Why I'm getting a new BMW M4 or M3 - engine redline rev test + 'review'
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It’s the one you bimmer boys & girls have been waiting for… ALL-NEW BMW M3 & M4!
First things first, we need to address the elephant in the room - the absolutely huge vertical grille! Yes, we know it’s not to everyone's taste, but you can’t deny that the rest of the updates to both the exterior and interior make up for it, right?!
Still not convinced? Well even if the looks aren’t to your liking, we know one thing that will be… the specs! Both cars are powered by a 3-litre straight-six, and with the competition pack included they’ll produce 510hp, 650Nm (100Nm MORE than the previous generation) and will hit 60mph in less than 4 seconds!
So what do you think - can you still be mad at BMW with performance stats like that, right?! All we know is, you’ll have to stick with Mat and find out!
00:00 Intro
01:01 Exterior Design
04:47 Interior
06:00 Seats
06:18 Engine
06:48 Sound Test
08:33 Drivetrain
09:42 Brakes
10:28 Price
10:46 Weight
11:18 Power
11:46 Verdict
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    If you think BMW should give Mat an M3 please LIKE this comment. If you'd prefer they gave him an M4 just comment M4! We will pass the results on to BMW. With enough engagement we'll hopefully secure one of them for this channel! People power FTW!

    • Äry Schecter
      Äry Schecter

      Get this Old man the M3 🤣

    • Julian Castillo
      Julian Castillo


    • james smith
      james smith

      Get’m an m3 bmw !!

    • the great The Grand tour fan.
      the great The Grand tour fan.

      It's hard to decide. Get both.

    • Hamza Saad Qureshi
      Hamza Saad Qureshi




  • Awais Ali
    Awais Ali

    Comfort mode exhaust sounds better than the new A45s in race mode 😂

  • Leslie Stroobant
    Leslie Stroobant

    "Hit the bell icon..." You've said that so many times that you're something of a bell icon yourself. Lovely review though.

  • Facebook MarkoKena
    Facebook MarkoKena


  • Nkonzo Dladla
    Nkonzo Dladla

    I thought this car was ugly until this review, it's beautiful and unique, THANKS MAT❤

  • Berkay Beyri
    Berkay Beyri

    The Carwow Stick of Truth is dead. LONG LIVE THE CARWOW FIST OF TRUTH

  • willem engelbrecht
    willem engelbrecht

    Hi Mat When are you getting a xdrive Competition model to actually drive and do some testing on?

  • Eduardo Gomez
    Eduardo Gomez

    Get Mat an M4 Comp cause he liked it less than the M3 Comp. like if you agree

  • Luke le Jean
    Luke le Jean

    They look like the Alpha Guilla... especially the 3 series

  • Kurt Kaster
    Kurt Kaster

    OK, no more tooting noises from the exhaust. I'm onboard again. Especially after seeing the grill with a modified front bumper. AND they finally figured out how to keep the top from having all the creases in it! Thank you 911 for that inspiration.

  • Josh33

    An m2 with this setup would be an absolute riot

  • Dylan Benjamin
    Dylan Benjamin

    Get Matt a M3

  • Andres Miguel
    Andres Miguel

    Why did BMW approve this sheit!

  • Abraham Lincoln
    Abraham Lincoln

    i can't believe they brought back the hitler stash in the front, but made it like 10x bigger than what they had in the 90s.

  • Big Money Brian
    Big Money Brian

    Get it

  • Life Travel Essential
    Life Travel Essential


  • Mujahid Hussain
    Mujahid Hussain

    m3 any day


    get matt a c63s please

  • Doctor Bashir
    Doctor Bashir

    How much are they paying you? It’s hideous

  • Evagoras Minas
    Evagoras Minas

    Just put the license plate on the side like Alfa do and it's gonna be perfect

  • Hurtman

    Holy shit, is that the new Pontiac Aztek?

  • Norton Spider
    Norton Spider

    i didnt like the grills when i first saw them but now i like em

  • AndyG

    If you see someone driving around in one of these pigs you know they aren't into cars, its just a BMW badge to them. BMW design peaked at the E46

  • BevBilt BD Garage
    BevBilt BD Garage

    I’ve ordered the m3 competition pack in red with the dark grey and black interior I’ll be using it to develop modified parts for upgrade packages from fast road to competition use. Then I’ll be keeping it as my daily driver

  • Nick Pierik
    Nick Pierik

    Its strange that the car is sitting on Michelin Pilot super sport tyres because thats a 10year old tyre design?

