See what my girlfriend and I think of my new daily driver... The AMG A45 S!
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It’s a sad day here at carwow HQ, as Mat’s had to say goodbye to his AMG G63...
But you won’t hear us complaining too much, as he’s replaced it with an all-new AMG A45 S! It's the most powerful hatchback EVER created, with an incredible 2-litre 4 cylinder engine under the bonnet that can produce a spectacular 421hp!
Sure it’s not got the same palatial interior as you’ll find in the G63, but with a whole load of ultra-modern tech crammed inside, we’re sure Mat won’t mind there being a little less space.
However, one thing he may not be so fond of is the price - with this little pocket rocket coming in at £57,000! So will he think it’s worth it? You’d better sit back for this all-new review to find out!
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  • carwow

    Come on then, what do you want to see Mat drag race against in his A45 S? Let us know!

    • Magnus Tan
      Magnus Tan

      Audi S3. See what’s the gap between the ultimate A-Class and the entry level hot A3...

    • Tobias Provan
      Tobias Provan

      Yianni and any of his lambos and you’ll probs still win

    • Terry Rodbourn
      Terry Rodbourn

      carwow You just told us you Girlfriend is you right hand! :)

    • Blake Swan
      Blake Swan


    • nolan seymour
      nolan seymour

      2020 BMW 1000rr

  • Julius S
    Julius S

    3:25 “Canards” remind you of the french word for duck because that’s what they are named after xD

  • Χαρης Θεοδουλου
    Χαρης Θεοδουλου

    Would like to see a drift challenge vs BMW M2!!

  • Paul Girling
    Paul Girling

    What a stunning car !! Very expensive though and it seems i will be left with my golf r mk 7

  • Dr. Feelgood
    Dr. Feelgood

    My daily driver would be a Ferrari F 8 Tributo. Nothing else. With a special exhaust equipment. No cat pipes. Just brutal loud and rough. With black 22' black Forgiato 3 piece wheels and slammed down to the ground.

  • Abubakar Javed
    Abubakar Javed

    G63 amg is still better

  • whoisnishan

    Hey, just got the A45s, but I actually prefer the old a45. Something about actual analogue Speedo rather than digital. Plus I find that whilst the new A45s has significantly improved the acceleration lag I found in comfort mode which the old A45 had (where I’d put my foot down and it took the car a few seconds to kick in)... I don’t want to drive it in comfort mode, I want to drive in sport +, and in manual... and in manual, I find the A45s a bit laggy in shift changes. And I can’t tell you how sad I was about the sound down grade with the exhaust system. With the improved comfort mode, and quiet sound engine, and terrible fuel economy of the new A45s, I almost wish I had bought a Tesla! All the fun bits of the A45 were in the old model... AND I don’t rate the burmeister sound system, I think the Harmon kardon system in the old A45 a LOT more punchier, with great surround and a nice deep base. This just doesn’t compare. What do you think? Ps, I like your show, but I notice you don’t review the sound systems in them... why is that? I think audio is important, and good speakers are essential in any car.

  • Jernej zefran
    Jernej zefran

    Riddle me this, you English people... You have the capacity of the fuel tank in liters and than you have your consumption in Miles Per Gallon? How does that work?

  • Magnus Tan
    Magnus Tan

    An A35 would be good enough for me, doesn’t look as boy-racer and it’s less expensive.

  • Joshua Keen
    Joshua Keen

    Bought the 2020 CLA45s AMG, sold it in 2 months . Quality control is the worst I have ever seen in a car. Especially for the price. Tech and power great , everything else effing terrible.

  • Farrukh Haroon
    Farrukh Haroon

    It’s an awesome car, I’ve had one for a few months, the power is useable and it damn well holds the road, it’s an all rounder. I’ve honestly had more fun in this than super cars such as Ferrari’s etc and super saloons and tourings such as M5, RS6 and M3’s.

  • Jul79

    In Germany it even has automatic lane changing

  • Fou Tiger
    Fou Tiger

    Good choice Mat the Power of the ingenious 4 cylindre

  • Jul79

    "Plus-Model"; that you in the UK get so generalized packages. Visit the German configurator once and view all the options. Anyways, I love the yellow and other option you took. Great choice!

  • babaroga73

    Can't stand a car being yellow apart of it being a taxi. The most annoying color ever.

  • Matt Kochanowski
    Matt Kochanowski

    small and fast - does she refers to your PP?

  • Letchmee Naicker
    Letchmee Naicker


  • Letchmee Naicker
    Letchmee Naicker

    Do a drag race between a Mercedes AMG a45 s and Mercedes AMG GLC 63s

  • Doldur Cosmin
    Doldur Cosmin

    Mat, how about getting a stage 2 and 500hp for the car ? :) It will do 0-60 in 3.1s !

  • Mark Daniels
    Mark Daniels

    This video was sponsored by the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra... 😂

  • teuku ryan
    teuku ryan

    Nice colour, awesome car!

  • richard howlett
    richard howlett

    Can’t believe the painted metal on the inside of the car costing 50 odd grand .

