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  • Big man 786
    Big man 786

    M3 saloon vs m4 coupe please

  • Cartik SS
    Cartik SS

    Looks good... Mercedes is not cheap like car brands. So its only for brand owners. Pls dont compare it with some cheap cars.

  • puntuated

    I suppose if you like where Mercedes is going with their styling, or you only buy Mercedes because of the name then you’ll never know what your missing. Shame!

  • Lungu Gabriel
    Lungu Gabriel

    16.4 sec to 100km/h??? Geee!

  • NASA 1
    NASA 1

    Why were you surprised the Audi won the drag race?! The numbers told me the outcome before that race even started. Audi. 190bhp 320nm 1530kg. BMW. 184bhp 300nm 1600kg. BMW was less powerful, less torque and weighed more.

  • Richard Stevens
    Richard Stevens

    Whats carwow??? Seriously how many times did he mention it. Mention carwow so many time's would put me off going to them.

  • Chris Mccann
    Chris Mccann

    Having had the previous R Line plus model from 2017 which I loved I was really disappointed with the new Touareg when I test drove it. The engine is superb, gear box is great but the car itself just feels cheap inside. Hard plastics, cheap switch gear, and the screens were a bit laggy. For such an expensive car (I was in an R Line Tech) I was genuinely disappointed. I eventually decided on the facelifted 2020 Volvo XC90 and it’s a huge leap up in quality. Everything just feels better and the tech is advanced but simple. The only downside was the engine choice but everything else blows the Touareg out of the water.

  • B Penny
    B Penny

    ‘The new 110 (not a) defender comes with air suspension as standard, which is good for...’ Going into fault mode. 4’30” was all I could stand of this knocking the old defender nonsense. With the number of computers on this vehicle, the bits of body work that stick out and what JLR want to charge for parts, the old defenders will be on the road long after this ing has died in the glow of it’s own warning lights

  • J. Savage
    J. Savage

    yanni was so over and done with everything...literally over it

  • David Knocker
    David Knocker

    Matt can you check out the new electric car Skoda has.

  • Gareth

    Seen this in stark reality - RTC between an 'older' car of approx 2000 and a new (then) mercedes A class (I think). The older car wasnt that badly damaged but the occupant was quite badly hurt. The driver of the Merc was walking around. Shaken but otherwise uninjured. The other big difference was the auto call to emergency services. Merc Drivers partner was sat in the (now wrecked) Merc speaking to some guy in Germany who had been auto alerted by the crash systems and they had arranged recovery and were in process of arranging a replacement vehicle (hire car) etc. Where as the other driver, injured more, had none of that. Sober thoughts when I used to drive the same make and model of older car.

  • Anis Dai
    Anis Dai

    Audi win 2nd drag race

  • Allan Sonac
    Allan Sonac

    It won the brake contest because you had the advantage because you were calling it from your radio. BMW's grill is fugly! So its a complete win all around for Audi!

  • A.R. Post
    A.R. Post

    How many % kobalt is in the Mercedes batteries vs the Tesla batteries?

  • KAG2203

    Sell the Porsche, that little rally replica is going to be an future Toyota classic, like the old Supra.

  • Nazim Djimani
    Nazim Djimani

    My god that Tesla is ugly!

  • Carl Napp
    Carl Napp

    One can't replace displacement.

  • Versace Kyng Offycial GG
    Versace Kyng Offycial GG

    do with a audi a6 2013 2.0tfsi

  • Paulinus Nekundi
    Paulinus Nekundi

    It's not a fair get a DSG golf7r

  • Simon Hill
    Simon Hill

    It looks like Mat has had an accident and wet himself 5.51

  • Alexey Shupta
    Alexey Shupta

    The well-groomed sleet unprecedentedly ban because click thessaly join sans a unknown printer. wanting, rapid bat

  • Mns oamr
    Mns oamr

    Why don't you try to replace cars positions?

  • Wei-Han Huang
    Wei-Han Huang

    Oh a RSQ8 is not an Urus but an Urus is a RSQ8.

  • nkosi collier
    nkosi collier

    This is definitely my favourite drag race of all. The way tht GTR launched was frigging epic ✌🏾😎✌🏾

  • Indie Cristão
    Indie Cristão

    That BMW is SO ugly haha omg

  • _n0nSenSe_

    Basically a mix of a tiguan and model y

  • Munshat Rahman
    Munshat Rahman

    Ngl I’m more hyped about the EQS. MB knows how to push themselves to the limits like the new S class.

  • ayojoe86

    The Honda would've had better runs if it would've had a better driver....all that granny shifting...

  • Mak K
    Mak K

    B-Class against BMW 2 Series

  • Sameer Singh Narayan
    Sameer Singh Narayan

    Matt Watson is Funny guy. 👍

  • Jerdon's babbler
    Jerdon's babbler

    Your "Amurcan" accent is appalling!

  • Abdul Hanan
    Abdul Hanan

    Everyobe is bose untill Pakistans come with 400% tax U didnt mention Pak

  • Al F
    Al F

    What on Earth are they doing there at BMW? The entire world has consensus that their new designs are horrendous yet and then they go release something like this? Repulsive design.

  • LC 500
    LC 500

    Audi A5!!! 🤩🤪

  • Art Key
    Art Key

    Mercedes Y? Heavier, lower range, less space, slower... why indeed?

