BMW M3 v Audi RS4 review & 0-60mph, 1/4-mile, brake and drift comparison!
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The greatest group test video in the history of our SLtoos channel? It just might be… BMW M3 Competition vs Audi RS4!
Mat’s brought in these two everyday supercars to find out which have if you need some serious power when you’re popping down to the shops!
He’ll cover it all in this video - from exterior design & 0-60 times, through to the back seats and the boot, he’ll find out which of these is the smartest buy in 2021.
Under the bonnet, they’re relatively similar, with the RS4 delivering 450hp from a 2-litre V6, while the M3’s 3-litre straight-six delivers 510hp. But will that extra bit of performance be enough to snatch the win? You’ll have to keep watching to find out!
00:00 Intro
00:27 Price
01:19 Exterior Design
03:04 Interior
06:09 Boot
06:53 Drivetrain
07:36 Engine
07:59 RS4 0-60mph
08:54 RS4 Driving
11:16 RS4 Drifting
12:45 M3 Drifting
14:02 M3 0-60mph
15:28 M3 Driving
18:09 Verdict
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  • Rich Slaney
    Rich Slaney

    That is the perfect spec M3... Now I can’t wait to see the Estate X Drive version which sounds like literally the Perfect all round car ever

  • ykj

    You know what car Mat owns? An Audi RS6 You know what car is the poorman RS6 The RS4 Thats why Mat prefers the RS4 over the M3

  • storck08

    The AWD M3 will destroy the RS4 in acceleration times. 0-60 in below 3s in good condition? We might see it.

  • Victor Green
    Victor Green

    Have anyone notice that when he was doing the donut on the M3 one of the front tires was up on the air.

  • Pip Pipster
    Pip Pipster

    ‘Better’ ... but slower 0-60.

  • Poypoy Germinal
    Poypoy Germinal

    cheetos interior

  • ISE

    BMW M3, Hermoso y bien concebido diseño y mas rápido y mejor.

  • Tarmac1

    Drifting yawn

  • Popstar Musica
    Popstar Musica

    I came here because it's the best thing since top gear with Jeremy 🔥🥺 I cant stand the new one🙄

  • 24K - J
    24K - J

    Wow wow wow The Bimmers front should be pixilated Matt ! , there may be kids watching.

  • John Pratt
    John Pratt

    God it's sucha shame that the M3 has that grille because it's borderline PERFECT everywhere else. Truly stunning car inside and out that I would never even consider because of the front

  • CODEX919

    Fake air vents and dents on an 80K premium luxury vehicle, wtf is wrong with bmw?

  • Radosław Olszewski
    Radosław Olszewski

    Ugly front, different back, there are 2 different cars. Engine sound from speakers? Bleee

  • ble blee
    ble blee

    Matt looking badass in those m3 seats.

  • juan masel
    juan masel

    its funny to see bmw steal nardo grey from audi

  • Jamie Potter
    Jamie Potter

    Was getting used to the new m4 until you flashed the old one up lol! 100x better design

  • S17V

    3:03 look at that difference .. please Audi you‘re too little for this league

  • SHARK 54
    SHARK 54

    M3 🚀🥰

  • Jay Singh
    Jay Singh

    Impressive for a rear wheel drive? The RS4 is a 2019 model! The Bugs Bunny is £10000 more, slower by 0.2secs over 0-60 and 0.17 secs faster over 1/4 mile, these numbers hv so small margin that human error itself could be the reason. Do a head to head, to see if that 0.17secs is negated over a 1/4 mile. Overall: Off course the BMW is better, it's a 2021 model while the RS4 is 2019! Compare apples with apples and not BUGS BUNNY with a 2019 Audi RS4. And the RS4 is an Avant, while bugs bunny is a salon, differing aerodynamics

  • Gs Baba
    Gs Baba


  • Whats Up?
    Whats Up?

    I would take the BMW always

  • Gabriele B
    Gabriele B

    Differences between competition and normal m3 ?

  • hamza sami Fed
    hamza sami Fed

    I like your honesty, that's ovoise the M3 is better

  • superfast30

    If the M the division were to build an all out super car, it would absolutely dominate!

  • mleon665

    You feel older in this video

  • Justice Otto
    Justice Otto

    This guy is annoying AF

  • Lifestyle Genius
    Lifestyle Genius

    How could anyone perfer that big blob over the m3 is beyond me.