  • Simon King
    Simon King

    Does the cabin suffer from rattles like my A35 did ? So bad I sold it after 8 months!

  • Xatron97

    Mat's girlfriend be like. I like it small and fast. :D

  • Munir Aiman
    Munir Aiman

    If you ever wish to drive at malaysia i suggest a Super-Ultra-Comfort suspension mode as highway here feel like offroad

  • robnexus7

    This is a prats car

  • Vikas Dhiman
    Vikas Dhiman

    Sir, please make an detailed video on jaguar f pace 2021🙏🙏.

  • Marc Birks
    Marc Birks

    Garbage, I don't and never will understand the hype, you pointed out the cheap and tacky ness of this car, stuff like the piss poor exhausts, the flimsy interior, the clock and screen look gash, the bumper fins do look stuck on straight from Halfords, you mentioned it's superior in design and quality to the Audi and the BMW, I think, it's time to keep them glasses on full time Mat 😂

  • Marc Birks
    Marc Birks

    Garbage, I don't and never will understand the hype, you pointed out the cheap and tacky ness of this car, stuff like the piss poor exhausts, the flimsy interior, the clock and screen like gash, the bumper fins do look stuck on straight from Halfords, you mentioned it's superior in design and quality to the Mercedes and the BMW, I think, it's time to keep them glasses on full time Mat 😂

  • Blake Swan
    Blake Swan

    Matt only does German long termers. Such a shame. Matt in a long term McLaren would be way more entertaining.

  • Patrick Frani
    Patrick Frani

    Girlfriend? Or Girl Friend?

  • Umer Mudassir
    Umer Mudassir

    Come on ur 50 and u have gf get married plzzz__zz have a life

  • Rory Barrett
    Rory Barrett

    Black, Green and Gold

  • Person

    The only 2020 A class that is truly impressive is the A250e Saloon. 0.22cd, 80km range on battery, 4 L / 100 KM after you run out. Fast DC charging which is insane feature on PHEV they usually only slow AC.

  • Person

    Understeer, too heavy, only auto (girl's car), mega price. Sorry merc!

  • Joe Danger Finesse
    Joe Danger Finesse

    It doesn't strike me that Mat is a pocket rocket type of lad, he seems more like a BMW M3 Comp. type of guy.

  • Conquer Driving
    Conquer Driving

    Front aero = fish whiskers.

  • Žilke baby
    Žilke baby


  • Andrei Tulvan
    Andrei Tulvan

    I wonder how biased you can be when you receive free cars to drive from major brands.

  • Super Saiyan Drawing
    Super Saiyan Drawing

    I still can't believe how mercedes just copied the drive mode dial from porsche

  • Wolfe

    Clickbait: Girlfriend appeared only for 5 secs. *Boycott Matt starts here*

  • dougie miller
    dougie miller

    'Because its small and its fast' - describing Matt or car! Haha

  • grant simpson
    grant simpson

    i would have bought one, but the no ACC is a deal breaker for me, i use it all the time on my current car.....oh...and i have no money

  • Kenneth Bay Smidt
    Kenneth Bay Smidt

    #AMG #A45S is fucking great #LoveIt #MyCar :-)

  • True Conservative
    True Conservative

    ...”the mercedes guy came to pick uk MY G-class” 😀

  • xavier maillard
    xavier maillard


  • Akash Yadav
    Akash Yadav

    Surprise!!! Mercedes have decided not to pursue A and B class models and keep the models limited.

  • Pranay Kavathekar
    Pranay Kavathekar

    Nice video as per usual. I would like to see the parking assist, rear and front camera parking camera features of this car.

  • Joshua Mack
    Joshua Mack

    How mercedes failed co2 goals

  • aayush malik
    aayush malik

    Make a video on the new gle

  • Michal Krenz
    Michal Krenz

    Dear Matt. I'm very sorry your inefficient car is prevented from making 'farty sounds' by a particulate filter. Also sorry about the pesky rev limiters. You should be allowed to have as much fun and annoy as many people as you want to without having to think of others. An enjoyable video though.

  • David Milenković
    David Milenković

    You should include your girlfriend Jo in drag races, she seems to be a good driver, and probably likes cars, I bet with a little bit of practice she would start beating you very quickly. It would be a fun and interesting video to watch. Include Yanni and his wife as well, it's double the fun. Food for thought. It's a great car, by the way. Godspeed.

  • iwannabeakop

    Love the vid mate, love to see you take it to a track to drift it

  • Larry Crocker
    Larry Crocker

    Great review 🙌😁🖤

  • Tad Ficus Catus
    Tad Ficus Catus

    Porsche should make a car to compete against this. Use the 4 cylinder boxer turbo front mounted to a transaxle like a Subaru or a reverse 911 4wd. It can be a Porsche wrx sti to take on the Mercedes lancer evo.

  • Nicu Ganea
    Nicu Ganea

    Matt I think you are trying to convince yourself that the a45 it’s better than the g class.

  • Tad Ficus Catus
    Tad Ficus Catus

    The most impressive technology in this video was the Car Wow Stick of Thruth.

