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  • S Rahman
    S Rahman

    It looks like a lexus

  • Hector Savage
    Hector Savage

    Great review. Can you review the face lift Skoda Superb?

  • Todd Cantley
    Todd Cantley

    The grill is fine its the read end that's terrible.

  • sherman4970

    Ruined a great gtr by messing with it!

  • Tony

    what are u doin with that rolls royce key


    The virus is a hoax idiot.

  • Adithya KR
    Adithya KR

    Bugatti is a bit sus

  • Leandro Reis
    Leandro Reis

    review the new skoda superb sportline (car version)

  • sherman4970

    That Porsche is a serious tool! V nice!!!

  • Jake Johnson
    Jake Johnson

    The Rolls Royce has a sport option, but they are too posh to word it as Sport Mode, its called 'Low'. it is located on the gearstick to the right-hand side of the steering wheel.

  • clash of magic official
    clash of magic official

    They talk really too much

  • Antonio Jesús Ángel Pérez
    Antonio Jesús Ángel Pérez

    Mercedes has more flash exhausts than Audi, but nobody says anything because mercedes is overrated and Audi is not

  • Luthando Wayne
    Luthando Wayne

    I love this car ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Shan Rehman
    Shan Rehman

    4 Serious? The front looks like Alfa Romeo

  • Dizzledale

    For some reason, the suspension is softer in eco-pro than comfort.. could be better for town driving on poor roads.

  • drunkensessions

    I'm gonna avoid your videos, because I don't like your grill.

  • King Borrelli
    King Borrelli

    Do a side by side video with the previous generation four series?

  • Dan Brady
    Dan Brady

    Masks don't work😂😂

  • paul james
    paul james

    What a great car review 👌

  • Toomas Argel
    Toomas Argel

    02:20 I have Dacia. 34 -42 MPG basic function radio power windovs and price is 6 time cheaper.

  • electrikoptik

    That grill needs a permanent mask!

  • Tony

    how much is bmw paying you to praise this car

  • Mokset Harous
    Mokset Harous

    Really gorgeous just im goona say اللهم أرزقنا ياااا☝️ااارب

  • Yumaro Quits Reality
    Yumaro Quits Reality

    Bmw & mercedes have safety launch.

  • Smil3y-Sw1ftzzYT

    Do the new m3 next

  • Rahul aravind
    Rahul aravind

    This race in the top greatest drag race list on next year..

  • Yuvraj Singh
    Yuvraj Singh

    4:25 lmao

  • F DARK
    F DARK


  • Kenyon Papen
    Kenyon Papen

    The only car in the world that a front plate improves

  • Maxi Lambertz
    Maxi Lambertz

    4:25 😂

  • Jor Cap
    Jor Cap

    4:25 best part

  • Alexander Patrick O'Dea-Carey
    Alexander Patrick O'Dea-Carey

    There wasn't a pop up banner ):

  • Gary Robinson
    Gary Robinson

    Can’t stand them alloys they are so thin and make the car look shit

  • Ali Ahmadin
    Ali Ahmadin

    Bmw be like : we cant keep the same design every year

  • fredericoamigo

    Still don't like the grill, and I don't think it's going to grow on me either. I'm sorry, but I think BMW totally ruined a car that would have been quite good looking if they just had toned down the stupid grille a bit.

  • Lev Norb
    Lev Norb

    Wtf BMW?? That grill and the whole front is ugly AF.

  • Mbuso Gcanga
    Mbuso Gcanga

    The snout is growing on me

  • Darry Tan
    Darry Tan

    The back looks like Kia or Hyundai

  • The Desi Tadka
    The Desi Tadka

    Why always you both the guy inside Porsche can't speak🙁🌝

  • Leonard

    I think the M brakes need to be braked warm so they get full stopping power

  • Jerome M Muriuki
    Jerome M Muriuki

    BMW designers have failed to design a cohesive attractive exterior design for their lineup. A few yrs ago they came out with a controversial grill for the 7 series and now this....

