BMW X3 M40i vs Volvo XC60 Polestar vs Audi Q5e: DRAG RACE
It's time for an SUV drag race - but with a new school vs old school flavour! Representing the new, we have the Volvo XC60 Polestar and Audi Q5e! The Volvo is definitely the better of the two, with a 2-litre turbo engine that combines with an electric motor, it can put down 405hp and 675Nm of torque! As for the old school, we have the BMW X3 M40i! With its straight-six 3-litre turbo, it can produce 354hp and 500Nm of torque! So will the newer hybrids have what it takes to bring down the M40i? There's only one way to find out... LET'S RACE!
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  • jurgis berr
    jurgis berr

    bmw were cheating on brake test

  • Nick Haralampopoulos
    Nick Haralampopoulos

    Conclusion: hybrid boolshit 🤪 BMW old technology won all tests

  • Erik Holmberg
    Erik Holmberg

    You dont buy a volvo for the speed.... You buy it for the safety and the comfort.

  • Jeff Jassby
    Jeff Jassby

    change drivers..Audi driver was taking a nap

  • Mark's Tech
    Mark's Tech

    why'd Volvo switch to all 4 cylinder engines :( .. imagine a 8 speed ,turbo charged 6 cylinder polestar ... that would have been KILLER

  • Bongani Given
    Bongani Given

    Next time remove the Audi Q5e and put the SQ5 so it can be fair

  • rbergqvist85


  • UnytaryWharf 689
    UnytaryWharf 689

    2:00 gooo Volvo!!!!

  • Bug life
    Bug life

    Why is the BMW with a 3l engine ?????????

  • Swedskeee1000 Sjostrom Gohlner
    Swedskeee1000 Sjostrom Gohlner

    It’s all European cars and you have Mph and not Kmh

  • Briar Craig
    Briar Craig

    I love Volvos their my favorite car.

  • stressohne grund
    stressohne grund

    I didn’t even watch the video and I knew the BMW will win

  • tw

    hi Matt, can we have a review on Volvo XC60 T8 2020? want to check out the hybrid option of the car so much! thx!

  • gert scholtes
    gert scholtes

    I price difference of 35000 Euros in the Netherlands between the Volvo and the BMW!!


    Winter road Bmw breh Volvo breh Audi voarrrrrrr king the audi

  • A J Thomas
    A J Thomas

    "every other country in the world"... When the bmw driver doesn't push a single button

  • naroksx

    Xc60 did the quarter mile 0.2 secs faster than the S60 with the same drivetrain. I have a feeling that the s60 was not fully charged, unlike the xc60

  • Edgar Araújo
    Edgar Araújo


  • Jacqueline Bradshaw
    Jacqueline Bradshaw

    bmw flames in tou no

  • Jacqueline Bradshaw
    Jacqueline Bradshaw

    audi is my vote

  • Mikey_PA

    Who cares about a few milleseconds! The Polestar XC60 wins on quality and looks. In fact the Audi and BMW are downright ugly in design.

  • khabib

    Bmw 3 volvo 1 audi 0

  • Ciso Valentin
    Ciso Valentin

    BMW all day

  • 72tubedmiaz


  • Hovo Avetisyan
    Hovo Avetisyan

    I have an idea. Make auto braking competition from 100-0 km / s.

  • TMogg Mogotsi
    TMogg Mogotsi

    i was right that X3 is bleeding fast

  • TMogg Mogotsi
    TMogg Mogotsi

    i paused at the Beemer power, but why do i have a slight feeling the BMW is going to kill the others?

  • Juho Koivisto
    Juho Koivisto

    volvo is the best

  • David Olyott
    David Olyott

    BMW Everytime All the time Proud to be a fanboi

  • GirlinGrey

    July? Why are the trees in winter mode then?

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez

    BMW won this!! Fair and square!

  • Milan E.
    Milan E.