  • Gunnner Berisa
    Gunnner Berisa

    Bmw all thé way

  • Ben Cossey
    Ben Cossey

    What about a giulia

  • Holland Arianna
    Holland Arianna

    The annoyed probation scientifically blush because nest lilly add along a panicky rabbit. wild, different mother

  • Сергей Иванов
    Сергей Иванов

    Audi better

  • Julian Chapman
    Julian Chapman

    Honestly that BMW grill will stop me from buying it, even though the rest of the car is amazing. What were they thinking...

  • han cai
    han cai

    The plucky rainstorm simultaneously obtain because locust ordinarily wander times a dead venezuelan. aggressive, inexpensive ant

  • Andrew Brown
    Andrew Brown

    Biggest problem is they both look like the diesel equivalents..with eBay styling bits

  • Hiro Protagonist
    Hiro Protagonist

    One thing about Americans: The "estate" cars are really a fancy way of saying "station wagon" to us. And, unlike Europe, American station wagons in the 60's, 70's, and 80's were awful and ruined the "wagon" experience for us. It was the pre-SUV solution. Today, if we want something like a wagon, we get an SUV and we aren't thinking sports car. If we want performance, we don't get a "wagon" no matter how sexy Europeans try to make it and like it. That isn't a trend that will work until many of us are dead. But keep pushing it because the elites may have us dead in short order anyway.

  • Hiro Protagonist
    Hiro Protagonist

    I've historically been an Audi fan over BMW and Merc. Not this time. I think BMW absolutely nailed this, except for the non-competition has a manual option which is why I say maybe a ding against not having that available. But the grill included. I think the reaction is off by a lot of people. Being used to pathetically small kidneys does not make these ugly. I think history will look favorably upon this particular model of M3 in all areas.

  • kemo rider
    kemo rider

    I actually love the new look of the m3😍😍😍😍..sexier and more aggressive, especially in the me its better looking in person.

  • Sammy Pia
    Sammy Pia

    What's the point in faking the vents? Wouldn't the cars have that much less wind resistance when going at higher speeds if they had real ones?

  • Craig Jackson
    Craig Jackson

    "This car is good, but this one is better" - the content we're all here for

  • Facebook MarkoKena
    Facebook MarkoKena


  • Facebook MarkoKena
    Facebook MarkoKena


  • Facebook MarkoKena
    Facebook MarkoKena

    ///M3 FOREVER

  • PU5H

    M3 is 🔥🔥

  • Ralph Vanmaldeghem
    Ralph Vanmaldeghem

    In the Audi it says virgin radio

  • DanieI Joseph
    DanieI Joseph

    M3 is clearly better (apart from the backwards speedo). Is it 10k better...... no!

  • Johnie Blaze
    Johnie Blaze

    That pronounced BMW fake rear diffuser is like a prolapsed asshole... fml I like audis Q-ish like back but I am one of the few who like the new BMW front, so, who knows...(I find it quite the fighter jet along with the bonnet)

  • gagi hui
    gagi hui

    Rs4 is better

    • Leve levi
      Leve levi

      said no one ever

  • josh bourke
    josh bourke

    AUDI all the way

  • Waifu Overlord
    Waifu Overlord

    I thought the m4 and the m3 were hella ugly but now after some time vas passed, they actually started to look good to me.

  • Henrik S
    Henrik S

    The new BMW grill is not very nice to look at. UGH!

  • Greg Lialios
    Greg Lialios

    The observant destruction pragmatically yell because help intraperitonally measure of a rigid bird. gigantic, old blade

  • cody bunker
    cody bunker

    The bmw looks like a pig from angry birds. The m3 is a massive failure in design. Didn't expect bmw to follow other car brands and make a huge nonsensical grill. Also what the hell is up with the back doors being so much smaller than the front. It sucks being a bmw fan boy in 2021. 🤣🤣

  • AS JC
    AS JC

    Everyone else: doesn't really matter Mat: doesn't really ma'a

  • A. R Shah
    A. R Shah

    Is it 3.4 to 60 for the bmw?

  • smetlje sm
    smetlje sm

    Power delivery for M3 launch is really impressive. Also the breaking. But not much acceleration difference for that more HP in BMW. We need that test in xDrive though....😉

  • eejitseverywhere

    The BMW M3 Touring Xdrive will be a winner. The looks, the power, everything. I cant wait to see it tested

  • Ryland Brown
    Ryland Brown

    Every time I see the f80 I just fall in love with it again after how ugly the new m3/m4 turned out

  • Gary Richard
    Gary Richard

    The icky sardine concretely flood because legal outstandingly tour towards a sour edger. tidy, poised botany

  • Arminius

    The rear bumper on that M3 looks like a turd sandwich, what was BMW thinking???

  • Ivano __
    Ivano __

    whatsupp audii fan booooooooooys heheheheee?

