Audi A3 v BMW 1 Series v VW Golf v Mercedes A-Class: which is best?
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When it comes to premium hatchbacks, it doesn’t get any better than this - BMW 1 Series, Mercedes A-Class, Audi A3 & Volkswagen Golf.
But when all four are so good, it can be pretty hard to decide which one is the perfect choice for you, right? Well, worry no more! Mat’s here to put each contender through their paces, comparing them to one another to find the must-have hatch of 2020!
The question is, which one would you pick? Join Mat for our all-new group test, and then COMMENT with your choice below the video!
00:00 Intro
00:29 Price
01:32 Exterior Design
03:33 Interior
07:58 Back Seats
11:35 Boots
14:30 Driving
19:05 Verdict
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  • carwow

    They're four incredible hatchbacks, but if you could only have ONE, which would it be?! Let us know below!

    • Military Events
      Military Events


    • Fernando Lopes
      Fernando Lopes

      Ford Focus or Mazda 3

    • MacTechG4

      A Golf Mk6 or Mk7+, forget the abomination that is the Mk8, the Golf that lost its soul I’m a hardcore VW fan, and loathe the Prius, but given a choice between a Mk8 and Prius.... I’d actually lean towards the Prius, and I’m the type that wants to nuke every Prius I see Take the Mk8 and put back in the physical switchgear and buttons (actually, just put the Mk7.5 dash and centre stack back in) and we’ll talk.

    • School Gebra
      School Gebra


    • obsessed10

      Mercedes a class

  • mo bo
    mo bo

    A natureza é maravilhosa

  • Real M
    Real M

    Which is better? As always, when there is a BMW in the group, it becomes a rhetorical question. Of course it's the BMW. We all know that. The others are just extras to make the video longer.

  • Hugo Kleynhans
    Hugo Kleynhans

    cars are too expensive nowadays although they are better its still a lot of money

  • indranil roy
    indranil roy

    Hey Matt, Love the German city names dance.. Please make a full music video with it..! :P Cheers

  • nicole roberts
    nicole roberts

    Well yeah, that's what we expected

  • Serdar Seçkin
    Serdar Seçkin


  • Fariel Seradjy
    Fariel Seradjy

    Audi looks like a Peugeot from the side

  • Xnatur

    Carwow Austria?!

  • Fernando Lopes
    Fernando Lopes

    I rather Ford Focus

  • Hawk ey
    Hawk ey

    mazda 3

  • Noah Berg
    Noah Berg

    I’ll take the VW

  • Suzy Loehr
    Suzy Loehr

    1:02 what is it?

  • mark totton
    mark totton

    Who cares?

  • sultan7971

    vw the best !

  • Orgest Cekaj
    Orgest Cekaj

    Audi all day long

  • Phil

    They are all the same now.

  • T P
    T P

    Vw it’s not posh car

  • Adrian Nando Tribellini
    Adrian Nando Tribellini

    This guy looks like if Will Buxton and Sir Jackie Stewart had a child

  • Vivian Codée
    Vivian Codée

    in its entirety the Golf 8 by distance!

  • Pedro Moreira
    Pedro Moreira

    19:23 you're a man of culture i see

  • Jonathan LFC Cortis
    Jonathan LFC Cortis

    It would seem that when it comes to Prestigious, premium brand cars....Mercedes-Benz is always a cut above the rest!👌

  • Kid Cipher
    Kid Cipher

    I love carwow's content a lot, but I don't value Matt's opinion on Mercedes because he's a "fanboy". He always forces it to be good where its not. How can it have the best practicality when its boot space is the least? C'mon Matt, you can do better

  • Kavi4

    The soft touch in the rear of the Audi missing is weird as the last 8V has it across the range , the Mk7 Golf never had it. The plastics lower down was best in class with nice feeling plastics , disappointed the Audi has dropped its finishes.

  • RAY NL
    RAY NL

    I would've included the Seat Leon in this. But who am I?

  • Bhuiyan Khalid
    Bhuiyan Khalid

    WAIT... How are you showing us how good these cars are for carrying 3 in the back? COVID-19!

  • Bhuiyan Khalid
    Bhuiyan Khalid

    The Golf has been in a group test like.... 3 times and this is the 4th time. Group tests the golf has been in: Volkswagen Golf vs Ford Focus vs Vauxhall Astra Volkswagen Golf vs Ford Focus vs Kia Ceed Volkswagen Golf vs Audi A3 Volkswagen Golf vs Audi A3 vs BMW 1 series vs Mercedes A-Class

  • Liem Liam
    Liem Liam

    In January 2020 I ordered a white A250 with Premium Plus Package. Forget the 1.3 engines! But due to the world going to sh*t - dealer has advised lead time is now March 2021! But I’ll wait. For me, it’s just a lovely car inside & out. ***Edit*** Dealer has called to say my new car is ready picking it up 15th October 2020! Can’t wait.

