle Fpv


  • Susnigdho Mohanta
    Susnigdho Mohanta

    hey Matt did you change your cameraman?!...nowadays your video angle looks different than previous

  • Mpendulo Mkhize
    Mpendulo Mkhize

    If I find what I like, I stick with it, run with it and walah at the finish line. Audi! You're uniquely you! 😘

  • Its Frank You Dumbass
    Its Frank You Dumbass

    I live in canada and only have the s8 with the lwb

  • Khb 888
    Khb 888

    The S8 finishes the quarter mile before my car can even reach 100kph 😂😂😂

  • vondahe

    Audi’s sedans are too similar. The 8 doesn’t look anything like a limo.

    • vondahe

      Audi A4 2.5 TDI Of course. It’s called brand identity. It sounds so simple but it’s very hard to master. Porsche have perfected it. Anyone would recognise any Porsche made since the 1960’es. Mercedes was the same until they decided to create more product lines than you can count. They’ve lost their direction by trying to be everything at the same time. Audi has followed Mercedes to some extend but all their sedans look the same. Whether you think that’s a great idea or not, it’s hard to see what would persuade a prospective buyer to chose the next level when it looks the same as the previous. Then why even have different series? It makes no sense. The best series identity I can think of was BMW especially in the 1980’es and a little bit less in the 1990’es. You could literally see a kilometre away if it was a 3 series, a 5 series, a (rarer) 6 series or a 7 series. Now they have the amputated 3 series called the 1 series, the abominable 2 series, the 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 series and they all look like a Samsonite suitcase with the nostrils of a blue whale (if those had nostrils). Pretty? Absolutely not.

    • Orphan Molester
      Orphan Molester

      That's the idea: the same, but better.

    • T C1878
      T C1878

      Yep looks way too much like the new A6, that’s why I think BMWs controversial huge grill on the 7 series was a good idea, clear identifier of a luxury limousine.

  • florin Radu
    florin Radu

    Oooo my good , nearly all models look the same, and that kidney grill is just awful huge 😫

    • Ronmake

      So as BMW, Mercedes, Lexus every car company doing it now

  • Jay Pachani
    Jay Pachani

    This car has only one option or it has s8L also ?🤔

  • S L
    S L

    Do a dragrace between a GOLF R vs GOLF GTI TCR. There is no consensus wich one is faster! Show us with the dragrace science wich one is quicker!

  • Llama

    if people will buy over-priced as fuck aston martins, this is way better value

  • Marshall Blr
    Marshall Blr

    meanwhile, in a range rover you get 900L of boot space! it definitely not worth 100k. why would anyone buy a german car for 100k when you can get a proper British made car even under with better options?! but seriously, no offence! let's remark one outstanding point! Germans realised the British are right about placing the lcd screen where it is and not in a pop-up sort of screen!

  • yeet YuuY?
    yeet YuuY?

    9:14 yeah it does

  • Aryrix 1
    Aryrix 1

    It looks so boring.

  • astrodad65

    These depreciate..a lot. I bought a 2013 S8 for $48k with 24k miles in 2018 (originally sold for $130k). Added apr stage 1 for $2k and it is just as fast and looks almost the same as this 2020. Love my Stage 1 2013 S8. A real sleeper.

  • HDStudios

    “There are a few ways you can tell this is not an A8, like the S8 badges”. lol you’re a smart lad aren’t ya? Shows why you make the big bucks! Picking up on details like that

  • mc Mac
    mc Mac

    2.3 tonnes?? Almost the weight of a full size suv..why does it have to be so wonder the fuel economy is not great

  • fabulousprofound

    Does this mean we might be getting another Transporter movie?

  • Radek Willow
    Radek Willow

    "Why would a boot be more sporty?!" I believe they will make it more sporty in the future 😄😄

  • Sanjeev Pande
    Sanjeev Pande

    Brummie Accent!😌

  • Werner Danler
    Werner Danler

    And that side impact feature you mentioned where it raises that side.... oh gee it also might roll over easier due to getting hit so much lower. That test you showed had a barrier so the car did not get hit.

  • Dennis Turan
    Dennis Turan

    Can we get Carwow deals in the US eventually?


    I cry everytime I'm reminded that carwow is UK only...

  • Bunicescu Bob
    Bunicescu Bob

    How does the S8, do the 0-100km/h in 3.2sec? Rs6 does it in 3.6sec with more power

137 tis.