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  • Nathan Croston
    Nathan Croston

    Skoda is a saloon n a hatch back?

  • Cam Bourgeois
    Cam Bourgeois

    Matt put the car in neutral and pull both paddles to rev it up! Hold both paddles actually.

  • Victor Green
    Victor Green

    Have anyone notice that when he was doing the donut on the M3 one of the front tires was up on the air.

  • Andrew Schaeffer
    Andrew Schaeffer

    cant launch in normal drive mode ;)

  • Noksus

    OMG. Someone help. I might actually want this car. There is no way I'm ever going to be able to afford it.

  • Joey Pinkard
    Joey Pinkard

    Excuse me where was the Corvette ZR1?

  • Reddyda

    Expecting Ford (F) to go up on Monday 🔥🔥

  • Mrwiggly

    I see a lot of Americans crying in the comment section lol 🤣🤣

  • Chris Rotell
    Chris Rotell

    The untamed mode has everything to do with the acceleration and performance of the car and NOTHING to do with the sound. Please do a little more research before you do another review. Might want to go back and do that acceleration test in untamed mode.

  • No Name
    No Name

    U have no clue how to drive the demon, bad video

  • No Name
    No Name

    Dude u can't even drive with the demon,If you press the gas pedal too hard on the Dodge Demon, the tires spin like that

  • X A D
    X A D

    Bear Grylls ????

  • Fufu Man
    Fufu Man

    What about bughatti bolide?

  • Aiden Shannahan
    Aiden Shannahan

    Stop using the imperial system for speed. You don't even live in America

  • Stacey Nelson
    Stacey Nelson

    Lies lies can't drive..

    • Stacey Nelson
      Stacey Nelson

      Get is the quickest stock cat period...

    • Stacey Nelson
      Stacey Nelson

      Someone's paying him to be bias lies lies lies.

  • Lóránt Márió
    Lóránt Márió

    264 km/h, hmmmmm what a beast 😂😂😂 this is a big used tampon not a demon.

  • Kishan Jagessar
    Kishan Jagessar

    Lambo urus vs Jeep grand cheeroke track hawk vs porche taycan

  • Javier Naranjo
    Javier Naranjo

    You should try 330i vs 128ti, similar specs

  • AladinsCave

    What an ugly bastard car...? 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • K

    There is a awd version.

  • ss*Saeed*ss AHZ.14
    ss*Saeed*ss AHZ.14

    I dont know why i hate new turbo s But still love old turbo s

  • chadda dxn
    chadda dxn

    Why does mat only show yanni’s face and the guy who gave him the “drag queen” shirt in the drag races??🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jumshad Khan
    Jumshad Khan

    Yanni looked gutted

  • Billy Burge
    Billy Burge

    The Cybertruck starts at about 1/3rd the price of this silly thing, and has much better specs.

  • Senam Agagah
    Senam Agagah

    We needed Jeremy Clarkson saying 'This is the finest car... *deepvoice* in the woorld'

  • BlackTalon Sport
    BlackTalon Sport

    The shifts ( 3:05 3:06 6:29 6:39 ) of the Benz 🤤

  • Noksus

    I've always wondered why the heck american cars always make this horrible noise when you turn them on. All of these annoying beeps and boops everywhere.

  • Peter Smit
    Peter Smit

    Toyota needs to nerf the launch control

  • Nathan Croston
    Nathan Croston

    No comparison between Spanish and German cars my opinion! Germany are excellent engineers. I still wouldn’t mind the seat, way out of my price range!

  • garth james
    garth james

    The new 911 is sold to the public?

  • Peter Smit
    Peter Smit

    Matt can u get a supra for a manual gearbox? Please

  • James Mpalumer Assan
    James Mpalumer Assan

    You can't drive the car

  • Bob Lawango
    Bob Lawango

    I said it before and ill say it again. Drag racing an awd with dsg takes alot of the fun away. All you have to do is smash the gas pedal.. no driving skill is needed.

  • James Mpalumer Assan
    James Mpalumer Assan

    Rolling race isnt good unless its on the highway.

  • chris jones
    chris jones

    Those wheels look crap, makes it look dated.

  • private joker
    private joker

    Waste of money.

  • Ray Valle
    Ray Valle

    CX 5 electronics are horrible. Go with the KIA!

  • Honda Technic İnternational
    Honda Technic İnternational

    Not equal! Honda engine is 1.0 Petrol.Other cars upsize engine! Not equal carwow!

  • Amirali Mouhammadi
    Amirali Mouhammadi

    7:08 😐🤣😐

  • Brian F
    Brian F

    Call it whatever you like but its still ford trash!!