    • Liem Liam
      Liem Liam

      @ismeto Thanks. No not the e, but A250 full on fossil fuel 🤷🏻🤫

    • ismeto

      A 250 e ? congrat....

  • tigerarmyrule

    I hate how the marketers call these "entry level cars". Entry to what? Talking down to the customers is what it is. How about calling them what they are?


    A class looking good,you is England people?

  • Milch Shake
    Milch Shake


  • HE76

    Any chance you could use the same segment of vehicle for a plug in hybrid test. I know the 1 series does not have one but A class and new A3 do.

  • Ruth Inciong
    Ruth Inciong

    wow, very cool !

  • speed hunter
    speed hunter

    I prefer the BMW cause it is a greatest car and got also a great tec too like the Mercedes but I like it's look better

  • Mcdonald family Mcdonald
    Mcdonald family Mcdonald

    BMW you just bias so you can make money u snake lol

  • J13 Jimmer
    J13 Jimmer

    Could u add how many liters/100km of fuel those cars use to ur videos?

  • William Correia
    William Correia

    I love the Mercedes interior but that rear design is just blunt. Its just lazy design

  • Herman Khosa
    Herman Khosa

    We need car wow South Africa

  • Julien Wallner
    Julien Wallner

    I love A class

  • Veela Veela
    Veela Veela

    Hahaha! Migrainous face of golf 😂😂

  • Lewis Pax
    Lewis Pax

    Definitely bmw ftw 🙌

  • Alden Brown
    Alden Brown

    0:51 It’s not a problem, it’s a ME problem!

  • Freshgresh

    IMO the Audi A3 just looks so much better than the competition.

  • Katrina Connor
    Katrina Connor

    I wanna watch this video all day

  • Hassan Awan
    Hassan Awan

    Worlds best 4 are GERMAN!

  • raja zubair
    raja zubair

    How to import Mercedes A-class in Pakistan

  • AWhileHanlin

    I choose none. They are over engineered rip off crap. Get me a Honda or Toyota.

  • Will Thompson
    Will Thompson

    The Audi A3 looks quite cool but inside that dashboard looks like it was stacked up by a toddler! The Golf looks awesome when I saw it in the dealership and all the materials are very premium but on camera it looks quite terrible and cheap looking, weird!

  • Paris Green
    Paris Green

    It’s the Mercedes for me

  • John Bradshaw
    John Bradshaw

    Mazda 3, better interior and better styling than any of these.

  • Sparsha Banik
    Sparsha Banik

    GOD the Audi looks terrific in the thumbnail 😍

  • Lordy Chen
    Lordy Chen

    Being comparable and actually competitive to the BBA makes the Golf a winner already.

  • Strawberry J
    Strawberry J

    They made the golf look cute :( used to look badass

  • Zaid Salim
    Zaid Salim

    Funny how matt never points out the fqke exhaust on the audi 🤔

  • Pranav Duddi Seshadri
    Pranav Duddi Seshadri

    The BMW is the best

  • Smarty CooL
    Smarty CooL

    This new Audi A3 just look awesome.

  • nick trowbridge
    nick trowbridge

    Hahae so good

  • Aaron A
    Aaron A

    All four are terrible, driven all of them and would say you are better saving and going for something nicer. Especially if you are from the UK. The only one out of these four that is good in most of the weather conditions here in the UK is the golf. The golf has been destroyed with this new front end design.

  • Crazy Skull
    Crazy Skull

    Audi own Lamborghini

  • Brown Iverson
    Brown Iverson

    €29k a class costs €87k in my country

  • 1 Up
    1 Up

    BMW talk always first

  • Sheraz Baloch
    Sheraz Baloch

    Mercedes is best love this

  • Robert Ružić
    Robert Ružić

    My 2012 golf 6 has less plastic than new 8 hmmm rear dors soft front dor soft dash soft dont know what happened in later cars they are getting 😳😳

  • Tanish Jain 45
    Tanish Jain 45


  • Grega

    All the newer german cars are overdone (which makes me sad). Complicated design, creases everywhere, too much technical stuff, God forbid if just one sensor fails, by the way what happened to physical buttons and what happened to simple design, both interior and exterior? I think we are not ready for things like these being so extreme yet.. Fu*cking hell we spend more time looking at infotainment screens rather than driving these days.. All the newer cars look and offer pretty much the same if you take away the badges. There is so little variety that it just comes down to what brand you obseess yourself with the most.. And if you want just a little bit of that fun factor or something to make you feel a bit special (thats how they take your money by the way) you can spend so much extra cash on pointless sh*t.. Carbon fiber this, carbon fiber that, option this, option that,.. They all want to do so many things at once, but what they are forgetting is that nothing is perfect and that there have to be compromises, now that is what makes a car feel special. F*cking hell.. So! -Summary for 2020 cars: Meh. But that's just my oppinion. Democracy and sh*t xD Now you can share hate comments down below :D PEACE!