    BMW 😎 straight six

  • Saif Ansarii
    Saif Ansarii


  • Lbnewell 23
    Lbnewell 23

    I’m a bmw fanboy. But the Volvo definitely looks best imo

  • Misterworldwide

    The BMW model looks like it's from 2005

  • Heck -nez
    Heck -nez

    Can you do the BMW X3 30e vs Volvo XC 60 T8 vs Audi Q5?

  • ValDrin Mehmeti
    ValDrin Mehmeti

    3 for bmw

  • sub39h

    I’m very impressed with both of those hybrids. I think in another colour t he Audi is the best looking. The facelift is definitely on my watch list for my next car.

  • Mercedes AMG S65
    Mercedes AMG S65

    You should have done M vs RS vs AMG

    • Mercedes AMG S65
      Mercedes AMG S65

      They are true rivals

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars


  • HeadingForTomorrow

    Did you do SQ5 comparison?

  • Sudev dev
    Sudev dev

    Compare ABS test in slippery base

  • Big Boss
    Big Boss

    Hahah, the 2.0 Volvo Beats a 3.0 BMW

  • Ubayed Kabir
    Ubayed Kabir

    X5m vs. Sq7. Vs. Glc63

  • Maximilian Lagerholm
    Maximilian Lagerholm

    Basically Volvo for overtaking. BMW if you wanna go fast. Audi. I mean it looks good.

  • thedarkkinght24

    why are you not using sq5?

  • Sofia Puyo
    Sofia Puyo

    m40i X3 is great... beats most non 911 porsches, and all SUVs in its class :)

    • Sense Cars
      Sense Cars

      Wow ofc a 911 is gonna beat it

  • Leontii Zainchkovskyi
    Leontii Zainchkovskyi

    Should taken SQ5

  • Fabio Jevrwmovic
    Fabio Jevrwmovic

    Make a Race With a sq5 and Not with a q5e

  • lukeWasTaken

    X3M Competition vs GLE63 S vs e-tron

  • zZeNky


  • Peter

    3.34 - was that the BMW dumping fuel through its exhaust?

  • Chef C
    Chef C

    wonder if matt switched the volvo driving mode to power

  • Greg

    BMW powertrains are brilliant. Shame their styling seems to be going to pot...

  • Zeke Morgan
    Zeke Morgan

    My dad owns a bmx M540i touring and bmw Mx640i

  • Dimitar Dimitrov
    Dimitar Dimitrov

    Why don't you do a drag race and all the challenges with Volvo V90 Cross Country, and Audi A4 All road and maybe Ford Fiesta 1.4 TDCI, VW polo 1.4 TDI and a Corsa all 2004-06. That would be interesting and fun to see.

  • Gustaf inhocsignovinces
    Gustaf inhocsignovinces

    This is biased.. Trying to promote electric bullshit.. Batteries somehow grows on trees these days🤔

  • Zvde Bdgy
    Zvde Bdgy


  • TheFreakonhell

    If you need some free fuel, ask a BMW driver to do a drag start 😂

  • Enzo S.
    Enzo S.

    Next time use a SQ5, this will run better than the hybrid shit.

  • Deep K
    Deep K

    Oh man beemer is ugly af

  • John Jerrehian
    John Jerrehian

    Interesting race. Audi, BMW, Volvo all won one in different ways... Audi and Volvo's weight hurts them on the brake test where BMW won.

  • Ibrar Khan
    Ibrar Khan

    BMW ❤

  • xavi R
    xavi R


  • Joseph Ma
    Joseph Ma

    That’s a solid 4-0 for the bmw cmon

  • Mveledzo T
    Mveledzo T

    Where are BMW fan boys at? 👇

    • Mveledzo T
      Mveledzo T

      @lancedanoob I like the x3 brand but if I look at price wise, I would rather buy the BMW x5 xDrive30d rather than the x3 m40i

    • lancedanoob

      Mveledzo T do u like the x3 m40i?

    • Mveledzo T
      Mveledzo T

      I'm a huge fan boy who is obsessed with the x5 and the 530d

    • lancedanoob

      im a huge bmw fanboy who is obsessed with the m2

    • Noob Tube
      Noob Tube

      im one

  • Christian Bryant
    Christian Bryant

    £65,000 for a VOLVO? why? I would much rather have an Audi or BMW.

