Audi R8 vs RSQ8: DRAG RACE!
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It’s time for a top-of-the-range Audi showdown!
As we all know, the R8 is the top sports car that Audi produces. We may not have the latest R8 V10 Plus here with us today (we’ve got the previous generation), but thanks to it having a stage 1 tune, it’ll produce identical stats to the Plus - 600hp & 580Nm!
As for the RSQ8, it’s the top-of-the-range Audi SUV, and it'll produce 600hp and 800Nm of torque from its 4-litre twin-turbo V8! But given that it weighs over 600kg MORE than the R8, is the result a foregone conclusion? Or will Mat's experience in drag races prove to be the deciding factor?!
There’s only one way to find out… LET’S RACE!
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  • punithadaickan75

    The r8

  • Somak Aditya
    Somak Aditya

    horse vs hippo...i wonder who'll win this

  • jamal khaddaj
    jamal khaddaj

    Try reving the engine in the gear being in neutral rather than park. That should stop the limmiter.

  • benjamin lopez
    benjamin lopez


  • John Jerrehian
    John Jerrehian

    The "tune" in this R8 is not the same power as the R8 Plus.

  • Oruganti Niranjan
    Oruganti Niranjan

    r8 r8 r8 r8 r8 r8 r8 r8 r88n 88n r88nn r8 r88 88rr rr

  • hofgof

    "Thanks to the Audi you make your cars less and less exciting, with each new model" never heard something more true about audi in the last years

  • László Balázs
    László Balázs

    Only Mat Watson has the ability to race an SUV aginst a Supercar

  • Corey Boase
    Corey Boase


  • Derek Lowe
    Derek Lowe

    The RSQ8 sounded the best , actually! it was more clear

  • Mason Hubbard
    Mason Hubbard

    R8 what’s wrong with you

  • BNS transi
    BNS transi

    You werre comfort

  • Mark Blackman
    Mark Blackman

    Ditch the RSQ8, a hay barn would be quicker in a Gale

  • Gene sackey
    Gene sackey


  • Mac steven Kynjing
    Mac steven Kynjing

    Matt watsonnnnnnnn 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥coolest reviewer ever

  • Agrim Singh
    Agrim Singh

    RSQ8 won the brake test change my mind

  • Patricia De sousa
    Patricia De sousa


  • plummed archer
    plummed archer

    but audi r8 is sub zero 0-60? you just launched it badly

  • Kristin Wyatt
    Kristin Wyatt


  • mich2020

    if an SUV would ever be quicker than what i present to the public as my embodiment of racing perfection , you might consider firing your engineering staff


    Audi rsq 8 vs Lamborghini uras vs Tesla vs rolls Royce cullinin


    Your suv is 10times heavier if u don’t know

  • JesapelleKarl


  • Sajeel Gunpath
    Sajeel Gunpath

    R8 is the best car

  • Lars Cabrilo
    Lars Cabrilo


  • tim060176

    Doesn't look like the previous generation R8 to me.

  • Aleksander SZ
    Aleksander SZ

    First time i saw a SUV beating a supercar( first round ))

  • Mahafizul Molland and
    Mahafizul Molland and

    Audi r8

  • Tony Vigil
    Tony Vigil

    RS Q8 def won the brake test

  • Ruthvik Singh
    Ruthvik Singh

    Aston Martin DBS drag race with Yanni

  • David Khugaev
    David Khugaev

    Q7 speedometer its like Honda or something so cheap looking

  • David Khugaev
    David Khugaev

    What the car R8 omg

  • Wally Blackler
    Wally Blackler

    I picked that

  • Elli Grasso
    Elli Grasso

    You won

  • Sof Pav
    Sof Pav

    2:09 hmm hard I think the R8

  • Anthonio Omoregie
    Anthonio Omoregie

    Think the RS Q8 won the brake test

  • Mckyle Sancho
    Mckyle Sancho

    Aaarh ate

  • Balkrishna hattarki
    Balkrishna hattarki


  • Patrick J Brady
    Patrick J Brady

    The second time Matt you went a fraction before the signal....

  • radhames jr
    radhames jr

    Put it in neutral and it should bypass the rev limiter

  • Otis Palmer
    Otis Palmer


  • Przemysław Jakóbczyk
    Przemysław Jakóbczyk

    RSQ8 2300kg? Mine SQ8 weights 2630kg...

  • Mvelo Mthimkhulu
    Mvelo Mthimkhulu


  • Kayla F
    Kayla F

    I wanna watch this video all day

  • Tuukka Markkula
    Tuukka Markkula

    audi r8 pop's every time, its the best

  • Thor B. R.
    Thor B. R.

    Mat look like he just so bored

  • Buboms


  • Eduardo Manrique
    Eduardo Manrique

    GooooooooooD Job

  • Camille Grimoult
    Camille Grimoult

    Rsq8 or those big SUV are so fucking dumb cars

  • Bleh Bruh
    Bleh Bruh

    I'm not a big fan of Audi... But hell yeah, they made the Q8 and A8 so great I want to get one

  • MisLead

    Hey wait, an R8 doesnt launch that slow!!!

  • Peter Bobrovský
    Peter Bobrovský

    2:41 🤣🤣🤣

  • Bhuiyan Khalid
    Bhuiyan Khalid

    Why don't you do a race between a RSQ8 an SQ8 and the standard Q8?