  • Moises Ortega Garcia
    Moises Ortega Garcia

    What is the actual price of the versions that Mat is reviewing??

  • zied sakka
    zied sakka

    You are hilarious mate !

  • Ernest Mashilo
    Ernest Mashilo

    why is the app only restricted to European countries? I am in South Africa

  • Michal Slovnaft
    Michal Slovnaft

    That search results Carol F*cking Baskin

  • MrEngland2u

    Just an adfest. Had to stop watching.

  • Zorica Sremcevic
    Zorica Sremcevic

    0:14 Ahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhshshshshshshshaa

  • Brett Tinder
    Brett Tinder

    The new Golf looks like trash from the front, beauty from the back. Whhyyyyyy????

  • Emil Serbacov
    Emil Serbacov

    Dodge Ram it’s a better car....biger inside...


    Buying an a class soon this video has sold me on it

  • Colin

    Hi Mat. Will Carwow consider doing a version for Ireland? We don't have any sites that do new car deals.

  • Scott Hilton
    Scott Hilton

    Far too many ads on your videos now 🥺🥱

  • Linus

    Had the a-class as a rental and the road noise was terrible. The last 1-series is bye far my favorite to drive but haven’t tried the new generation (which unfortunately is front wheel drive)

  • nick miller
    nick miller

    Clearly the Toyota is the best. Honda comes second.

  • D

    I can't understand why people love Mercedes interior, i mean has a taste for good looking interior went this bad? It's a fucking rectangle shaped screen and that's it.

  • D

    Bmw interior is great, not flashy and tacky like the rest of the competition, also the rear is perfect. Shame about the front end.

  • Lando1876

    can you do Vw golf vs Audi a3 vs Seat leon vs Skoda scala

  • Peter McElvogue
    Peter McElvogue

    I would have liked to see the Focus ST- Line X with the 1.5 3pot up against these at the same time. As that is also a direct rival for these cars.

  • Kutay Büyükarslan
    Kutay Büyükarslan

    Adamların 20 bine sıfır alabildiklerine bak

  • Georgije2

    How VW designed the new Golf's front end:

  • nittin6778

    You can get the full screen map in the driver's display of the mercedes as well... just go to navigation and select the 3rd style display

  • InstegramSHQIP

    Audi wins outside Mercedes inside

  • Brandon Smit
    Brandon Smit

    Audi has the better option by far 👍🏼

  • cleva edwards
    cleva edwards

    Nice dance Mat

  • dravreh

    Mercedes have gone the way of Ralph Lauren - Bigger logo! People want this only for the brand! To hell with everything else...

  • munzur daş
    munzur daş


  • gökhan yücel
    gökhan yücel


  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin

    Here in the U.S.A., the price gap between the VW ($26k usd) and the Mercedes ($34k usd) makes all the difference, with the BMW and AUDI splitting the middle. The idea that they're directly comparable in the UK is mindblowing....

  • Ramiz B
    Ramiz B


  • Freedom Fighter
    Freedom Fighter

    I am missing a more everyday experience of the cars, think Mat should have driven them longer time. In order to save a little money Golf and too many other cars have saved away the really nice push and rotary buttons to change temperature and fan speed. In most older cars you still have these buttons and it much easier and safer to operate: even in my old Swift I can keep my eyes on the road and operate the climate inside without looking on a screen. I can see Audi and Mercedes has kept a separate section just for this: good. Driving in the dark Golf hasn't even lit up the temperature sliders: really bad!

  • Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg
    Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg

    0:15 what does a German look like through the eyes of an Englishman! 👍

  • Chicho wheels
    Chicho wheels

    I think mazda 3 is a better choice if you are looking for an awesome interior quality and, in fact, the most Premium feeling, that its the most important key that should have the german premium brands, BMW, MB and Audi.

  • Kaan Kutlu
    Kaan Kutlu


  • Isaiah Olu
    Isaiah Olu

    Honestly I watch half these vids just to hear Matt, he's hilarious

  • Rajvosa97

    Man you choose the most boring golf 8 why not the r line?

  • Xclus!v IT
    Xclus!v IT

    I choose a German car! 😁