  • Christian Castaño
    Christian Castaño

    Horrible grill

  • TheLambo2

    Congratulations to the BMW team for reinventing the Edsel. Ugly then and no different now. Laughable

  • M Ali
    M Ali

    That grill tho - must have been designed by alien.

  • spencer clark
    spencer clark

    Matt stop fisting the cars

  • deanicuss

    That pig nose grill needs colour coding to just above the number plate and leave the rest black, then it will look better.

  • John Allum
    John Allum

    I'm really surprised he likes a BMW because he doesn't and I definitely didn't expect him to like the M3. Really really surprising. Give him a daily !!!

  • Deepali Gaikwad
    Deepali Gaikwad

    You should get the M4. Because it has 4 doors and that is sportier. Get the carbon pack, bucket seats and the carbon ceramics. Please get the alloy wheels on the M3. But brushed

  • Pulkit Singh.
    Pulkit Singh.

    They’re so ugly tbh!!

  • Duke van Octane
    Duke van Octane

    Pig noose😆

  • Ariel Aburto
    Ariel Aburto

    Can't get pass those ugly grilles

  • Davy Herzet
    Davy Herzet

    "Sir, please stop fisting the car"

  • superpoon16

    Really ugly front grill i everseen.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow

    Ugly af

  • Angus Mackenzie
    Angus Mackenzie

    Wonder if the next 3 series refresh will get this grille 🤔

  • Christophe Ribeiro
    Christophe Ribeiro

    Get Mat an M3

  • Cakeyboi4

    GET MAT AN M3 COMPETITION RIGHT THIS INSTANT!!! also, its pretty good

  • MrGold

    Stop compaining about the grill the car looks good

  • EJ Pain&Gains Games!
    EJ Pain&Gains Games!

    Get the M3 competition pls

  • pew pew laser beams
    pew pew laser beams

    the front looks much balanced then on the regular version

  • Revolution X
    Revolution X

    Damn my respect for u went down

  • robbie robbie
    robbie robbie

    The whispering Bwhaha, shhhh it’s amazing

  • Matt Ryan
    Matt Ryan

    Holy god that thing is ugly. The little drooling brother of a dodge charger. Literally has the same hood.

    • Jon Snow
      Jon Snow

      I know its hideous

  • Robbae

    buy new m3/4, put this aftermarket grille on it: pictures.topspeed.com/IMG/jpg/202009/you-ll-crave-the-nor.jpg boom perfect car

  • Vincent Din
    Vincent Din

    It really sounds quite pathetic, just like the F80.

  • 31crazyice

    Hope you get the M3 mate, cheers.

  • Frits B
    Frits B

    Obsessed by sticking his fist in things......

  • coco gingin
    coco gingin

    Petition for Ducati V4R vs Porsche 911 Turbo S Like so he sees

  • Victor del Razo
    Victor del Razo

    I don't know about the M3, kind of looks like a little bit smaller Dodge Charger...

  • Evil Chelsea Smile
    Evil Chelsea Smile

    At what point does a design team go "yeah that looks good" 🤔

  • Brenton L
    Brenton L

    Yep, love the new look. Never thought I'd say that.

  • Prathamesh Panchal
    Prathamesh Panchal

    get mat a m4 coupe

  • Peter Griffin
    Peter Griffin

    Those grills ain’t it

  • TheGilmar34

    Le gars ressemble à Lance Armstrong !!!!!

  • John French
    John French

    I think the luftwaffe would have liked these. Might be able to keep up with a spitfire.

  • Toufik TSK
    Toufik TSK

    give Mat an M3 as dally driver please

  • Daily vlog's
    Daily vlog's

    Get m3

  • Gianfranco Sovernigo
    Gianfranco Sovernigo


  • Jonathan Zimmermann
    Jonathan Zimmermann

    I'm the only one that doesn't really like bmw but thinks this new front end is cool. Rip

    • Justin Kapica
      Justin Kapica

      I was that way haha I bought an m240i previously because its a great value performance wise but that traditional kidney setup is pretty bland...I swapped them out for the all black kidneys which helped a bit

  • kholo moshidi
    kholo moshidi

    Audi have always done big grills we will get used to the huge grills. Bmw had to come up with something new to show creativity

  • Andy Smith
    Andy Smith

    I prefer m3

  • James Bond
    James Bond

    Finally over here 👇 www.autoevolution.com/news/a-german-tuner-is-designing-smaller-kidney-grilles-for-the-bmw-m3-and-m4-150358.html

  • kudakwashe zvaita
    kudakwashe zvaita

    I don't blame Chris from hiding. Im sure he is behind that ugly grill design.