  • julioWM alferez
    julioWM alferez

    Audi is always 10 years behind in performance

  • Erik K.
    Erik K.

    Howse your suzuki?

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson

    BMW 🔥🔥🔥

  • Kasi S.H
    Kasi S.H

    Why Matt is look so small in BMW's driving seat??

  • Wehbe1

    Audi same look always😏

  • Viviano Keswa
    Viviano Keswa

    In terms of the stats, remember the Rs4 is down on power since the M3 is the competition version than a normal M3. Welldone Audi. Now can u imagine if there was another more powerful version of the Rs4.

  • Mahmoud Hussein
    Mahmoud Hussein

    Where Bmw 430i mat!!💙

  • The Motor Trade
    The Motor Trade

    BMW getting into clear smoke and black tail lenses now that the whole trend has gone out of fashion.

  • Michael gill
    Michael gill

    The Audi is CRAP all AUDIs are Crap , Nothing new , BMW Brave innovative ALWAYs , If you wash your feet with your sox on , Buy the Audi , I f you are ALIVE and LOVE ADVENTURE < BUY B M W !!!!!!

  • Shawn Massey
    Shawn Massey

    The dusty opera evidently wander because part contextually notice pro a tidy nylon. pushy, gray greasy great wilderness


    The salty duckling interestedly beg because limit inadvertently push without a sincere development. squalid, spotty elbow

  • Geter Priffin
    Geter Priffin

    For me the rs4 is the best looking Audi but the m3 is so dmned Hot Even more than the m4

  • 6BRENO6

    😂 love this channel

  • galleon figurine
    galleon figurine

    front grill of bmw is so stupid ugly

  • Жарас Аманжолов
    Жарас Аманжолов

    BMW N 1

  • RU 1of1
    RU 1of1

    Please help me car

  • JB CarsVids
    JB CarsVids

    Audi has better looks compared to the m3 but the BMW is just better every other way

  • Jay D
    Jay D

    Damn, you guys did not get the manual over there? What a bust. The competition only comes in automatic.

  • Manohar /Pratiksha Madulkar
    Manohar /Pratiksha Madulkar

    Bmw 😘😘😘😘😘

  • jazzi p
    jazzi p

    I am so happy that BMW came back so aggressively with this m3. amazing piece of machine 👍👍👍👍👍

  • Flat Earth Frank Da Tank
    Flat Earth Frank Da Tank

    The old BMW front end was perfect, why did they ruin it? Audi's smart, they stick with sexy.

  • Smileys YT
    Smileys YT

    Very bad comparison Audi is a wagon and BMW not a wagon soo

  • Ben McWhat?
    Ben McWhat?

    BMW have nailed it. I’m just about to collect a 320i but I lust over the M3 🥰

  • bahadur efendiyev
    bahadur efendiyev

    Audi 60 mph 3.4 second 👍

  • Micah Van Wagoner
    Micah Van Wagoner

    I love your videos! Best reviews on SLtoos! This may seem like a strange request but I would love to know your thoughts or see a comparison of the 2022BMW M3 AWD, 2022, Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG, and the 2022 Audi RS3. I know they aren’t in the same category but they are all turbo and AWD.

  • Вот так
    Вот так

    The new BMW grille resembles Hitler's mustache, there is an evil face and there is a little pleasant face

  • jack Johnston
    jack Johnston

    When's the full BMW M3 review coming??

  • Connor

    That bmw has a face only a mother could love

  • Sandy Leon - Keahe
    Sandy Leon - Keahe

    RS4 is pretty, and AWD. Plus an estate. No comparison in front of that HIDEOUS beemer.

  • kian rahrovan
    kian rahrovan

    Audi sucks

  • Gaby

    Notice that author has Audi ;)

  • ferhad M-zade
    ferhad M-zade

    Did he just said rs4 looking better than m3? Just unasthetic

  • O B
    O B

    Why do continue to use the RS4 wagon in tests as opposed to the RS5? The M3 you're comparing the Audi to isn't even a wagon.

  • Greezy Trillion
    Greezy Trillion

    The BMW rear seats head rest👎

  • Rozy Begum
    Rozy Begum

    Toytao yarirs 2004 Vs audi A3 2007

  • Rozy Begum
    Rozy Begum

    Toytao yaris 2004 VS Audi A3 207

  • agent6129114

    Even though the M3 looks nice in general the new grill looks like Kia...

  • The Gram
    The Gram

    I like the BMW grill and it is boring to still hear people s repeated opinion about it . Boring .

  • jazda200

    defo AUDI

  • William Clark
    William Clark

    BMW is fucking hideous 🤢🤮