  • أحمد الغامدي
    أحمد الغامدي

    Not good

  • Gursimran Singh Johal
    Gursimran Singh Johal

    It depends on the driver not the car 🙄

  • Jadd Cavalberry
    Jadd Cavalberry

    George Foreman would be proud of that grill!

  • pyrocrewZuiden

    Apart from the seats, this interior is awful and boring in comparison to a audi or mercedes

  • Tshifhiwa Setati
    Tshifhiwa Setati

    4:26 C'mon Mat. Out of all the things you can draw, you choose that?😂😂

  • Liam Hunter
    Liam Hunter

    4:26 Did Matt actually draw a 🍆 on the screen 😂😂😂

  • Marcel Motorzoneza
    Marcel Motorzoneza

    Did anyone find it funny that its a bmw m440i and the boot capacity is 440liters?

  • Blair_Grylls97

    Is it bad that I was more interested in that Skoda ?octavia you have as a long term tester, we got a glimpse of?

  • Kelvin Lau
    Kelvin Lau


  • Dan


  • Ardjoune Srikanth
    Ardjoune Srikanth

    Help me STEP-CARWOW, I can't choose a car

  • Agampartap Singh
    Agampartap Singh


  • Arjunan Selvaraj
    Arjunan Selvaraj

    Those who don't know about range rover . search ( suv challenge) in youtube ... Legend is the one and only Range Rover

  • bilal

    Someone make an aftermarket front bumper and grill please...

  • pyrocrewZuiden

    The front end looks like the pigs from angr birds, especially the green version. (It's ugly af)

  • Y R
    Y R

    6:20 Rolls-Royce keys

  • Ronak Panchal
    Ronak Panchal

    Who actually cares for BMW Sedan....

  • Yasin D.
    Yasin D.

    Here is 5 actual annoying thing: 1. Grill 2. Grill 3. Grill 4. Whole front and back end 5. Grill.

  • Henry Horse
    Henry Horse

    The front side looks like a mondeo!

  • Paul J
    Paul J

    Is there anything in sight beating up the Porsche dragrace-king 👑?

  • SCREW.

    bruh u can tell Mat got paid to say that grill looks good. xD



  • Timothy Dugan
    Timothy Dugan

    He drew a thingy reeee

  • Di Ma
    Di Ma

    Very nice grill! 👍👍👍👍👍

  • shikar babulall
    shikar babulall

    E30, E36,E46,E90, F30 , but not this

  • Saad arfanul H
    Saad arfanul H

    This grille looks better than the one on m4

  • Dylan The Cactus
    Dylan The Cactus

    Can you please do a review of the Fiat Tipo Saloon as I want to see what it is like as I am planning to get one.

  • PuteraRiz

    Remember how we all hate the hideous iPhone 11 Pro camera bump or the notch? Yeah we all are going to get use to it at some point

  • nahidrahman

    4:25 🤣🤣

  • snickersarenuts

    The grill still annoys me, sorry Mat...

  • ThEASbO888

    Love the review. I don't know about getting used to the grille though. I really don't like it...and a 440i would have been my next potential purchase. Looking At a used Porsche now.

  • Elio

    Why do all new cars have the same headlight shape

  • Steve A
    Steve A

    Sorry, but BMW has lost their way in their design language. The lines of this car are... well... boring. We have 3 BMWs, but all older models as that’s where they did things right.

  • jason white
    jason white

    Mat is too much of a BMW fanboy, always taking jabbs at Audi its annoying me now

  • Josh O'Pray
    Josh O'Pray

    Looks good with the number plate splitting the grille. People are just overreacting for likes.

  • Miles Van Rothow
    Miles Van Rothow

    The grill looks like a whale tail. ;-)

  • sfarc23

    " oH nO , CHanGe bAD " It felt like the line-up didn't change in 10 years , this is why i wasnt interested in new bmws , the 3 series line-up was sooo booring , i love this change , the shark 🦈 look is great

  • v811gfg

    Not sure about the look but the B58 engine is fantastic.

  • Adrian Tan
    Adrian Tan

    4:26 Hang on a minute... 🤔