  • Ron Hunter
    Ron Hunter

    He needs to take it to Nuremberg.

  • powersliding

    do a rally style drive on it

  • ShadowakaBigG

    so annoyed that its not available in canada lol

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    Toyota Supra GR MK5 Review

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  • scheeenfilmiesgucke

    Complaining about bad roads in England seems a bit wimpy. I invite you to come and test my m2 competition in Houston in the briar Forest area. Then you will know what pain is

  • Naitra Naitra
    Naitra Naitra

    she looks a bit like ulrika jonsson

  • Clutch

    Matt I’d like to ask at what age could you drive this type of car, with this kind of power?

    • ABOlsen80X

      @Clutch You might want to refrain from calling other people stupid, seeing that you initially posted a question which is impossible to read.

    • Clutch

      @ABOlsen80X don’t comment if you don’t know what I mean stupid

    • ABOlsen80X

      @Clutch I think you have me mistaken for a patient person.

    • Clutch

      @ABOlsen80X read it again

    • ABOlsen80X


  • Lochan Sivanandan
    Lochan Sivanandan

    I like the colour of your car.

  • sdsd asfasf
    sdsd asfasf

    It looks so wrong and wired when the steering is on the wrong side

  • César Muniz - Ninja Models
    César Muniz - Ninja Models

    I have one Astra Opc yellow and it also seems to attract bees and wasps, I never knew why.

  • Liam Buckley
    Liam Buckley

    The k on the reg looks cloned 50g car don’t look good

  • Siam Paragon
    Siam Paragon

    Wow. You have a girlfriend ?? *You sure are a butch bottom.

  • Cade Nguyen
    Cade Nguyen

    I'd have preferred if they made the AWD , rear biased, given its a mad merc AMG.

  • Tibi Hodor
    Tibi Hodor

    really Mat? you too?

  • Irvin Herman
    Irvin Herman

    another con: you look like a roadman

  • hunyango

    Just saw the steering wheel and instantly decided that i am not buying this car ever... what’s wrong with the perfectly round steering wheel, messing up with the ergonomics, i mean wtf?!!!

  • Stien Muller
    Stien Muller

    You bought a yellow station wagon? Am I correct in this? Not only have you bought a canary yellow station wagon (cough). You bought a merc. The most unreliable car 3 years running! What are you thinking? It’s embarrassing. I feel embarrassed for you. Yet hey, different strokes for different folks. Let me know when it has 50k on the speedo and you want to off yourself with the repair costs. Your wife is lovely!

  • Clint Groves
    Clint Groves

    Fake exhaust and the spoiler puts me off a little, I'd probably go E63 S if I were going Mercedes.

  • iamMrBiggs

    Matt can't read... lol 9:45

  • morganthedruid1

    You could blow it up in a quarry at night

  • Thami Bistoli
    Thami Bistoli

    Your Videos are great 😩👌🏼

  • someluke

    todays cars dashboards and clusters are so terrible i wanna cry. tablets. just tablets.

  • d williams
    d williams

    Does Mat's girlfriend like the colour of this car?

  • axl rose
    axl rose

    Fake exhausts are as bad as goal music.


    Ofc he would go for MAT grey.

  • Dragoman Stefan
    Dragoman Stefan

    You said that you're gonna get the new M3 🙃

  • NubletPie278

    I don’t get why we’re downsizing engines and therefore making cars less fun when they use the fucking same amount of fuel

  • Alpha_Photography

    Can u review the glb please

  • JohnnyVVlog

    Didn't have the budget so I went with the 208 GT-line in yellow and black instead. It's like a poor man's version of this one 😁

  • Wiktor Barcicki
    Wiktor Barcicki

    Come on man, being a car journalist you should know how to pronounce PorschE!!!

  • michal2089

    I like more the review since it's more detailed and more in-depth than your usual ones.

  • yadevable

    Bs... i would kill to have the option to disable ACC and use it as a standard cruise control...

  • Adrian Morton
    Adrian Morton

    Punching above your weight there, mate!!

  • Don Chodon
    Don Chodon

    Oh no.... that’s the second I gotta unsubscribe

  • Dutch Parisien
    Dutch Parisien

    Girlfriend..... That's your niece

  • ledo Jerry
    ledo Jerry

    Yani buy urus and taycan- mat killed it with tiny AMG 😂😎

  • Isam Razeen
    Isam Razeen

    Mat i think u were happy when u bought s20 ultra but very sad when note 20 was launch. Just saying.

  • Isam Razeen
    Isam Razeen

    Mat sir when u buy a car for yourself u don't review it, you explain that why did u buy it 😅😅


    Mate it’s a banana!!!!!!

  • Poison Bullet X.7
    Poison Bullet X.7

    Vs A45s

  • Poison Bullet X.7
    Poison Bullet X.7


  • Njoku Cyprian
    Njoku Cyprian

    Awesome, @Steve.watcher hepled me gain back my disabled account in a matter of seconds. Find him on Instagram to get this incredible service and lots more ✔

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