  • Ismi

    R88888888888 😂

  • Aahil Ameer
    Aahil Ameer

    RSQ8 WON

  • samedox neox
    samedox neox

    The r8 driver wtf what is he doing

  • Blitz

    No matter who won the brake test, it's pretty fuckin impressive that a huge boat of an SUV braked as hard as a 6 figure supercar

  • Farid A
    Farid A

    This RSQ8 didn’t win any of the races. However, Huncho G,s RSQ8 would !

    • Tastic Basic
      Tastic Basic

      ? Brake test it did

  • Roland M
    Roland M

    It's incredible the RSQ8 at a whopping *5100lb* brakes as well as it does. Amazing job they did there. TBH it looks like the Q8 actually stopped *just* shorter based on the bumper. But, based on the wheel position it seems like the R8 is slightly shorter. It could just be how it looks in the video but that's how it looks to me--it seems like the Q8 has a shorter nose than the R8 making the difference.

  • mukta ahuja
    mukta ahuja


  • Jackline Ghassemian
    Jackline Ghassemian


  • Sam Ross Jr
    Sam Ross Jr

    The R8 won the brake test ( and it had nothing to do with me liking the Wonderful R8..LOL)

  • yoyo bob
    yoyo bob

    Matt'mine is longer' I mean car of course

  • DerFuchs

    V10 sound is porn. I was very suprised about the break test result.

  • Andy Pagan
    Andy Pagan

    I wanna watch this video all day

  • Hassy ola
    Hassy ola

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  • WrOnG TaRgeT
    WrOnG TaRgeT

    how do you guys even have 4.6 M subscribers? What is the point of this video?

  • Pav J
    Pav J

    Do a 1 litre race

  • Erik Jensen
    Erik Jensen

    Only Toys for the richs👎

    • plummed archer
      plummed archer

      what cars arent?

  • Gym of simulation, Miscellaneous simulation
    Gym of simulation, Miscellaneous simulation

    BB and noise sports cars have a story! Ha................................................................

  • Michael Khouri
    Michael Khouri

    rs2 is the sport mode not rs1 m8

  • channer tortem
    channer tortem

    Rsq8 is nicer

  • Richie Chu
    Richie Chu

    SUV ko super car thanks Audi

  • almumen AB
    almumen AB

    There is a mask with this car

  • William Keller
    William Keller

    RSQ8 sounds better!! (hides for dear life!)

  • Keep on Tri-ing!
    Keep on Tri-ing!

    Prefer the q8 if I had to pick. But I do have a family and need to lug stuff around

  • Mr Si
    Mr Si

    Мда... сравнивать спортивку с паркетником. Вы ещё сравните парусную яхту с моторной. 😂😂😂

  • Sebastian Daniel
    Sebastian Daniel

    R8 first run: What??? R8 second run: STONKS

  • polopowered

    Boring. Again.

  • Mads Sick
    Mads Sick

    Next video: Bugatti Chiron vs Fiat Multipla

  • Himani Singh
    Himani Singh

    Please car wow next video 🙏 is Ferrari F8 vs McLaren 720 Spyder Love from india ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Timo Klap
    Timo Klap

    but it in neutral and that will overpass the softlimiter when revving!

  • Austin Bates
    Austin Bates

    So cutee

  • william kizito
    william kizito

    Same braking

  • Willibald Zunner
    Willibald Zunner

    the ugly and fat SUV always loses and is embarrassing

  • Fredrik Hauan Bræin
    Fredrik Hauan Bræin

    Can you do Jaguar f-pace svr vs range rover sport svr

  • bhavesh madaan
    bhavesh madaan

    I love the Audi RS Q8 very much. One of the best car i have ever seen. Thanks for sharing this post with all of us. Even i have an article on the all new Audi RS Q8. Check out the article here:


    Waitttt... . In one month you've got 2mil subs?? Bruhhhh.....

  • Leon

    The Plus got 610 PS, so it's not the same

  • Andrija Pavlovic
    Andrija Pavlovic

    Audi QnA

  • Robertus Koppies
    Robertus Koppies

    The R8 is so bloody ugly compared to other cars in this price range. Audi. Sucks.

  • Иванов Perfomance - Sound
    Иванов Perfomance - Sound

    I love the sounds of a V10 engine performance 2:01

  • Samsung S7 Edge
    Samsung S7 Edge

    “ i know mines longer than yours 🤷‍♂️ the car that is”🤣

  • Everything Jonathan
    Everything Jonathan

    I’ve rode in an Audi R8 and it’s hella fast. When u have the right driver you can’t feel your face.

  • Projjwal Ray-6
    Projjwal Ray-6

    Frankly, the performance of the R8 was very pedestrian vis-a-vis the SUV.

  • Mark Burgess
    Mark Burgess

    Isn't anticipating the hands dropping technically a false start? Surely all drivers should be reacting at the same time if you are to compare the cars, and their ability to launch, accurately. Matt basically confirmed he is cheating as we all knew he has been

  • TheBiggerrich

    Forgetting the little black missile out of the window, I am impressed watching the numbers climb on the RSQ8 speedo!! Need a “real world” overtake a car doing 70 test

  • Eliot Perez
    Eliot Perez

    would be cool if u made some classic car vehicle reviews every now and then. porsches, audis, bmw etc

  • David Games
    David Games

    I think the stupid new emission regs have ruined modern performance cars with really is a pity.😞

  • mukta ahuja
    mukta ahuja

    I think r8 had the best sound