  • Glenn Nichols
    Glenn Nichols

    What about Fiat?

  • Norman Daley
    Norman Daley

    The hunter really ASAP test

  • Amirali Mouhammadi
    Amirali Mouhammadi

    5:02 🤣🤣🤣

  • Hacer Boga
    Hacer Boga

    Video was nuts but the Ferrari driver had bad reaction times

  • Eddiediesel 128
    Eddiediesel 128

    And the road is wet. Are They Serious smh

  • Eddiediesel 128
    Eddiediesel 128

    How about they put someone in that Demon who knows how to drive a Rear wheel drive car and a Proper Burnout

  • Amirali Mouhammadi
    Amirali Mouhammadi

    12:20 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ney Verdandi
    Ney Verdandi

    With a shrimp head pilot at Alfa, even a Fiat Panda would come first.

  • Vic Flexin
    Vic Flexin

    The guy in the demon has all of my disappointment

  • mario rivas
    mario rivas


  • Antônio Sidney
    Antônio Sidney

    According to data from the manufacturers, all of them do 0 to 100 in 3.9 s; Alpha with a maximum of 307 km / h, M4 280 km / h and RS5 250 km / h. It is obvious that a tough-armed clown flying the Alpha would never make it to the top. Put the three sports on the Nurburgring with professional drivers, then we’ll see Alfa detonating these German cars again.

  • Nathan Croston
    Nathan Croston

    30 kg difference in weight between you both probably won’t make that much difference to be honest? Sorry yanny lol

  • El_Toso

    Ferrari are created to drive and not for BULLSHIT drag race .

  • RS3tuber

    M440 is a beast!

  • Max Hager
    Max Hager

    That car offends me.

  • Kristiyan Ivanov
    Kristiyan Ivanov

    Why did they call this a Mustang ?

  • Nathan Croston
    Nathan Croston

    Ricky’s beemer is a beast!

  • Amjid Ali
    Amjid Ali

    forget 1/4 mile nonsense.give 0-60 figures

  • bliglum

    Still don't agree with them calling this electric family hauler a Mustang.. Though, it's not as dumb as Porsche calling their electric car a 'Turbo'.

  • Unknown Perso
    Unknown Perso

    Mat Watson has a car buying problem 😂

  • Timothy Doherty
    Timothy Doherty

    I want one of those

  • Jane Goodall
    Jane Goodall

    Holy what a terrible naming scheme though.


    I actually never use the radio in my c63. The brutal sound is just music to my ears.

  • Tara

    840d:vaccum noises

  • falconmiester

    Ah electric cars look and sound dull inside n out. I get the whole reason behind them but when I see one on the road, I yawn...

  • LennyThing

    I really love your videos Matt

  • Jonathan

    Damn those bmw gauges are just so ugly!

  • Nathan Croston
    Nathan Croston

    Reactions from you both on the second run was funny as fuck. Reminded me of toy story song, “you got a friend in me”! Best buddy’s for life you 2 😂 brilliant! 😂

  • Mumu Nashe
    Mumu Nashe

    He deserves to become the CEO of the company as he brings more customers and deserves the promotion after long hard but exciting years

  • carmad93

    Should do C8 RS6 vs C7 RS6 Performance

  • Ratz Män
    Ratz Män

    Was für ein Schwachsinnsvideo!!! Der Type R zersägt den Golf R in jeder Hinsicht. Allein schon von den Daten sollte das klar sein! Woher ich das weiß? Ich habe mit den Type R jeden, aber auch jeden Golf R damit gepulvert! Schönes Fakevideo!!!! Verpis.. euch carwow!!!!! Was ist das überhaupt? Hören sich an wie verkack.. Schwu.....!!!!

  • Won Ton
    Won Ton

    i like this hyundai a lot, going to the dealership tmr :)

  • TheSparrowsJourney

    4:26 ahah beautiful both reactions 😂 so funny that Mat is trashing his own car too

  • Gold Star
    Gold Star

    You should exchange drivers to see if that has anything to do with the results.

  • petrolhead

    4:17 pretty red brake disk

  • supersayianjim

    He did jump

  • Stephen Peacock
    Stephen Peacock

    Looks so ugly


    I love Toyota corolla 😍

  • gofres

    For an instant performance boost, sell the car, buy a motorbike.

  • Fred Larracuente
    Fred Larracuente

    I fitted one of those K&N filters on my 03 C4S and removed it after noticing dust inside the plenum. Sound is great but, at what cost? Anyways, great video as usual @Carwow !