  • mark griff
    mark griff

    They should have called it the Dianne Abbot ...what a fkin mess

  • KingDeCalibre

    Me: I want one Wallet: ha naaa m9 Me always wanted a mercedes benz c63amg 2017 but now hm

  • Brinton Kanyiri
    Brinton Kanyiri

    Just go for the M3 competition

  • JnA_playz

    (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞

  • john ryan
    john ryan

    Bloody awful.

  • shepard man
    shepard man

    Grilles are hideous tho I’ll wait for the AWD one

  • drona teckchandani
    drona teckchandani

    Its good looking car.. Stop following the herd.

  • Mario's Hobbies
    Mario's Hobbies


  • A Jay
    A Jay

    Looks beefy , all luxury car brands have oversized grilles , so what's the problem. 🙄

  • Epicon 6
    Epicon 6

    Biggest mistake BMW has made so far. Not all classic grilles are worth bringing back.

  • myslecinaczej

    Are getting them because you love most unreliable shitty brand (per your own summary of the least reliable cars) ?

  • Andor Radnai
    Andor Radnai

    I can live with it. I can! It’s better in a plain colour and I can get a manual. That’s already hugely important for me! Otherwise, a German guy already has a bodykit which will help it. Which I would definitely choose!! The lungs are not killing it for me, but I would change them given the option…

  • Nazim Alimohamed
    Nazim Alimohamed


  • JX Kang
    JX Kang

    7:03 the most awesome part

  • Brian Church
    Brian Church

    M3 + regular updates!

  • Про Рок
    Про Рок

    This is most ugliest BMW i ever seen...

  • Bulelani Dlamini
    Bulelani Dlamini

    The designer is definitely a fan of the Quadrifoglio.

  • Ludwig


  • ConFall

    Jeez can't wait for Rockstar to Add another new Übermacht Cars with massive Grille

  • Glenno :-}
    Glenno :-}

    Do BMW offer a upgraded carbon fibre stick of truth?! 🤔

  • Gary Kiesel
    Gary Kiesel

    Bummer the two door isn’t the better looking one. The rear quarter is too tall like a w204 c class. Makes its rear wheels look tiny. Those fake Gilles even if real look like ass tho Also shame it’s not a big v8

  • Dustin B
    Dustin B

    Did I hear that right?...M3 now AWD????? SOLD!!!!

  • JayZLOne2Three

    That is the ugliest BMW grill I've ever seen. It's like a set of beaver teeth.

  • Tsholofelo Radebe
    Tsholofelo Radebe

    Give Mat M3 Competition

  • Tsholofelo Radebe
    Tsholofelo Radebe

    The M3 looks nicer

  • Tsholofelo Radebe
    Tsholofelo Radebe

    The grill is ugly

  • EthanInGoa

    I really like the new m3... guess I’m weird

  • Jovan Sokac
    Jovan Sokac

    how much did you get payed to say that that looks good

  • Kristjan Prodan
    Kristjan Prodan

    I like it... Not the first bersion but as you said, the other one looks good

  • Jan Barrett Nielsen
    Jan Barrett Nielsen

    Oh no...the BMW-grille just keeps growing like at double wart on the nose... Ooh...wait. Get on the interweb and look up the 3-series from the late 1930's and 5-series in the 1950's - the huuuuge nostrils isn't a new thing. But in the present times of minimalist design trends, that massive snout certainly is a kick straight to your most sensitive aestethic area. But hey, don't buy one in green if you play Angry Birds - you'll never be able to unsee the resemblance between the piggy antagonists and your new Beemer. Give Mat an M3 in green - with a horn that says "oink".

  • Chris Kop
    Chris Kop

    M3's better.

  • Alexandros Georgiou
    Alexandros Georgiou

    Lada samara 2110 in 2005 design failure now as a BMW? It's a disgrace for M3 history.