  • Art Key
    Art Key

    Hey look! A Quashqai electric in drag...

  • Ewan Brown
    Ewan Brown

    Yeah, I would have the M550i and I would order one now if BMW did and M550i tourer

  • philipp d
    philipp d

    Yaris vs audi s1 from 2018 pleas!

  • Thabo Mashobane
    Thabo Mashobane

    The 4 series looks good here

  • Diego Rubio
    Diego Rubio

    765LT vs Turbo S !!

  • Peter Bilicki
    Peter Bilicki

    The new model went away with the DCT and went with a standard automatic gearbox, did I hear this correctly?

  • Genz RBG
    Genz RBG

    Good car

  • Mikkel Nielsen
    Mikkel Nielsen

    425d vs the equivalent Audi and Mercedes.

  • Sinan aydın
    Sinan aydın

    bmw yeni kasada cuvallamış audiye nal toplatan bmw roll da bile yenildi. kocaman ızgara koymayla olmuyormus demekki.bu yeni kasalar verimsiz.

  • voicheck1

    Least the e30 isn't going to depreciate anymore

  • Sam Evans
    Sam Evans

    The striped description broadly form because signature fifthly instruct along a callous parent. cloistered, rare toy

  • Lastname Firstname
    Lastname Firstname

    How is that Audi 48000 pounds when the same car in Germany (with a bit of extra equipment) is 81000 EUR?! :O :O

  • Dj Eli Shane
    Dj Eli Shane

    BMW 🤣🤢🤧💩👎👎👎

  • Ronaldo Norman
    Ronaldo Norman

    My stock ibiza 1.9 tdi will kill both😂

  • rlmross

    Stupid mods... said the man who owns a car with a limiter and sounds almost like an electric car... >.>

  • Thato Moletsane
    Thato Moletsane

    Mat can you please do a proper full review of the new disco'?! I would love to see you that it.

  • Marcus A
    Marcus A

    Not impressed with the looks and the rims are UGLY!


    Cold air intakes really dont make sense unless your getting the car tuned and the design actually has it isolated from hot air.

  • fdsa288

    wow, a 250 as the first eqa model launched, wtf happend to mercedes...

  • Top10cars


  • Gurpreet Saini
    Gurpreet Saini

    BMW M5

  • M 0077
    M 0077

    There's so much more to a car than just power!

  • Samuel Banks
    Samuel Banks

    I wouldn't want to see a car that I would never buy to race. I think you should do a video when cars wind against the odds

  • Cain Smalley
    Cain Smalley

    I was so happy when the Audi won

  • dsounds1

    Mat, you can learn yourself to say Shkoda, just try it, it's easy ;) Š = Sh But then again, I get it... Here we pronounce Jaguar as Yaguar ;)

  • Jhon Patric
    Jhon Patric

    Turbo's plastic vs audi vs lambo

  • ambessa shield
    ambessa shield

    When is long range version released?

  • Cain Smalley
    Cain Smalley

    Yeah, we also asked a running race between you and Yanni but we have got that yet😂😂😂😂

  • Brian Schemp
    Brian Schemp

    This Channel is amazing! i can do this all day long watching this fun racing!

  • Addicted to Projects
    Addicted to Projects

    That design is absolutely hideous. It's no longer a unique design, instantly recognizable as a Merc. For God's sake: the rear lights are a copy of a Citroen, and the front light monobrow is a copy of the a VW item. What on earth are Mercedes designers smoking these days? And why are Execs approving this crap from production?!

  • Jim Vonn
    Jim Vonn

    who gives a dxxx about 0-60? how about 24 hours at Le Mann or the Dakar ralley or something even remotely related to driving a real race over a real distance? If your fast cars can't manage that ; perhaps they are not very fast in the real world

  • Nicholas Riley
    Nicholas Riley

    Tesla has the best charging network and the 0 to 60 wow factor. But the build quality, low rent interior, ride, road noise are negatives. Hardly a "luxury car". Given that the EQA may do well in Europe especially in cities where most people live.

  • yes sirski
    yes sirski

    16:30 Ford GT has left the chat

  • Pavol Madeja
    Pavol Madeja

    design is... ouch. enyaq for the win

  • I am Batman
    I am Batman

    The Race of century

  • Gabriel Rossi
    Gabriel Rossi

    On the first corner we know who win😉😘

  • King David
    King David

    That ugly grill of 4 series makes the car so slow hahahah

  • Marius Bahica
    Marius Bahica

    It was audi winner

  • sylvereyes85

    Looks cool, but performance is still with Tesla. Dream on rest of the world.

  • deekay2

    Tesla Model 3= Exterior by Barbie and Interior by IKEA. Model Y= a bloated dolphin.

  • Leonard Bujor
    Leonard Bujor

    Normal Race: Toyota corrola/camry vs Honda civic/accord Vw passat vs skoda octavia Dacia Logan/sandero vs kia rio/ceed Ford focus/fiesta vs Renault clio/megane

  • Dennis Adebiyi
    Dennis Adebiyi


  • deekay2

    Does every electric vehicle that comes out have to be related to a Tesla??

  • John Baldwin
    John Baldwin

    What color is that Defender?

  • David Kiss
    David Kiss

    Ferrari F439 reworked... Rather than Mclaren XD