  • MAJD مجد
    MAJD مجد

    Bmw forever💙

  • Rudss Botes
    Rudss Botes

    BMW engineering. SUV weigh less than m6 coupé

  • warfire24

    The X3 M40i flies and I was surprised to see it beat out the hybrid cars in this test. Sport Plus mode is an absolutely insane and it's still down over 100hp from the X3M. Love the X3 as a daily driver especially with the adaptive suspension. Does everything perfect except wish I could figure out how to disable start stop in comfort mode 2ithout having to push the button everytime...😣


    Bmw forever dead ❤️🌹

  • Serhiy 123
    Serhiy 123

    MATT CHEATS ALL THE TIME. This is no comparison of cars - rather people

  • WK K
    WK K

    BMW 3, Volvo 0, Audi 0

  • Lazzy J
    Lazzy J

    where the new c8 corvette at though????

  • alex luke
    alex luke

    I am happily waiting when Volvos of MY2021 will be raced here with 110mph limiter 😂😂😂

  • Tokyo Drive
    Tokyo Drive

    *Alfa Stelvio Quadrifoglio 🍀*

  • Andreas Hortig
    Andreas Hortig

    Look at the q5 start, that is a joke! Is this a start on EV Mode, so the petrol engine kicked in later? The q5 tfsi e is a massive beast from the line, way quicker than this.

  • L- Boy
    L- Boy

    BMW X5 pls

  • Aqif Izzfahmi
    Aqif Izzfahmi

    Noo why bmw must win

  • ClassicsGamer


  • tshepo makuwa
    tshepo makuwa

    Plz be fair matt

  • Willem de zwijger van Oranje
    Willem de zwijger van Oranje

    When people tell their friends that Volvo’s are slow.....

  • Khotso Liphoto
    Khotso Liphoto

    The Audi disappoints once again😒

  • Серёжа Воскобойник
    Серёжа Воскобойник

    Audi driver so idiot,look at first start

  • Luis Reyes
    Luis Reyes

    Bmw x6 M competition, lamborghini urus, audi rs q8, porsche cayenne coupe turbo, mercedes gle coupe AMG 65, dodge durango hellcat, jeep gran cherokee trackhawk, bentley bentayga.

  • ranger skyflyer
    ranger skyflyer

    Bmw no1 the fucking king

  • E.V.E

    BMW is the clear winner here!!!

  • penghan Wang
    penghan Wang

    the X3 m40i in the US has 382HP? what is going on? should it be the same or I am wrong?

  • Mubble Mann
    Mubble Mann

    We're destined to drive electric and hybrid cars for the rest of our lives. Just enjoy a big meaty petrol engine while you can.

  • Nithin K
    Nithin K

    Bring koenigsegg

  • Hen zo
    Hen zo

    Come on Matt its 4:0 for BMW

  • Rochinha111

    ALFA ROMEO: Who are you?

  • BMA-Glock-boy Bma-glock-boy
    BMA-Glock-boy Bma-glock-boy


  • Rick Lyon
    Rick Lyon

    Why not the Audi SQ5?

  • Dali Ben ali
    Dali Ben ali


  • Odysseas Sakiotis
    Odysseas Sakiotis

    Volvo didn’t win anything!!!!!

  • nik haycock
    nik haycock

    Hi Matt could you please do one of these drag races with the merc eqc as I just got one last week and would love to see how it fairs against similar cars, petrol, hybrid or other ev’s .

  • Abdullah Mustafa
    Abdullah Mustafa

    Make a race with bmw x5 and range rover !!!!!!!!!!!please

  • Chris Vaughan
    Chris Vaughan

    How to have the least horse power and still be the fastest? You have to be BMW!

  • kirill zhdanov
    kirill zhdanov

    БМВ - пушка!!!

  • Ax 2394
    Ax 2394

    I just love it when the beemer dominates.